Life… turbo charged


Who would have thought… not even¬†that long ago, that ‘things’ would be as they are now.

I’ve often had insights, visions or feelings about what was in store… I remember clearly back in 2007, the ‘messages’ were coming thick and strong!¬† My business ‘Magick Moments’ a truly gorgeous Health Centre in Ipswich was only a year old.¬† With the wondrous help of my friend (then partner), we renovated this humble shack from top to bottom…¬†when finished it¬†looked¬†incredibly beautiful.

mm front

I put my heart and soul into it, we both worked very hard… we transformed this very humble house into a sensational beauty… it felt very rewarding…¬† Magick Moments¬†was born.¬† Magick Moments had come to town.

Magick Moments  sign

I’m a double Rat (Chinese Astrology) and Gemini/Virgo/Capricorn (Western)… ahhh, and with¬†a generous dollop¬†of Scorpio.¬† My ‘past’ life was very active… very active indeed!¬† I loved to transform the space around me… creating beauty and tranquility.¬† I was a woman on a mission… I drove my body very hard.

mm purple wall

Anyway back to 2007.¬† With a new business in it’s very early days, I worked hard, often 12 hours a day.¬† If I didn’t have clients I’d do marketing and research, articles and networking.¬† But the base of my intention was ‘Healing’…¬† providing a space to find harmony and healing… feel comfort and ease and a renewed sense of being.¬† I gave it my all.

It was just after mid year and the feelings began appearing.¬† After such a concentrated time of commitment and passion, something else was entering… what was it?¬† A change was in the air, the smell was undeniable.¬† I fought it, it made no logical sense… I questioned myself, the usual… am I sabotaging myself, am I restless or bored?¬† It was such a quick turn around in such a short time.¬† I tried to ignore it and carry on as usual… I tried, but I couldn’t shake it.¬† I felt a big change approaching… it would not be ignored.

MM entrance

I thought I might just need some time away… my friend had recently bought a house in Woodenbong.¬† Woodenbong is near the border of NSW and Qld, it’s quite elevated, up in mountain country… lots of National Parks surround it… it’s small and quiet and the air is great.¬† Ahhh, I thought, just what I need.

An Eclipse was approaching… and my second Saturn Return, actually on the same day.¬† This coming Eclipse I felt was significant… in Astro talk, it ‘sat on’ (was at the same degree)¬†Black Moon Lilith (in my natal chart).¬† I’d taught myself Astrology when I was eleven… but I wasn’t really familiar with Black Moon Lilith.¬† But she was jumping off the page… and¬†my sense of this Eclipse was that something big was in store.¬† Co-incidentally (my Father always told me there’s no such thing!) there¬†was a Black Moon Lilith workshop just¬†before the eclipse in Mullumbimby… kinda on the way to Woodenbong.¬† So I booked in.

It was August 2007, I arrived in Woodebong just before the eclipse.¬† It was so lovely being in this small, quiet town, sensational views of the surrounding mountains.¬† The air so clear, the night skies awesome… I let out a big sigh…¬† I sat on the back verandah soaking up the energy.

Eclipse night arrived… it was a total eclipse and fully¬†visible here in Oz.¬† I sat outside¬†under the evening blanket of amazing sparkling diamonds¬†and watched the entirety of the eclipse.¬† At its peak, the Moon became blood-red… this blood-red ball hanging in the sky.¬†¬†Difficult to describe how sensational it appeared.

Eclipsed Moon

Tired I¬†finally went to bed.¬† The next morning, back out on the verandah… and the most sensational experience… EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED.¬†¬†I could feel it all around me,¬† I could feel it in my body… everything had changed.¬† I looked at the birds, the grass and the trees… wondering how they felt.¬† I just knew everything, everything had changed.¬† It was a visceral experience, I could feel and see it all around me.¬† I’ll never forget it.

Of course, I wrote and wrote, trying to capture¬†this amazing event on paper.¬† I spent an extra few days there then headed off home.¬† Back to Magick Moments, I guess hoping all would be back to normal…. ahhh, no.¬† I tried, I did, I kept trying to brush off this energy of change.¬† Magick Moments had only just begun, so much I’d intended to do…. I ignored and ignored, till I could ignore no more.

MM back step

Strangely enough (yes, I know it’s not strange), clients started dropping off,¬†the business became very quiet…¬†more marketing, more planning… I kept on, I willed myself to continue.

It was one morning sitting at the breakfast table… a booming voice inside me was loud and insistent… I felt a fist bang on the table… ‘NOW IS THE TIME!!!’.¬†¬† OK, OK…. I got the message.¬† So the dismantling began.¬† It took nine months, with two houses, a business, a part-time job etc etc….clearing, cleaning,¬†packing up, storing. renting out… my god it was enormous!¬†And of course there was Snowie, my cat.¬† Finally the night arrived,¬†with my dear car ‘Beth’ packed to the rafters (so high I couldn’t get out of the carport, had to take some off),¬†¬†it’s 9pm at night, dark, I’m exhausted… I take off for Woodenbong.¬† A week of recovery in this lovely mountain town… and then off to live in Adelaide for a while, to see my son.¬† It was time to do the things I’d been putting off.

That was 2007… it’s now nearing the end of 2013…. and whoaaa…¬† what a time.¬†¬†Surrender, release and healing¬†and feeling gratitude for every second of this precious life.¬† Have fun.

lotsa luv…. marilynxxx

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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