about me

Planning on enjoying all the moments I can capture. Healing Happens… always. My life has been committed to that pursuit.

So much is provided for us… the Magick Land we live in. Our dreams, our hopes, our passions… our deep and personal experience… keeps us on the hunt.

That the Great Forever Spirit is Love… there can be no doubt.

Follow your dreams… never give up.

Fill your Life with Love… let it overflow. Like the flooding tide.

Give Thanks… each and every day… that you’re here.

Lotsa Love to you…🧡👸🧡

3 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hello Marilyn,

    Love your blog – and is that Snowy or another new soul in your life there? Not sure where you are located now – let me know!! Cheers, Kathyxx


    1. Gosh… haven’t I replied to this? If so my apologies😙

      Is this Kathy I know from Magick Moments (my Health Centre)? If so would luv to hear from you 💖💖

      And yes Snowie… bless her beautiful soul 💖💖

      Muvh love ~ marilyn 💖


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