about me

That’s little me… at 3yrs old. Began the journey of Healing… looking for the truth.

I’d come head to head with the ‘virus’. Topical… that subject. This was another bug… way back when in our history.

I wasn’t looking particularly chirpy.

But that event… set the course of my life.

I’m still on the trail… learning, discovering, trying to get to the root.

Those early days led me on a life of discovery and learning… particularly within the area of Healing.

I’m trained in various Healing Modalities… as a Natural Therapist.

Writing is my Love… I’m super creative. I’ve created many things.

I LOVE Life and hope to be here as long as I can. My Life’s been full… so many adventures. And they continue.

I’m totally besotted with Mother Earth. Her Magick is real and present.

I’m learning about Relationships (yes I am a Relationship Coach… a fact I find amusing). We teach what we most need to learn.

We are in Relationship with everything.

It’s never too late to begin. To start something new. While there is breath you have your chance… to create the Life of your Deepest Longings. Regardless what’s going on around you.

Life is Love ~ that’s never changed.

Do you DARE to go for all that you desire?

Whilst giving thanks for everything you have.

It’s a journey. And despite externals, our journeys are not that different. Not at the root.

Love to you…🧡👸🧡


  1. Hello Marilyn,

    Love your blog – and is that Snowy or another new soul in your life there? Not sure where you are located now – let me know!! Cheers, Kathyxx


    1. Gosh… haven’t I replied to this? If so my apologies😙

      Is this Kathy I know from Magick Moments (my Health Centre)? If so would luv to hear from you 💖💖

      And yes Snowie… bless her beautiful soul 💖💖

      Muvh love ~ marilyn 💖


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