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Hi❤️❤️ It’s been a big year.  Now nearing the end of 2018… living during these times is certainly not for the feint of heart.  It takes guts, courage, balls… and every super power you’ve got stored in your treasure chest. These times are asking a lot.  But then ~ nothing more than we can do.

Nearing the end of my Tantric Coaching training… so I’ll be posting lots of goodies.  The training’s been deep… delving fathoms into the core of me. Digging up stuff I sensed was there but had never met at least face to face. I’m giving myself some time and space to assimilate the tsunami of psychic cleansing.  It’s taken a lot… and yes there’ve been times a bit too close to the edge.  But I’m still here, still breathing… and planning to be more operational in the new year, to share what I’ve learned.

I’m a great energy healer (no flogging the ‘tall poppy’ on this site😊)… it’s a gift I have, was given.  I’m so grateful for my sacred connection to the land… that I can see behind the veil.  And super grateful for my welcome into the Devic world.  I know magick is real.  Life is way more magickal than we’ll ever comprehend.  I taught myself astrology when I was eleven… so it’s been with me a while.  I love writing… I’m creative.  And I’m super grateful that I’ve inherited my family’s gift (‘curse’ my brother calls it 😊)… the psychic thing. My learned psychologist therapist friend calls it clairvoyant/clairaudient.  I see and hear things sometimes.  It’s taken me a long time to accept, acknowledge and trust it.  I think we all have those extra heightened senses… maybe some just a bit more than others.

I’m finding my way… giving myself time to see what arises.  How I want to incorporate my Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching into the other things I do.  It’s easy for me to hide myself away… as I love the quiet, the stillness. Alone in nature with the animals.  But our collective family needs us all right now… as we transition out of this decaying Age… into a brand new world. The call’s gone out for us all to play our part.  It’s exciting. We just need to find what’s right for us.

I’m a regular columnist for the infamous Nimbin Good Times…  www.nimbingoodtimes.com  ~ you can check it out on line.  I’m usually near the Astrology page… under my name marilyn devlin.


Much love to you all ~ and lets all get ready for the ginormous years ahead.


❤️❤️❤️ marilyn


*** The term ‘Tall Poppy’ in Oz (Australia) means someone too big for their boots… or daring to say they’re good at what they do.  In the past Australians were know to cut down tall poppies.  As I said this doesn’t apply on my blog 😊😊







  1. Hello Marilyn,

    Love your blog – and is that Snowy or another new soul in your life there? Not sure where you are located now – let me know!! Cheers, Kathyxx


    1. Gosh… haven’t I replied to this? If so my apologies😙

      Is this Kathy I know from Magick Moments (my Health Centre)? If so would luv to hear from you 💖💖

      And yes Snowie… bless her beautiful soul 💖💖

      Muvh love ~ marilyn 💖


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