Full Moon in Aries


Everything is a part of something bigger; only specks, we are ~ amid the zillions of life forms in this mighty family of galaxies.

Looking at the Full Moon chart ~ ‘Balance’ is my first impression.

Sagittarius crowns the chart (set for Lindesay Creek Nth NSW… but similar for most places in Oz).  Growth, abundance and new explorations into unexplored territory is highlighted.  Zeus ~ King of the Gods bestows his blessings from a place high in the heavens.  His golden glow infuses our atmosphere, his jovial mirth reminds us we’re alive… and have so much to be joyful about.

Where I sit, birds sing with delight; the buzz of bees… so many in the garden this Spring.  All else is silent ~ but for the rejoicing of life around me.  Butcher bird ~ with his highly skilled vocal range, adds harmony to the many tweets and trills.  A cool chilly morning began the day.  Perfection ~ for Life… so easy to achieve

Pisces sits on the Ascendant… the entrance to this Full Moon message; colouring the way new adventures are made.  Neptune (ruler of Pisces) creates an opening… to the worlds most often hidden from our view.  The veil is thin ~ and welcomes; but it takes trust, honour and respect… to enter the many mysterious worlds upon worlds… of sacred beauty.

So much has been given.

Chiron ~ the Centaur, dedicated his life to healing, but carried a wound he was unable to heal within himself; he learnt much about the mysteries of sickness and disease.  The wound that digs deep… is the doorway to a cavern of answers.  Nothing happens without a reason.

At the base of the chart… Gemini sits and ponders; she reminds us that we know, we understand… we have all the knowledge we need.  Trust, explore… open the door, a time of great learning is presented.

Virgo reveals in the face of the ‘other’; fortuitous events orchestrate these meetings. Listen carefully ~ messages you seek will come disguised within the form and voice of the ‘other’… be alert and awake.

Understand when you ask, you receive.

The journey of ‘Woman’ has been rigorous and lengthy… a long chapter of misogyny, begun thousands of years ago.  A road we’ve needed (???) to walk, to understand, to become aware.  Lilith ~ the symbol of the enraged and wounded Woman…  holds great power, she is the seed of Original Woman.  Her presence has been active these last few years.  She comes to wake us up… ‘ENOUGH’ she  roars; she guides us to our real, true power.  There can only be balance when she’s acknowledged.  Male and female ~ Yin and Yang, only together do they complete the circle of life.  Both are needed for life to continue.

The ‘Part of Fortune’ sits with Dark Moon Lilith… our relationships hold the key to our expanded sense of self.  With Jupiter bestowing his magick in this house of ‘the other’… relationships of all kinds are highlighted, especially with the Sun in Libra.  We form a relationship with everything in our life… ‘relationship’ affects  everything we do.

Balance… the message of balance, is big with this Full Moon in Aries.

Mars ruled Aries wants action, wants to manifest his desires; sitting with Pluto ~ Lord of the Underworld, transformation fuels our motivations.  Life transformations are in process.  When we complete the Circle of Life, set it alight.. miracles occur, just you wait and see.  When the circle is complete ~ Alchemy ignites.

Sun ~ the polar face of this Full Moon, in harmony and relationship focused Libra… seeks deep transformational experiences and psychic downloads; sitting in the 8th house of this Full Moon chart (Scorpio’s house).  Sun lights the path of deep unity and true intimacy, merging with all that is.  He longs to unite in the deepest way with his significant other.  A joining blessed by the Gods.

Moon sits with Uranus, Eris, Selene and Ceres.  Lunar Goddess energy is strong; with Uranus activating this powerful Goddess joining.  Uranus brings to light, often in a sudden and startling manner… he splits open with his electrically charged waves; he shocks us out of our stupor; he helps us break free and revolutionize our lives.  Eris, who’s been travelling with Uranus for a while ~ adds her special Goddess ‘disturbance’ energy.  They’re trying to wake us up… we’re a sleepy lot.

Selene sits to the right of the Moon, with Ceres ~ the Great Earth Mother.  Selene ~ the White Moon, shines her light of purity.  As part of the triple Goddesses of the Moon, Selene represents the Full Moon ~ the Mother Goddess… who brings forth new life.  Selene is the fruitful Mother and passionate Lover.  Ceres wisdom is held in the cycles… the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.  We hold no power over natural laws… we surrender or pay the price.

This is a highly awakening Full Moon… much will arrive to get our attention.  Transform, balance, acknowledge the wisdom you already hold within you.  Be alert to who crosses your path…  they bring a message, one you need to hear; it will help you on your path to expansion and enlightenment.  Life comes to assist… kindness flows.  A BIG thank you to all our Galactic friends.

Added to the bounty of this significantly activating Full Moon in Aries… is a Grand Water Trine ~ bestowing great opportunity and reward, if activated. Venus and Juno ~ Chiron and Cassandra ~ Sun/Moon midpoint and Vesta…. create this fortuitous triangulation of Water energy.  Venus’s love and harmonious relationship skills joins with Juno’s great respect as Queen of the Heavens… she understands the essence of personal power.  Chiron the great Healer and Teacher joins with Cassandra’s Feminine Mysteries of divination and psychic prediction.  And Sun/Moon midpoint ~ the internal marriage of our inner and outer world, the central core of our self, joins with Vesta ~ the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.

Happy Full Moon… and may your transformations be gentle and full of Love.


Eclipse ~ clearing pathways 💚

Surrounded ~ but alone. How familiar it is. Where is my place… where do I belong.

I’ve been here before ~ body low, nervous system on alert. System needs rest… pull back give it your attention.

It’s been worse… much worse. I’ve visited the edge. It’s familiar… but each time is new.

Is it ’cause I’m not listening… intent on doing and achieving?

Living others ways… not my own. How, why do I get lost when I need to be found.

Is everyone the same? Or are we unique in every way. Unique creations ~ never repeated. Where is our place, where is our home.

Do we wander ~ seeking looking, searching for redemption. Searching lost parts of our self we didn’t know were gone.

What’s here, what’s gone… what’s in transition in between?

Dark lanes, shady places, deep dark caves, hidden valleys, locked doors, forbidden pathways.

Burning fields filled with anguish… lost souls haunt the living. The search is never over… till we find our home.

marilyn 💖💖💖

Steps on the journey


Well there’s no denying these last weeks have been focused on ~ breaking through, apart or into something completely new.

These last dragging ‘minutes’ of Chiron’s journey through the last sign of Pisces… the ending, the completion… preparing for the new beginning.

Oh yes some folk may be more impacted than others… depending on the connection this last degree of the last sign makes to their unique energy matrix (i.e. astro chart).

It’s been gruelling for some… others may have had an easier time.  But Pisces and his ‘house’ ~ the 12th house/section of the zodiac wheel ~ represents the collective.   All of us.  It’s the container, the holding place of everything that’s ever been… where the Akashic Records are stored.  So it’s a major completion for us all ~ as a collective species, at least here on Earth.

What does that mean?  Well the answer to that lies within each one of us.  Only we know the destiny outlined for us and the steps we need to take.  Yes ~ at times (mostly) these hidden gems are well placed from our casual view.  And there’s no getting to them with our mind.  Considering we use our mind to get to near everything… where does that leave us?  A bit of deep diving I’d say.  Not something our current social system encourages.

I’ve been a deep diver for as long as I can remember… and I still find it challenging.   What is it I’m feeling?  What are the impressions, visions, flashes of insight?  What are those movements I feel in my body?  We’ve become so separate from ourselves.  When all our answers ~ at least the important ones, come from within.  From within our own body.

I’ll share a little exercise that I find helpful… especially during times when so much is arising inside and around you… thoughts, emotions, reactions, feelings, hurts and pains.

Sit or lay comfortably… close your eyes, slow your breath.  Feel the safety, comfort and security around you… the bed or the chair supporting your back, the safety of your space.  Breath deeply but gently into your belly, allow that breath to release.  Feel that precious air move through your body… bringing you life.

Take your focus inward… inside your body.  Yes you’ll be distracted, just bring it back gently.  Mind loves to think and distract.  As you focus inside your body… begin to notice the sensations.  Any sensations.  What do you feel and where do you feel it?  It can be any sensation ~ a tingle, something hurts, a numbness, a heaviness or lightness… or maybe something feels really deep.  Be curious ~ just observe.  Observe the activities, the feelings and sensations happening inside your body.

If one area draws your attention… give it your focus and love.  Give it space to express… does it have something to say to you?  Don’t judge or fear it… just allow it to be.  It’s feeling what it’s feeling for a reason… and it has a message for you.  These messages are often very enlightening… letting you know what’s happening here and now within your own galaxy… the community of life that lives in your body.

Keep it light.  Keep it curious.  Allow it space to express.  Your body holds your deepest wisdom.

Much love to  you all… marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤




Capricorn New Moon ~ doorway into 2018

another beach dawn

It’s been a tender, rich and full morning… on this special Capricorn New Moon ~  the special portal opening to 2018.

Happy New Moon Celebrations ♥♥

After a deep dive into the current training I’m doing at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality… I feel tender, deep and in need of my own sacred healing love.

Our body stores the memories and impressions of our many experiences.  Some are buried deep ~ not wishing to surface for fear of resurfacing the pain.  The way to experience pleasure ~ ease and enjoyment in our sacred body is first through purification.  A detox of ancient stored blocked and repressed globs of energy (existing inside us) that interferes with the optimal functioning of our Life Force.

This year long training I’ve said ‘Yes’ to… intuitively ‘knowing’ it held the key to an even deeper level of healing, living and existing; particularly in a Woman’s body… conditioned by eons of patriarchal influence.  I sense it will totally transform me from the inside out. A both tenderly vulnerable and exciting prospect.

Our opportunity for growth and healing only ends when we do.

May your new year Intentions be both wild and unbounded… reaching out into the nether regions of our vast and wondrous Universal existence.

Lotsa love… marilyn  ♥♥

Magick 💖


Another uniquely sensational morning 🌞 being part of another birthing day.

The beauty is simply too exraordinary to fit words to its description.  Mystery mists huddled us close… deeper into the spellbinding time of ‘now’.  Life is just extraordinary… yes that word again.

The waves crashing loudly ~ filled my ears as my eyes opened from a night of resting.  ‘Wow sounds big today’ I thought to myself as I got out of bed… for another exciting day.  The Super Moon influence might still be about, I thought.

I’m not jumping with beans first thing… I have welcomed in my Grandmother time ~ even with Gemini’s eternal youth thing.  My enthusiasm and lust for life never wavers… in fact it grows stronger.

I believe ~ more than that ~ I know.  That Life continues to expand, complete, unite, focus and draw in… all who love her.

Yes ~ Love is the source of everything.  That’s not a fairytale… that’s how it is.

Haven’t you felt it hold you close?  Haven’t you heard it whisper in you ear?  Haven’t you longed to unite and merge with the magick that broadcasts through everything?  I sure have ~ and I sure do.

There is so much magick all around us ~ we’re created from it and one day we’ll return to it.  But while we’re here ~ we have the most extraordinary (yes again) opportunity to dance, sing, celebrate and unite, with the intoxicating dance of Life ~ of Creation ~ saturating our energy fields.

We really are truly blessed.



Venus, Pluto and Sun

for blog

Venus. Pluto and Sun’s Sacred Dance ~ merging their energy, opening a new portal; broadcasting loud and clear the Sacred Feminine is back… and ready to rule.  Together, they’re sensational ~ an alchemical brew of unmitigated Power.

The Venus Pluto Sun Alchemy has emitted the most extraordinarily powerful Blessing.  Venus and Pluto united ~ this is the beginning of Goddess dominion.  It’s been a long-suffering and difficult journey, for women in particular and of course our beautiful planet.

We don’t hold any conscious memory of the last time the Goddess ruled.  But she’s back and united with Pluto and Sun.  This is the time ~ we’ve known, we’ve ‘seen’… we’ve watched it approach.  The door of memory unlocked.  The past flooding in and through; a new container, pure and untarnished required… for her Sacred Presence.

Grandmother time has begun… the beginning of 2017 (Australian Indigenous lore).  She needed to make some space… delete a few (a lot) of old files; her galactic buddies in her service… helping with the clearing.  2017 was a year of transition… from the old to the new.

Yes ~ our body has undergone deep and penetrating explorative surgery.  Bits being yanked away… from their deep hidy holes.  Yes, we’ve felt it.  It’s our body after all.  She needed to clear the deck… make some room for her divine and sacred creativity.  And now, beginning of 2018 ~ Pluto and Sun have come to stand by her side.

She’s here, she’s glowing… she’s pumped with power.  It’s happening… it’s now.  The old way has been deleted… tune in to your brand new space.  It might look the same… but believe me, it’s not.  You’ve been remodelled, reset, renewed.  Yes, it might take some a while to recognise what’s occurred.  If we hold on we suffer… we can choose to let go and flow.

It’ll be an interesting year to observe… a lot easier if we’re on the ‘right’ side.  We may need to do some serious pruning, our gardens have grown out of control.  No, put those poisons away… they have no place in this new world.

Thoughts of Atlantis have crept into my mind lately.  It’s said that some of the people on Atlantis ~ a civilization highly advanced in crystal technology… grew too big for their little booties and blew themselves up.  Lust for external power never ends well.  Maybe there’s been a few Atlanteans around… whispering in our ears.

But no fear… the Goddess is here; no less than with Sun and Pluto by her side.  This Gal is invincible.  This time has been ‘seen’ by Seers for generations.  It’s a time that’s meant to be… evolution has brought Her to our door, our body… and our magickal planet Earth.

Hallelujah… I say.

marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤


Sharing increases our bounty


From… Osho Tarot Cards

It’s a year of finally letting go.  Of absolutely all you no longer need.  Lighten your load… make it easy on yourself.  Any lingering fear or doubt… out the back door they go.  Into the smoldering compost heap… that’ll eventually do wonders for our gardens.  Any remnants of guilt ~ burn in the pile.  You did what you could with what you knew.  You’re no longer ‘there’… but here.  Release any lingering misery.

Such a wondrous time is before us… growth, bounty, natural harvest.  Tending the fields, basking in the sun.  Watching things grow ~ Life is Abundant.  We stop, we breathe… we sigh, we Love.  We begin a new life ~ one in sync with the rhythms of our Earth.  Nature shows the way… guides us home.

We feel content, released ~ in bliss.  Time for relishing in the wonders of the paradise we live in.  There’ll always be things out of our control… those who fear and lust for power.  Don’t give them the energy of your focus.  Get on with what’s important to you.

It’s paramount now ~ that we remove any energy we give to the absence… the unconscious, the ignorance ~ the darkness (all one thing).  We’ve far better and more important things to attend to.  We have a life to celebrate.

Celebration ~ so much we have to celebrate. We’re alive… we breathe, we can love and feel.  We can admire and adore, we can feel pain and longing.  We can understand, we can think, we can reason… we have wisdom buried deep within.  We’re blessed with an endless showering of gifts.

Yes a year to celebrate.  Every single day ~ every moment if you can.  Place all your gifts before you… so you can see them clearly.  Snuggle in, get comfy… this is the year for the most exquisite sharing.  We will understand this gift at deeper and deeper levels.  What it is to be alive ~ to live on this bountiful magickal Earth.  What it is to be ‘me’.  This is the year to be finally free.

Cast your net… be conscious and awake. Protect your boundaries ~ with love and kindness.  Have fun, frollick and enjoy.  This Life’s a blast… and I for one are super grateful I get to be here and keep on exploring.  What a Gift!

This bountiful gift of sharing will be our pathway to healing and integration. Time to share ~ who we really are, what we have that’s of the highest value.  Our life from ‘before’ has gone ~ finito, buried.  A new life begins for each and every one of us.

Celebrate your unique inheritance… it’s a moment to moment flow of existence.  Enjoy it while you can.  And most importantly do what makes you glow and radiate.  Surround yourself with love and caring.  It’s time for birthing a new reality… one based in love, kindness and sharing.

Guilt and control only linger in shadow form.  We walk in paradise… all is here for our enjoyment.  Moment to moment ~ our choice of where we’ll place our focus.  On the absence ~ or on the Source of all Giving… limitless with no ceiling, or no container.  The generosity of Life is overwhelming.

2018 will begin in full force after the Capricorn New Moon January 17th here in Oz.  Till then rest, enjoy, have fun, relax… empty any lingering doubts, be ready, prepare… 2018 wants your involvement.  Set your task ~ know it will succeed.  Trust Source to guide, protect, Love and nurture.  Big Sigh… we’ve waited long for this time.


Lotsa Love ~ for a Life-thrilling Adventure of a precious Lifetime

marilyn ❤❤❤❤

New Year’s Eve ~ 2017


Ancient trees photographed by Beth Moon ❤


Last day ~ dawn, sunrise… early morning chatter of our many feathered friends; last goodbyes of 2017.  I feel heavy, low, sad and withdrawn.  Yes my dearest sacred friend PR… there is that vast expanse of joy rippling inside me.

It feels like something needs to be faced.  It’s tender and sore… fragile in its sadness; if you could just get past that solid door… protecting your rhythmic emotions.  Yes life has its twists and turns… we have little control at times.  Is it all destined, proclaimed by the stars… our galactic friends supporting our evolution.  We do come here to know, understand and flower… find home amid this space of shifting matter.

My left ankle ~ strangely I became aware of sensations there while focusing on deeper more subtle sensations in my pelvic region, vagina and womb.  What’s the connection with my ankle… curious connection I thought.

My left ankle was fused when I was 10yrs old… the polio virus paralysing the feminine side of my body.  Scars were left to remind.  Healing journey can span many years.  The ankle pain and restriction deepened and spread… now encased in a holding bandage, giving me support to walk.

What is this being brought to my attention.  My left side paralysed… stopped from moving forward.  Obviously something proceeded this event… I’ve had my visions, thoughts and memories.  Little Healer marilyn trying to save.

No event, sensation, murmur or shouting ~ from our sacred body, is ever without reason or purpose.  Life doesn’t waste its precious breath on inconsequentials.  The loss of innocent sacred sexual selves… the miracles that occur inside a Woman’s Womb.  My body a manifestation and reminder of my journey.

Sounds of crashing waves fill the space.  The contrast ~ the gentle flow of the incoming ripples meandering along the river.  Super Moon (close to Earth) is whipping up the tides to a frenzy.  Went down for a play in the waves yesterday… they were certainly rambunctious and forceful.  2018 comes in with some mighty force.

So here I sit at the boundary line… feeling this heavy sense weighing on my shoulders.  My throat ~ my familiar place of holding.  This area will be healed this year.  I need my voice ~ to fulfil my task.

We’ve all been called to the starting line.  Ready or not… Saturn here we come.

The heaviness and sadness… move into it, where is it stored.  Why is it heavy, filled with weighty moisture.  We sit on the cusp of a mighty Super Full Moon in Cancer.  We’ve entered the portal gates ~ the power is immense.  Waves, huge waves crashing on your consciousness.  Knocking at the door… of your deeply buried secrets.  Time to remove those rotting piles of yesteryear.

Where in my body ~ my neck of course… the place the virus first took hold.  Down my spine, across my shoulders… radiating around my neck, into my face (the mask I show the world).  I sense a small frightened child hiding behind a wall.  The congruency ~ ’cause I can see her strength… her flaming heart and golden power centre; her shiny armour and wells of wisdom.   A very special little girl come down from a line of special people.  But she hides herself ~ afraid.  Who is her pursuer… what danger is she in;  as she’s such a brave little girl… courage steeped in ancient wisdom.

Throat ~ my voice, my body tenses.  I can feel the fear, the adrenalin cursing through my body.  Where am I, what’s the danger.  My throat feels paralysed… locked down, frozen.  A fear of speaking up.

The sadness ~ what is it.  Ohhhhhh Nooooo ~ my left hand cradles my face as my other hand transcribes on the page.  Ohhhhh not that.  The Cancer Super Full Moon ~ long ago memories of the Mother.  My throat restricts… my solar plexus tightens.  My pelvic area is quiet and still… freezing over, entombed in mourning.

‘Run, hide… don’t let them see you’ ~ her power and strength still radiating through the fear in her face, as the flames licked at her feet; I watched them consume her.  A life of hiding began… generation after generation.

Oh my body… my solar plexus and throat.  Please lovers, angels, guides… my beloved ancestors, help me release these suffocating chords, rusted chains and lonely prison cells.  The time of hiding is over.  You have the support of generations of Mothers.  You see them at times.  You know they’re here.

The time of awakening ~ the time of birthing is here.  The Sacred Womb of Woman will herald the sacred healing of the whole.  2017 brought you to here… right now in this space.  Can you let it all go… step over the threshold to a whole new reality.

The Angels are with you.