New systems…

Woooo…. takes a lot of brain power… learning new things. And this year seems to have come with a few of them.

With my good pal Gemini and super active Hermes… learning new things has been like lush rich pollen for my super active busy mind. But there’s gotta be interest.

Some things attract… other’s don’t.

Back of house computers and new technology 😩😩… the workings of machines has never been a luscious love affair.

Remember way back ~ 1965 ish… Ultimo Technical College, top of Harris St near Broadway. I was enrolled in a course to become an Account Executive.

Which meant learning all the different departments needed to create advertisements.

My nemesis was Mechanical Production (and back in 1965 printing machines were HUGE). Me and machines… the chord between us never vital and strong. Wrangly threads at best I reckon.

Our relationship… right from the start was on the chilly side.

Even with my much used sewing machine… as much as I needed her, relied on her for bringing my creations to life, we always struggled to understand each other.

The ‘machine’ thing… goes way back. It was a vision that took me there. Sometimes these visions come during challenging times. But not always.

I opened my eyes… it was morning, and a busy day had been planned … an auction to oversee, one I was being relied on to attend.

I couldn’t move.

It only took seconds to realise what was happening. My body had stopped… it felt as heavy as lead. I couldn’t move. Then the awareness of where I’d brought myself. I became distraught.

I’d finally taken myself over the edge.

Somehow I got myself to the phone and called my therapist… ‘I’ve finally done it’ I managed to get out. He’d warned me often enough… the dangers of emptying my tank. The rest of my words were incoherent, blubbering noises that made no sense. I’d finally done it. Gone over the edge.

He told me to ring my doctor.

I’d been an edge dweller… I knew it well. Could be all the Scorpio.

I contacted my doctor… then went back to bed.

Lying there in a body that was no longer working… and a mind that still had some coherent presence… I spoke out loud ‘I can still write’.

With limited ability and strength I dragged cushions under my legs… so I could hold a journal on my knees. I put a cushion under my arm… to hold my arm up so I could use a pen. And cushions behind me to lift my head. Journals, pens and cushions were always close by. I did all this with a body that’d stopped… Willpower I always had.

As soon as I was set up to write, the ‘movie’ began. I watched it unfold across the screen on my forehead… It went on for hours and hours… I scribbled to keep up. It continued the whole day.

I was travelling through the birth canal… I was fully aware of where I’d come from and where I was. This was the pathway into a different world. I was here for a reason… and at that stage I still remembered it all.

The canal was tough. Very tough. Super narrow and hard work getting through. At one point I stopped… just for a few seconds, considering whether to turn back, abort the mission.

Then I said to myself… ‘If I can get through this, I can get through anything.’

I finally arrived in this new world… the lights were bright, the air was cold. The sounds loud, the presence very alien. The bodies of these people were made of steel… they looked like Robotons. I could see an electrical connection in their head, that was controlled by a ‘Mind Central’. It was an automated world. An Alien world. Universes away from where I came.

In the chest of these Robotons I saw a tiny flame… this gave me hope… there was some connection to ‘Life’.

The purpose was clear, the reason for coming, so I trusted I would be cared for and everything would work out.

Machines… were there right from the start of the journey here.

My awareness and relationship with machines…