Deva-line Flower Essences

Version 2

DEVA-LINE FLOWER ESSENCES  ….  by marilyn devlin

I stumbled across the Devas one blue sky, sunny morning ~ while watering my friends garden. It was 2001.  My friend had returned to the UK, his father unwell.  As I stood in front of this beautiful mature pale pink rose… it spoke to me.  I needed to make a remedy for my friend. His heart was in need.

I’d taken Flower Essences before but never had a thought to make them. I didn’t know how.  But the message was clear… I needed to make a Flower Essence from this rose for my friend.

I’d read a little about Flower Essence making, at least the first step… placing the flower in a crystal bowl of pure water and sitting it in the sun.  Water has memory and the sun transfers the pranic energy and soul purpose of the flower into the water.  I knew that much… but after that I had no idea what to do.  I just knew I had to make it.

My son’s birthday was approaching and I’d heard there was a ‘Gypsy Fair’ in town. I wanted to send him a gift… so left the Flower brewing in the sun and took off into town.  The Fair was small and I didn’t find anything to buy.  But synchronicity appeared.  While walking past a stall ready to head home, I thought I recognised a woman standing there.  I stopped to speak to her.  Turns out I hadn’t met her before ~ but surprise, surprise she was a Flower Essence maker.  The ways of the gods.  I told  her what I’d done, she told me how to complete the steps.  That was my introduction to the Flower Essences.  Later I did a course of study … but no one could have taught me what I actually experienced. 

Flower Essences work… magickal they are ❤️❤️

 Azalea Cerise …  a very potent remedy ~ the Divine Feminine energy of Love, come to sooth my soul. Divine and Royal Queen of the Night, full of beauty… she comes to heal my heart.  She gives me a glimpse of where I’ve traveled; she encourages me to have compassion for myself . . . to allow the healing.  At my lowest point, the help is there . . . surrendering control, accepting the assistance. Azalea Cerise reveals the magick behind living ~ I am never alone.  I will always be guided to that which is best for me… the love for me is eternal.

Back From the Underworld …  A journey required ~ down to the depths; healing needed at the core. Clarity garnered from the experience, transformation was the goal, challenges were necessary. Had to fall down, pieces removed. . a time of traveling in lands of snow. The journey’s been long, the descent was steep, alone and helpless I had to stand still.  But here I am on the other side, a brand new day. . . the warmth has returned. Transformation has occurred; now nurture the body.

Bauhinia … Helps to dissolve barriers between people, promoting closeness and communication. Elevating to a clearer heart vision, my horizons expand; I can grow beyond a subjective state to a broader vision and greater freedom, beyond my own ‘realities’.  Particularly focuses on and energizes the 4th and 6th Energy Centres . . . the Heart and 3rd Eye Chakras, clearing the vision so I can see what I may be reluctant to see, and helping to accept what is; clearing old heart memories.  Helps me to see clearly, what’s standing in front me. . . often times obscured by fears or old memories.

Blue Water Lily … Helps bring to the surface my deepest feelings…  asking ~ what do I really want, what will nourish me, what do I need to thrive?  She puts me in touch with these buried feelings ~ those that live deep in my subconscious. Water Lilly brings to the surface these unconscious feelings and thoughts.  She puts me in touch with the wheel of my emotions ~ illuminating how my unconscious thoughts and feelings keep me on a karmic wheel of action and reaction.  Cleansing this wheel of diseased and stuck energy, allows fresh energy into the mental and emotional fields.  Balances the chakras – working particularly on the mental and emotional bodies

Camellia …   Pure Abundance, Creativity, Heart Joy and Personal Power.  From my  Heart centre I feel the abundant creative power that resides there.  Camellia has a powerful creative energy and a strong sense of self.  She is bright, happy, free and imbued with the purest childlike joy.  She is the essence of celebration, ageless beauty and heart-felt creativity; she is abundant in Heart energy.  She holds ancient secrets, stored deep in the Heart’s chamber ~ she expresses these with innocence and joyous creative Heart Energy; illuminating my personal power and  abundance attracting abilities. She is powerful and expansive, simple and personally self-empowering.  She is gentle, she is strong, she is detached but with such a strong sense of Self; she is free, she is expressive. . .she holds no fear. . . she operates from the Heart Centre.

Comfrey … We’ve been known for ages for helping your bones – we know their rhythm, we know their song.  We’ll play you a rhythm that will balance your bones, help them to relax, become malleable and soft.  Your bones are your foundation, they create structure for your life – if your foundation isn’t strong, we may be able to help you with that. We focus on foundations, stable and strong. . . for you to build your life upon. Flexibility also required to bend and change directions when required.  Stability, strength and solid foundations is where we place our focus.

Cosmo –  Mauve … Clears the throat chakra, helping me speak my truth.  Helps dissolve throat blockages, allowing communication to be more in tune with my true self.  Helps with being assertive and following my own path.  Connects Throat and Heart centres, gives vision of ethereal bodies. . . understanding the language of thoughts and emotions; ability to open to higher knowledge and creativity. Helps to bring knowledge from above to below. . . deciphering the code, understanding its meaning.  Having an open channel to the psyche and the intuitive perception allows more knowledge to be brought down to my awareness.

Cosmo – White … The High Priestess, aloof, detached, alone ~ needing space to work in peace. . . to focus and channel her gifts. She gathers knowledge for new ideas and expression, with youthful enthusiasm she reaches out to others . . . imparting her knowledge and unique ideas to benefit humanity.  She can become stuck in her Ivory Tower keeping her separate from those she longs to impart her knowledge.  She opens and clears the Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras, she helps clarify my vision and clears my voice . . . so I can speak my message.  She helps with overcoming fear and shyness.  She works hard and long to gather the knowledge she needs, she plants many seeds and watches them sprout; flowering with hope and wisdom, removing me from my towers of fear.  She gently clears the vision so my precious wisdom can be spoken. . . spreading the seeds of pure knowledge, widely.

Dandelion  … Emotional clearing, stagnation in the Liver ~ overburdened by old emotions.  Emotional clearing is required before blood can carry nutrients; and blood is reliant on our Liver being free to do its job, unencumbered by old memories and feelings.  A new cycle of right relations ~ harmony and balance, creating positive emotions.  Dandelion clears the channels so fresh flow is stimulated.  The blood, the carrier of Life Love ~ to all areas of our body.  Toxins are emotional in origin . . . not substance.  Being authentic ~ creating authentic emotions ~ pure and clean, moving through the body with ease and harmony.  Authentic emotions move through the body with flow, ease and harmony.  Love gives Light ~ darkness creates weight and burden.  The Liver becomes burdened by all the dark impressions.  Dandelion works energetically to clear these channels.

Destiny … What is my destiny, where should I go?  It’s all inside me, the answers that I seek; all will unfold.  Listen carefully when I speak, I’m giving directions, the road map is clear. Destiny helps me to know what I know. Destiny is showing what’s under my nose, feeling the pull, heart longs to be wooed.  Old chapters up for review ~ where, what and how will I be?  Direct focus required to know what calls me, what ignites my heart, what brings joy to my being.  My Destiny is calling, decipher the language, listen with my body, she will inform me.  My Destiny is mine alone. . . only I can walk this path.

Divine Healing… Powerful yet gentle emotional and physical healing. . . grounded in Earth energy, guarded by Nature Spirits.  Waters run deep, carry rich minerals from the land, vibrations from deep within the core. . .  a sacred place.  Land and water spirits unite to create powerful healing energy to clear the emotional body which then moves through to the physical; she works on the ethereal.  Her energy is protective, she guards the entrance to your emotional field. .  she knows that it’s sacred and she offers her energy to protect it.  So fine and delicate, her presence invisible. . . but her power strong in the ethereal dimension.  She will protect you from intruders.

Divine Intervention … Standing directly in your pathway ~ ‘I have a message for you, accepting the call requires courage, conviction, strength and faith ~ many people hear the call, few are willing to heed it. First step is to leave behind everything you know ~ is safe, comfortable and familiar; we are here to support you’.  An Angelic presence that has come to protect and guide me. . . listening to her message,  I need to hear it.  The Hero’s Journey beckons.

Faerie Folk … Nature’s guardians guide and protect me. ‘We walk with you’ ~ don’t be afraid to explore new roads and discover new ground. Stability of the Earth grounds me on my travels; I’m free to fly to unexplored heights and worlds unseen. Faerie Folk take me into spaces others can’t. . .deep down into the cellular, clearing as they go; blessing with their Faerie Wand and ‘poof’ all diseased energy gone. ‘We can help you with your healing’ they say. . . during a powerful Full Moon ~ radiant and full of beaming Love. A heightened time of healing it was, during the creation of this Essence. . . Faerie energy was all about.

Faerie Spirit Quartz … Magick wand of the Faeries, grown under the Earth – a sparkling diamond, an ethereal beauty. Gentle but focused, brings healing to the heart and the throat ~ its rays are strong. It can clear stagnant energy in the 3rd Eye area, making it easier to see ~ unravelling my throat so I can speak my truth. So fine and gentle these Elemental folk,  but so strongly focused on healing, harmony and friendship . . . and of course fun.  Faerie crystal imbued with much magickal healing energy . . . and focus.

Gardenia … Heavenly smell, perfect shape ~ flower of God.  New beginnings of adventure and learning . . . we aim arrows high to reach far away horizons.  Concentrated energy, mists and fog, hidden under veils . . . subdued not obvious.  Powerful energy can pierce deeply into the self, uncovering the divine nature of who you are.  Droplets of wisdom gently fall from the sky, softly caressing my furrowed brow.  Gardenia’s birth was veiled in mist, absorbing the energy of the New Moon Eclipse.  She received the droplets of the soft misty rain, clouds gathered around in drifts and swirls. . . coming down to touch the trees, dancing in the gorge.  A little morning sun ~ just to complete, and Gardenia Divine was born, by the Grace. With Gardenia powerful energy is available to delve deeply, uncovering ageless wisdom. . .  and the understanding of the relationship between the macro and micro.

Greek Basil … Helps to uncover deep family connections. For long-standing wounds, healing family karma.  Greek Basil evolves family energetics to a higher level, supporting a celebration of unity and growth; uncovering the true, vibrant family essence. She can travel far into the history of my Ancestors, stories handed down for generations upon generations.  She helps release me from the past, age-old memories holding me prisoner.  Understanding the essence of family, kindred spirits and tribal connections.  Family is support, loving and caring, creating space for me to develop my individuality. . . Greek Basil shows me the true essence of Family. . . .a sense of belonging, support and sharing.

Grevillea Snow… Stimulating the circulation of energy throughout the body, by dissolving energy blocks along the spine.  Clearing energy channels so my whole system can circulate more freely. With blockages freed I can stand straight in my purpose and firm in my foundations, I can feel supported by life and free to fulfil my destiny. She unblocks my vital energy. . . particularly the energy that travels along my spine; my support, my nervous system, communication to my muscles.  Can indicate a need for Energy Work or clearing. . . energy not moving freely, blockages appearing.  Can I stand straight, focused on my path, or are other energies obstructing me?  Do I feel free to be me. . .or are there blockages preventing this?  Grevillea Snow works directly on the Energy system of the body, the Nerve circuits and the communication channels.  She helps me clear blockages so my pathway is clear and unhindered.

Healing is Happening… was birthed at the Wesak Full Moon.  Feel the energy around you. . allow it to enter, it’s here to take you beyond what you thought possible.  Magick and Beauty beyond, beyond ~ absorb the gifts of the Goddess.  Healing is your birthright, it knows no boundaries. . . rejoice, all is now given.  Today ~ the first day of your New Life, give thanks from your Heart for this special gift.  Powerful Full Moon full of Beauty. . .  slips beneath the skin, no resistance given.  Into every cell she does her work. . . healing from the deepest level. . . part of your core.  Blessings of Life, kindness and care. . . compassion and wisdom ~ offered so generously.  A very powerful day at the birthing of Healing is Happening, Healing Energy was potent. . .accept the gifts so abundantly given.

Honeysuckle… Promotes understanding of ‘natural timing’ that everything flowers in its own time and space; nothing can be forced or made to happen before its time.  Life Force energy is directing all and I need to be in sync with that energy to manifest my desires.  Everything happens in its own time, beautifully & effortlessly. . . let go, let ‘Flower’.  In the flow and letting go, I can reach far . . . in many directions, effortlessly.  I can release the Creative Life Force with timely synchronicity.  I understand that when in sync with ‘natural timing’ reaching my desired state will come naturally.  I don’t have to force, let it happen,  staying in tune with the natural flow I’ll  understand that  Life Force Power is moving all; let it be . . . trust in the flow.  All will ‘Flower’ when the time is perfect.  I can trust this implicitly.

Inner Beauty…  The beauty within, words cannot be found – hypnotised, entranced, mute and still. If only there were words to express what I see – I am more beautiful than anything I’ve encountered.  Honouring that beauty that lies in my heart, it will keep me totally loved until my last breath.  It will shine through my skin giving comfort to all –but its main purpose, is for me; time to recognise who I am.

Iridescent Banksia…  A powerful essence for releasing all blockages. . . gives a super, electrical charge for movement; imbued with Uranian energy.  Giving a view of the ‘whole’, the bigger picture. . . release from worry, stress and uncertainty.  Capsules of growth released into the atmosphere. . . made freely available to all who need it.  All who have walked before are now standing with me. . . all life is one and has a continuity; there is no ending.  The Mandala of life is now easy to see. . . nothing is greater than me, I am a part of the greatest miracle ~ Life.  All else is an illusion.

Iris…  Allows me to care for myself without guilt.  Not sacrificing the self for others.  Becoming familiar with my own power and manifesting my dreams, fulfilling my true purpose. I can love, nurture & pamper myself, relax & receive, claim my power and manifest my gifts. The message received (from my Mother) while  making this Essence. .’be strong in yourself, manifest your dream, care for yourself the way you’d like someone to care for you.  Relax and have fun, chill out, drop the stress. . .life’s too short.  Your body needs you to change gears or you won’t make it through; pamper yourself, indulge in goodness, pamper your body, mind and emotions.  Receive, receive, receive, claim your power, feet planted on the ground, firmly on the Earth with head in the heavens.  With your hands you can manifest and create the beauty of Heaven and Earth. . .your gift, now is the time.  Let others stand on their own feet, if they can’t, so be it.  Your energy needs to go to yourself. . then you can share and nurture.  Ending the cycle of separation and suffering. . .the cycle of Karma is broken. . . now free to be in your power.’

Ishtar… Chickweed Essence. . .made on the extremely powerful Venus Eclipse.  The end of one cycle and the beginning of another. . . powerful downloads happening.  Love showering the Earth with radiance and healing.  So rare and precious. . . the Goddess herself come to Earth to support me through this time.  The very air-filled with her presence. Her energy floods my Heart and my Throat Centres. . . deeply healing residues of old.  Every molecule of my being flooded with Venus energy, no healing energy more powerful than her Love and Beauty. Penetrating my skin she travels through my body, into every cell, every living particle.  A once in a lifetime event. . . the Healing Energy being downloaded now; miracles occurring; Goddess manifesting. . .she knew we needed her during this time of massive renewal.  Thank You.

Jacaranda… Jacaranda helps calm feelings of restlessness, lack of direction and scattered energies.  She helps to ground and stabilize the mind.  By grounding the mind into the here and now, she helps me to see the direction that is needed.  She helps to ground excess ethereal energy.  Serene, spiritual beauty of the sensitive, delicate Feminine  – she helps me with this part of myself. Helps with scattered energy, inability to concentrate, restlessness, not connecting with the self.  Jacaranda helps when my energies are scattered and  dispersed. .  . soothing the restlessness in my spirit.  Strongly activates the opening of the Heart and Crown Chakras, lets inspiration through to open the heart. . .  to express and give. She reaches out to help me go deeper within, soothing my wandering mind.  I am then free to sit deep within; she caresses my spirit.

Little Purple Wildflower… Ushers in new beginnings, new cycles of purity, innocence and joy to journey forward.  Born at the Spring Equinox, a time of renewal, she has a special potency for transformation.  She is wild; she is free to be in her own beauty. She assists in major times of transformation. . . beginnings of new cycles.  She carries the wisdom of the cycles. . . she is born free, to travel to places that support and energize her.  She shows me how to let go, of all that shackles me, all that holds me down. . . she reminds me ‘you were born free. . to be who you are and express your unique, abundant beauty’.  She ushers in a new cycle. . . where through the power of transformation new vistas appear.  A new world . . . a new life awaits me.

Little Yellow Flower… Nurtures innocence, especially in times of intense growth.  Infuses the mind with rays of sunshine. Helps me with courage, to let go of my fears; which keep me a prisoner of myself.  Encourages trust, childlike spontaneity and enthusiasm. Helps me to trust myself so I can trust others. The environment surrounding the birth of Little Yellow Flower was intense – strongly guarding, cutting off, afraid to come near.  She was ‘brewed’ in extreme heat, very hot sun and all through the night ~ in the radiance of the magickal Mountain Zhaarl. The Little Yellow Flowers surrounded the dam, in the wealth section of the property . . . they surrounded and supported Prickly Pear.  The energy in this area was very strong . . . Prickly  regally protecting herself; Little Yellow Flowers so gay, open and friendly ~ such a cheerful yellow (Mind/Solar Plexus).   They were supporting Prickly, helping her to trust and open up. . . . to let down her guard.

Magickal Garden of Love… Magickal days of unlimited love, devotion and gratitude . . . dancing and singing.  The connection with the Divine is real  and true . . . feeling complete, where I belong; in the arms of total love. Knowing I am loved completely, all doubts of unworthiness are removed; at one with Life and my purpose. The veil of illusion is lifted; I can see what is real. Magickal beauty so present everywhere. Heavenly Blessings for me, just me . . . my time with the One energy of all.  I am loved more that I allow myself to know. . . I am wooed ~ a Divine Lover is real.  I forget. . .there is no blame; I can remember in an instant. . . magick exists.   My greatest Love awaits my presence.

MoanaThis essence is from my Mother, who died prematurely. She often visits me and sends me messages. The energies of this Essence are from the Goddess ~ purity  and Divine protection; manifestation  and transformation ~ shape shifting and moving through the veil.  Celestial sounds . . . sounds of silence.  Take your message out into the world. . . new beginnings, new life now. The cycle of life, birth and death . . . and those things that carry on, that never die; are with me always, passed on from generation to generation . . . the gifts of my Ancestors.  The presence of my Ancestors here and now, supporting me.   Moana helps me to be aware of their presence. . . they guide and support me, they never leave me.  Listen and you will hear their message.  In memory of my beautiful Mother, Mona.

Obsession… helps us to loosen our hold on control.  For those times when obsessive thoughts and emotions control us… driving our thoughts and reactions.  She helps us to find that place of balance within… where there is no urgency to possess or control… where we are free to witness the passing parade of life.  The flip side of obsession is passion… which is what drives us to create and explore.  When passion lies dormant, obsession takes control.  Obsession helps us to light the flame of our the passion.

Pink Poppy…  Gentle, soft, ethereal . . . yet of the Earth.  Helps me to be flexible and go with the ‘wind’.   Uncovers the gift of visionary site ~ giving sight to ‘other worlds’ . . . brings dreams  and visions of a healing nature.  Helps me to see what needs healing in myself.  Brings clarity to the head, opens the Crown Chakra ~ balancing the head with the heart.   She helps with obsessive, compulsive  and addictive behaviours, when the head and heart are out of balance.  Very helpful for addictions. The vision and craving of Pink Poppy is for healing . . . healing of the heart.  Her journey to other world bring back ancient healing knowledge.

Red  Poppy … Brings us dreams & visions of beauty, elegance & wonder . . . visions of other dimensions.  Her beauty is intoxicating – thus she helps us with our own addictions. To lift the veil between the real  and imagined so we can see what we really crave and how we can create it here on Earth.  Here Poppy is more grounded in her visions and skills. . .  accompanied by a heart-felt passion which drives her.  These gifts have become a part of  the self now. . . but care is still needed when traveling to other dimensions.  A focus of Love needs to be steady and firm. . . all that is done in the best interest of all.  Use these visions of other worlds to help and support where you can . . . but always remembering to take care of yourself.

Nasturtium … Birthed on the New Moon Scorpio Eclipse.  The beginning of a new cycle ~ death, transformation . . . rebirth.  It’s deep, very deep ~ going down to the core; the fiery, molten centre of our physical Earth.  A time of great endings and new beginnings.  Goodbye to the old, as it begins with a spark and continues to burn into a roaring fire.  It’s here, only here that the vision will be granted, where we will see . . . what we’ve avoided.  The opportunity is gigantic in its power . . . the power to heal, the power to uncover what’s previously been hidden.  Laughter is so important on the healing journey.  Once the psyche is healed ~ the body will follow.

Prickly Pear… When I feel isolated in my own self-protection, she helps me let down my guard, feeling safe to open to my deepest feelings. I  become aware of my needs and what is required to manifest them.  I can see how I sabotage myself.  Prickly opens me to my own unique abundance.  The making of Prickly Pear was surrounded with shamanic beginnings.  Placed in the hot sun in the glorious radiance of Mt Zharl,  around the bowl a piece of bark, a eucalyptus leaf, and two feathers, two bits of silver leaf in the bowl.  Isolated in her silver castle, heavily protected. . . gentle Feminine, soft delicate hands reach out ~ looking and seeking, but from the confines of her chamber.  The spell is now broken. . . released from her isolation and confinement,  the heavily guarded doors of the castle open; she is released from her prison. Helps to clear feelings of depression and isolation. . . helps me to feel relaxed, comfortable in myself. . . and focused on my own happiness.

Purple Iris…  Birthed during the massive energies of the Pluto/Uranus square. . . and Saturn moving Direct.   A time of great implications.
Old chains now removed, ready to move forward ~eager and willing. A brand new me now emerging, free from the chains of past thoughts and actions. Many blessings are being showered upon me.  There is a Mother connection with Iris energy. . . caring and loving, and looking after. The Three-Fold way, she expresses with such immaculate beauty. . . hands reaching out, to help me with my quest.  The three hands of Hope, Beauty & Love. Within me, above and the collective. . . she takes me on a magickal journey of heightened awareness.  She takes my hand and leads me to the chambers of ancient secret wisdom and knowing.   Her gift, especially for these times . . . is incredibly sacred.   Thank you Purple Iris. . . . giving so freely of your wisdom and beauty.

Quartz… A very powerful remedy for the journey of transformation.  The time needs to be ‘right’ to take Quartz, for transformation will be deep & thorough. End of the old and ushering in of the new – are you ready and willing? Quartz was made surrounded by Pink Quartz to imbue the deep transformational journey with divine love. Quartz has the ability to cut through ‘stuff’ and reveal what’s at the core.  The razor-sharp focus of Quartz burns through all barriers and defenses. . . revealing what lies behind them.  Quartz gives a powerful focus and illuminates what needs transmuting.

Rescue… For those times when I need rescuing – during times of stress and trauma; physical and emotional pain ~ injuries & accidents. She comforts me in times of need.  When I need that little nudge to keep walking. . . to have faith and confidence in myself.  For times of change and upheaval.  Rescue has abundant energy, her capacities are numerous. . . her innate tendency to bring balance and harmony, and to restore natural energy flows which may be interrupted.  She comes with a strong burst of energy, she surrounds my field in protective energy. . . allowing no intruders.  She safeguards my personal space. . . and my Aura.

Rocket … Takes you where you want to go.  The process ~ unlocking, releasing the old from your body.  Letting go of the old from your muscles and tissues.  Rocket’s forward moving energy is powerfully motivated.  There’s a strong, forward movement to your desired destination.  Releasing old blockages from the Heart Centre, can bring to the surface deep emotions; support yourself in your healing . . . with care, comfort and love.

 Rose ~Pink Mature … Was the very first Essence co-created (with the Devas). . .she was the birth of Deva-line Flower Essences; she has an Abundant Healing energy.  She knows her worth, she is stable in her being. . . she comes from Love, she steps forward when she’s needed.  She’s a Love messenger . . . she has much courage. Her focus is  Heart Healing, she comes when I’m in need . . . when I’m grieving.   In times of great loss, when my heart is broken, she helps me to face the depths of my Heart’s feeling; she gives me the courage to acknowledge the depth of my knowing.  She shows me that I have the strength to feel the pain  She gently bathes the wounds and heals the scars; helping me to identify and accept my grief so I can recognise the deep and unbreakable bonds I have with those I love – love never dies.

Rose ~Pink Young … Radiating the energy of Venus she helps me with the integration of my feminine energy – the glorious woman within; the powerful energy of the Goddess. I feel the magick of her sensuality, creativity and beauty.  I can let go to her alluring attraction ~ give her life within me.  Such a gentle, delicate and pure vibration; a gentle caressing of heart and spirit.  She awakens my awareness of beauty and love and the pureness of my sensual nature.  She shows me that I need not be afraid of my passions but let them be ~ naturally.  When I suppress my desires and emotions I find myself closing off, not taking responsibility for my actions, not listening. . . wasting energy.  I really can radiate in my own beauty and follow my true passions. Young Pink Rose radiates the beautiful energy of Venus, illuminating my wants and desires, my attractions, my values ~ what makes me feel good in my body; everything that is beautiful and fine . . . harmonious and balanced. She encourages me to be true to these natural longings, to feel free in my body, to nurture and love myself.  She is also connected to my Inner Child.

 Rose ~ Red Mature…  Is all about the Heart Healing. She heals with love.  Her soft, gentle, smooth, elegant, Royal, mature depth helps me  respond to love, helps me accept the deepest part of myself. . . the most beautiful Love in my Heart.  She brings forth the lineage of true Aristocracy  ~ the Royalty of the Heart.  She carries the energy of heritage – the Royal bestowing of  Heart energy.  The noble and caring King and Divine Mother Queen leaving their Royal Heart legacy to their Royal children.  Red Rose helps instill confidence, helps with the expression of my innate abilities and gifts.  She helps me be who I am ~ from my Heart. She opens my heart to how special I am.  Red Mature Rose heals with love, she  helps mend bridges between hearts,  brings hearts together.  For friends and family who are feeling estranged and separated, she shows that in the richness of the heart is the greatest treasure, that love truly never dies. . . .and that all broken Hearts can be made whole again.  That Love heals. . .

 Rose ~White …  Experiencing the lessons of unconditional love, we learn the alchemic process of attraction. Where the greatest transformation comes from changing our own vibration.  What we are is what we attract.  Helps with clarity in matters of the heart, showing that only by changing our own vibration can we attract new and different experiences and people into our life. Learning the lessons of unconditional love White Rose comes to teach the alchemic process of attraction. My greatest transformation occurs within myself, by changing my own vibration. . .  the reactions of others also change.  The change always begins with me. . . if I am looking for love, I need to discover the unconditional love within myself.  For clarity in matters of the heart, look within.  Only by altering my own vibrations can I attract different experiences and people into my life.  She helps clear the emotions of old ways of loving that no longer serve me.  She assists in moving me to a clearer and more natural way of loving. . . more in tune with myself.  White Rose helps leave old emotional baggage behind, elevating me to a clearer place so that my choices in love are healthy.

Rose ~ Yellow …  Happiness, joy, inspiration, wealth, expansiveness, warmth, positivity, beauty, togetherness, unity, empowerment, freedom, love. She expands, opens and unblocks the energy in the Solar Plexus Centre. Her energy is powerful and flows down through the Crown clearing the channels . . . as she makes her way to this most powerful energy centre of the body. She releases my own personal creative power. . . she infuses my actions with joy and expansiveness; she connects me to my creative flow of energy.  She unblocks any resistance or stagnation to this powerful creative energy. . . which is constantly creating Life, moving and evolving.  She connects me to the essence of my true creative power.

Sateeva…  Gentle, smooth underlying rhythm. . . sweet taste  and aroma.  Travels down to Heart Centre, clears the channels in the brain. . . removing blockages and stagnant energy.  Sight is restored, clearer vision; a wall of peace gently descends . . . all is still, now at your centre.  Continues to travel down thr0ugh all the meridians, clearing the channels. . . gently releasing.  Sacred energy.

Scotch Thistle…  Power and protection. . .the power of love, the greatest power in the universe.  Scotch Thistle protects. . . protects the core, the heart, so she can radiate her beauty. . . her power of giving is enormous.  Living in a time of immense challenge, I need power and protection.  Scotch Thistle puts me in touch with that power, within me. . . helping me to see that all is not hopeless; that new life begins each and every moment ~ and I connect to that new Life with every breath I take.  The Power of Life, the Power of Love is with me always. She helps with all Power and Self-Esteem issues. . . feelings of lack of worth.  She shows me my true Beauty.

Star…  Sharing with many, light and pure ~ warm and joyful . . .lots for all.  Little yellow flower, how purely happy you are . . . shining golden like a morning star.  No need to go without – plenty for all. Firmly anchored in myself, I can shine my light.  I am full to overflowing ~ I have an abundance to give. . . others are waiting to receive.  I know my Power, now I can manifest. . . power to myself, power to the people. I am my shining Star. . . and I will shine for me and all.  I have wished upon a Star ~now Star Light guides me to my path.  We all shine for each other.

Sunflower… in her wisdom, teaches me about Confidence; that the real source of Confidence is gratitude.  She shares her story  of how she discovered Confidence ~ sitting with Gratitude. Fulfilling her role facing the sun ~ her brilliant, huge shining face so open and fearless, reflecting the Sun’s power ~ she felt overcome with feelings of Gratitude. The Sun was always there for her, radiating such brilliant life-giving rays, the Sun was her Life.  One day feeling overwhelmed with Gratitude to the Sun, she noticed Confidence sitting with Gratitude and they told her their secret. . . .  that wherever there’s gratitude there will always be Confidence.  Gratitude enables me to stand fully in myself and shine ~ Sunflower teaches me to shine as she does.  She shows me ~ that  Confidence shines and glows with the brilliance of life, that Confidence mirrors the magick of life . . . the wonder and beauty of life.  That Confidence is the acknowledgment of everything; that if the wind knocks me down I can still feel and see everything I have.  Her message is to shine, shine, shine . . . to live in gratitude for all the beauty that I am.

Wedding Bush… connects me with myself. . . my relationship with myself, my relationship with my body; the relationship I have with my memories. . . some stored deep in the cellular.  She shows me that whatever exists in my memories, continues to appear in my outer reality.  My unacknowledged memories whether in the mind, body, emotions or Spirit . . .continue to manifest outside of me. She shows me that I have a relationship with everything. . . and only I can change the dynamics of these relationships.  Do I understand the nature of relationship. . . the connecting, the coming together of different energies.  Am I free to connect from a place grounded in Now. . .or are my connections still tethered in the past.  Because I’m alive. . . I have a relationship to everything.  The health of these relationships can be affected by unconscious memories. . . these need to be made conscious. . . so the past no longer has any hold on me.  The focus of Wedding Bush is Healthy Relationships. . . . on all levels.

Well-being…  Feeling unwell, what could it be? Not being true to myself probably the cause. Where do I give myself away. . . serving others, not myself?  Spend time in nature, listen to the Devas, they have a message for me, I need to listen.  Stop everything else, focus on me . . .  I can’t move forward till that is achieved.  Something needs to be attended to ~ Body is speaking loudly now.  Listen, listen, I’m in need.  . . I need your undivided attention now.  Everything has its cost in energy terms ~ lots of activity, lots of interaction. . . all have an energy expenditure.  And then comes the time. . . I  need to stop ~ step back and rest, body is insisting now.  Take a day, more if I can. . . lay under a tree, look up at the sky.  Breath in the Prana, let it fill my cells. . . time for rejuvenation, all else can wait. . . I am the most important now.

Yellow Banksia… Dissolving calcification of fear and suppression ~ of past memories and emotions. . . so   I can be free to experience what’s happening now.  Yellow Banksia helps with feelings of lack of self-worth,  of being unattractive and unlovable.  Getting stuck in focusing on the self, missing what is happening around me. This self-focusing is usually connected to past emotional experiences, but by focusing on these I block out what is being given to me now.  Emotional memories are stuck in the past, blinding me to the present.  For times when I need help in removing the obsessive focus on myself.   She helps me to see my own beauty, my own worthiness.  Yellow Banksia helps me to be open to what is happening ~ and seeing what is being offered in the present.  She helps me to see my own Beauty. . . she helps me to discover my own unique and precious abundance.

Young Pink Water Lily…. Divine love buried deep, brought to the surface to experience fully. Inner child such pure love . . . awakening that child from her slumber; bringing up from the depths so she can manifest.  Creativity ~ poised and read; creativity is ready to explode. . . into the physical world ~ to share; dearest child welcome home.  Be who you are . . . love will follow you ~ if you be who you are.  There is immense creative potential within you ready for release.  The purest, most creative Child you are. . . now brought to the surface, brought to consciousness. . . brought to awareness,  brought to Life.  Be the amazing Child of Life you are.

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