Ison… Sag New Moon

ison coming out

ISON… made it around the Sun?

ISON’s been getting a lot of press… in the Astrophysicists world this ‘sungrazing’ comet is certainly surprising and astounding many.

“looked at literally a couple of thousand sungrazing comets.  We’ve NEVER seen one behave like ISON. Astounding!”  Karl Battams Astrophysicist Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC.

In the Astro world ISON was ‘conjuncting’ the Sun… so between 0-7 degrees Sagittarius in your personal natal chart, it has been making its presence felt.

I checked out ISON on the NASA site, watching the visuals of it heading toward the Sun… and then some part of it appearing on the other side. It filled me with an unexpected jubilation, an excitement… a sense of courage and hope.  I was surprised at the feelings engendered by these images.  Image of ISON circling the Sun Latest images from SOSHO

Everything is energy, everything has a presence and a purpose… everything lives, in some form, with particles of the omnipresent Life Force.


Another comment by Allexander Witze of Nature Magazine… “ISON was making its first and possibly only, journey from the deep freeze of the outer Solar System into the furnace of the star’s outer corona.  Never before have researchers followed a comet so pristine coming so close the Sun”.

And from the Astrological perspective, one of my favourite Astro writers and Authors Kim Falconer

“I feel Ison represents a clean sweep, a chance to release old habits and ‘tolerations’ so that we can be more authentic, vital, clear and carefree as we journey along our evolutionary way.”

But it was the feelings, so present and active in my Body, an excited sense of courage and hope, of bravery.  What an example Ison has been to us all. Taking on a journey around the Sun and surviving (?)… now that’s something.

Nothing is a coincidence, nothing happens by chance.  I was reminded of that so often as I grew up… wise words from my Dad.  Everything is connected to everything else… full of Life, purpose and unlimited possibilities.  What a world!

This visceral experience of Ison… showed me so much more than any words or theories.  We are connected to all Life, we can feel, we can experience… we can ‘know’.

Thank you Ison… for your bravery, your spirit… your get up and go, your courage, your hope… you have given us all so much.


Following on the heels of Ison’s magnificent display is the New Moon in Sagittarius on 3rd December 11.23am AEDT … the Sun and Moon sitting at 10 degrees Sagittarius, only a few degrees away from Ison’s meeting with the Sun. This New Moon, I believe, is carrying Ison’s message, birthing the seed of this globally agreed ‘awesome event’ into our world, into our consciousness… into our being.

Every new Moon is the possibility of birthing your intention… the ground fertile and ready for new life, a new cycle of growth… nurtured by our Mother Moon.  The Divine Feminine providing the care and nourishment, the perfect environment… for this growth.  Yes, Life continues to amaze.

“We are loving this… the Universe surprises us yet again. How awesome!” comments on Ison by Slate Bad Astronomer Phil Plait.

Sagittarius comes after Scorpio… Scorpio time (Oct 22 – Nov 22 approx) is always deep, often intense.  Scorpio’s ruler Pluto will always pull out anything diseased and rotting in our unconsciousness… he shows no mercy.  He’s about Truth, not the fictional variety… but the real Truth… his motto ‘only Life lives’.

It’s deep learning time during Scorpio… Saturn’s current stay in Scorpio deepens this learning, at times prolonging the agony… till we let go… lesson learnt.

Sag comes blazing… such welcome energy after our journey through the underworld.  Sag is about adventure, freedom… but  not just any freedom… he aims his arrows for the highest Truth.  He stretches our awareness to heightened levels of understanding and being.  He’s a true Truth seeker.

So Sag energy combined with Ison… creates some pretty amazing opportunities… of growth, abounding courage, hope… fearless adventure toward the Truth.  Sag is ruled by Jupiter the great bestower of bounty… he expands, he multiplies… he makes big your dreams and vision… ahh, yes, he’s also the visionary, he aims his arrows far.  He’s happy, he’s jovial… he does suffer from a bit of ‘foot in mouth’, but hey, we can allow him his gaffes… after all he’s half Horse.

After this big year it seems we’re being blessed with some Light at the end of the tunnel… this new Moon followed by the next one… on New Year’s Day, an auspicious one I’m sure.

Have fun


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