can you feel it… Life’s a foot!


There’s some pretty groovy energy about… new life springing, wherever you look.¬† Life is calling you… begin, begin… a new world has birthed.

And it’s not just bursting forth all around me… but deep inside me as well.¬† Life is a wonderous adventure, it certainly is.¬† And I’m so excited at this¬†brand new chapter unfolding… in all it’s magnificence.¬† Life is so kind, so caring, so protective… so nurturing.¬† Life really loves me.

Tomorrow is Mahalia’s birthday… t’was the 1st day of October 2010, at exactly 3.36pm…¬†when I drove through the front gates.¬† A new chapter had begun… and I had no idea of how¬†it was going to unfold.¬† Oh yes, I had my plans, my vision, my focus… my determination.¬† What lay in wait for me though, I could never have dreamt.

I was called here, obviously… I’d received the vision many years before, I even drew it… I kept it stored safely¬†until it was ready to manifest.¬† Everything begins its life in the unmanifest.. in fields of energy.¬† First there’s the thought which over time takes a shape, still invisible to the physical eyes.¬† It begins growing in the energy field… until it’s ready to¬†burst forth in the physical.¬† Then presto, it’s here… in our physical world.

In the early days of even¬†contemplating purchasing this property (it was a lengthy process) I ‘saw’ lots of things.¬† The house was perfect for what I had in mind… massive big space for workshops and gatherings… I had plans for a Healing Retreat.¬† There was a point in time where my focus shifted, the energy of the negotiations was not feeling good to me.¬† So ‘out of the blue’ I stood in a different place, my focus on the land and the ‘caretakers’ there… I asked the Land Spirits if I could be the next caretaker… the energy then¬†felt much better.

It was like a birthing itself… approaching this place, much changed inside myself.¬† There were a couple of times, when sitting quietly focusing on the property… I had a similar vision.¬† It was clear,¬†very visual… they were¬†ancient rituals from our native Australians… some how I wasn’t surprised.¬† Yet still had no idea what was in store for me.

Of course I did a star chart for the time I came through the gates… astrology has walked with me most of my life, most likely my Gypsy heritage.¬† There on the ascendant sat Lilith.¬† Now understanding how energy will take form, ie predicting an outcome, I’ve found is almost impossible.¬† I knew it was significant… and that Lilith played a major part in the journey here… but how it would, I’d have to wait and see.

Lilith is the voice of the Ancient Feminine… the first woman, before Eve.¬† She was ousted ’cause she refused to ‘lie under’ Adam… she demanded to be treated as an equal… it didn’t go down well.¬† Well, these are ‘stories’ created during the¬†patriarchy.¬† It is said, that if you listen carefully you can hear her rage… she’s been very prominent for a while now in our astrological skies. There’s no silencing her… but once her rage is acknowledged… it morphs into a powerful new life form… a life imbued with the Sacred Feminine.

This last chapter here at Mahalia, is and will be significant… I can see it.¬†¬†Looking back over these last three years, I know I’ll never, ever forget what’s been given to me… it both saved and totally changed my life.¬† I’m a new person now… been blessed with so much, my gratitude really does overflow.¬† This place, that I called Mahalia, will never leave me, I’ll carry her within me always… she’s now a part of me.¬† As I am of her.¬† Yes magick does exist… I always knew it did… why, my business was called Magick Moments.¬†¬†Every single one of those moments contain the magick of life… of loving,.. of care… of giving, of receiving… of blessings unimaginable… we are simply blessed… over and over and over again.


lotsa luv



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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