Venus Magick in real time. . .

‘Rays of Venus beam down thru the Sun’

It’s 8.25am. . . .it’s just beginning, the day. . . .today is perfect. .. all the black clouds gone, not even a whisper of wind. . .. and the sky. . . .

the softest, gentlest, gorgeous blue.

The Sun radiating warmth and love, . . . what a contrast, to the last few days. . . .all the yuckies blown away.

It’s incredibly still and quiet. . . .all speaking in hushed voices. . . .all aware, of what is happening. . . you can just FEEL it.

A solitary bird grabs a worm. . . .a crow broadcasts the welcoming trumpet. . . .letting all know, it’s about to begin . . .but the rest

an amazing silence.

It’s one of those times, it’s easy to see. . . .that all is one . . . all is connected. . . there’s no doubt in my mind, all await her.

A silent reverence, most obvious.

The occasional one excited to a peak. . . cannot contain his joy. . . his throaty, musical notes float thru the air.

Excitement is building, it’s obvious. . . you can feel it. . . but most are happy to sit in silence.

The Goddess . . . .soon making an appearance.

You can feel it in the air the presence building. . . .who needs telescopes when you get to witness. . . .everything is visible,

everything can be experienced.

All is one and one is all, we are all a part of this incredible majesty.

Such a strength of gentleness fills the air,  feel it. . . .moving thru my skin.   It directs itself to my heart centre . . . .

Venus is showering her almighty Love. . . on me.

Venus’s Love is showering the Earth,  a rare and oh so precious experience. . . I can feel her love, I can feel her sweetness, I can feel her joy

I can feel her gentleness. . . . She is the Goddess of Love. . . .there is no doubt here.  . . .the air is now filled

with her presence.

I feel her energy around my heart and throat. . .her energy is penetrating, doing its healing.  Love is the greatest healing force there is. . . there is none that exist that is any stronger.

Hard to find words to describe what’s happening. . . it’s real, it’s full. . . .Venus is with us.

I can hear her sweet voice, spreading love to the world. . . .love the only answer. . .her beauty sublime.  The beauty of Love no greater beauty exists. . . .in all of creation.

So I sit in this time. . . .so still. . .all is quiet. . .except the occasional excited chatter. . . .but most in awe of the Goddess’s presence. . . .and soaking up her precious energy.

I sit here seeing. . .we are all one. . . the birds, the bees, the insects and the rocks. . . .the trees, the soil and the water. . . .all standing still and absorbing the energy.

We all feel, we all experience. . .we all absorb the energy around us. . .I feel my heart muscles loosen, my throat relaxing. . .my  head space beaming with all the Love Light. . . .all are in process. . . .by the most Divine Love Healing.

This is an occaision beyond debate. . . .this is now really happening.

She’s showering all her Love upon us. . . I close my eyes, I feel my body. . .it’s ringing, it’s zinging with energy.  I can feel it moving further and further down into every cell space.  By this time I’ve taken off all my clothing and I’m having a Venus bath. . .and it feels incredible. . . . I live on a large property, so have lots of privacy. . .which is fantastic. . .and oh so freeing.  I feel it penetrate my skin and move thru my body. . .doing it’s healing work. . . .Love makes us surrender.

She’s here to remind us. . .at this most critical stage. . .that what our heart really sings for. . .it sings for Love, it sings for Beauty. . .it sings to luxuriate. . .in oneness.  She’s here to remind us, that we carry all these things. . .within us. . . .we only need to turn. . . .and face her.

So off with my clothes. . .stretched out on the sun bed. . . .I want Venus energy all over my skin. . . .I feel her healing, I feel her Love. . .on every pore of my skin’s covering.  I feel her gently pass thru this boundary. . .permission given of course.  I feel her travel thru every which means. . .. to locate every bit of surface within my physical anatomy.

Love is healing. . .I’ve always known. . . .I used to have it written on my A-frame at my front door. . .but here I am experiencing it directly. . . .it really doesn’t get anymore direct than this.

This is an amazing gift. . .an incredible blessing. . . this is real healing. . . .dearest Earthlings miracles are happening.  our job to be aware. . .of what we give our precious attention. . .all we need is here and now. . . in what direction am I facing.

Basking in her rays. . . .I focus on my Sacrum. . .which has been getting my attention for a while now. . .. flashed back to when I was 2 yrs old. . . a Venus little girl I truly was. . . .but I twisted and turned to avoid the approach. . . .even energy from their eyes.  my Venus was blocked at such a tender age. . .I then took on my Mars. . . .early photos show this clearly.

Hiding away my Venus. . .was very obvious. . . .and those around me seemed to support this.

I have such a gift. . . .such a precious gift. . .my sensitivity to energy, my blessed, sacred connection to the Land. . . .and with my love of writing, I will express it. . .journey’s of sacred discovery.

So my Sacrum is connected to the loss of Venus. . .at such an early stage of my existence here.  And now she’s here to let me take back my power. . . my power of love, my power of beauty. . . my power of attraction.

Boundaries now strong, grown into a woman. . .now release from the shackles of others.

The stillness is amazing. . . .almost not a single sound. . .so engrossed in receiving, receiving. . . .everything is focused on Venus.  Yes a rare and precious moment, not because of the Astronomy. . .yes, we can see with our eyes. . .but are we also feeling it. . .’cause it’s happening here and now. . . in real-time.

And what a most amazing place to experience this ‘life energy’. . .than here at Mahalia.  A Sacred Ceremonial ground. . . .there is no doubt about the credentials,

The Venus experience. . . .one I’ll always remember. . .she entered me. . . .and changed my biology. . . .life is a miracle. . . .

oodles of love


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

One thought on “Venus Magick in real time. . .”

  1. The day following this incredible ‘happening’. . .I spent the day making new garden beds. . . .I hadn’t done any real gardening for months. . .due to my legs and Sacrum area. . . .now who says there are no miracles. . . . .? Life is a miracle. . . .and whilst we have it, it happening NOW. . . . .love to you all marilynxxx


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