giving and receiving

                      ‘Nature always giving’

Just started thinking about ‘giving’. . . .what is giving?  What do I give and what is worth receiving?  I was given Life, I was given parents, I was given a home, I was given an education.  I was given encouragement, I was given hope, I was given support, I was given an environment to flourish in.  These were all given. . . .and were received by me. . . .thus giving and receiving are mutually receptive.

I read and hear. . .that it’s good to give. . .. what do I have that’s worthy of receiving.  We live in a world with so much activity, giving and receiving have become Big Business.  But what is really worthy of receiving?  We live in a market place. . .of global dimensions. . .giving and receiving crossing many borders. . . .many people involved in this activity.

If we shave it all down. . .what do we need. . .food in our belly, water to hydrate. . .adequate clothing to keep us warm. . . some kind of shelter to protect us from the elements.  We need love, we need kindness, we need care and warmth. . . we need understanding and forgiveness. . .we need to feel good about ourself. . . .we need to feel at peace within. . . .we need to feel love in our heart.

So where do we go, who is giving all these things. . . .yes the physical needs, Big Business takes control. . . .but what about the other, where do we go. . . .I believe, we need to look within.  Yes, it’s nice to get it from others, but that hole will never be filled. . .by another’s love and kindness. . . .we need our own.  In built. . .within us. . . .is the most amazing treasure. . . .riches and gold. . .could never ever compare.  We were created with kindness, we were created with love. . .we are made of these ingredients. . .we carry them around at all times.

So what do I have that is worthy of receiving. . . .well I can’t give you love. . .or really, even kindness. . . .oh yes I can try. . .but I might get in the way. . . .the treasure you seek. . . lies deep within your soul.  When we access this treasure. . .buried deeply within. . . .love and kindness just come naturally. . . .they don’t need to be beckoned.

I can’t really give you wisdom. . .I can cradle my own. . .it gives me much pleasure. . .to understand and to know. . .but I can’t give it to you. . . you carry your own.  I can give you token gifts. . . .but really what are they worth. . . .will they touch that hunger you have inside. . . .I don’t think so.

Now look. . . .I’m a Virgo. . . kindness and care are second nature. . .and ‘how can I serve’ a familar mantra. . .but I also understand, my giving is so tiny. . . compared to the giving that is constantly happening.  Yes, it sometimes confuses me. . . .especially in the ‘Market Place’. . . .what do I have that really has value.  I’ve learnt a lot about value over these last 12 months. . . .been big learning times haven’t they, for us all. . . .but they’re trying to direct us. . . .to where we’ll really find the treasure. . . .And with the latest amazing Venus eclipse. . . .’Value’ vibrations were powerfully present. . .everything is energy, just ‘cos we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

One of the amazing gifts. . .my Ancestors blessed me. . . .was a powerful sensitivity to unmanifest energy. . . .it’s an incredible gift.. . . .and at times it has its challenges. . . .but I’m super grateful for all that they’ve given me.  So during that amazing transit of Venus to our Sun. . . .the energy was powerful, present and alive.  It changed my life. . .it changed my deep sense of value. . . .well, yes, everything is a process. . . .and this one was ripe for flowering.

So Life is giving. . . .without interruption. .  .it gives and it gives. . . .and never stops giving.  We live in a paradise. . .called Earth, a planet especially chosen. .  for us to inhabit.  Nature’s giving is awesome to witness.  The air is giving and so is the water. . . .the space we exist in. . . .gives support for our body.  And then the body. . .it keeps giving and giving. . . keeping us alive, so we can pursue our purpose.

In light of all of this. . . .my giving is puny. . . .and yes, at the same time. . .I’m a part of the one energy field. . . .that is Life in this universe.

So maybe it’s my Pisces Midheaven. . . .or  my ‘purist’ Virgo Sun. . . .or my Gemini Ascendant that thinks too much. . . .or my Capricorn Moon knowing that Time controls all. . . . .or maybe just because I’m a Human Being. . . .who is being given to by Life. . . . .what is giving. . . .and what is receiving.


get in touch with the invisible. . .. on this gorgeous Pisces Moon weekend

much love


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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