Just a quick hello…

This creatively inspired vision of my ‘New Home’ … was done by my friend Ellen Clarke

I’m starting a new chapter here… finally got some instructions and help with navigating the new system… I often don’t understand why things are changed that are working perfectly fine🤔. I find these new changes awkward, with less flow. Basically I don’t like them. I’m trying to get used to them. See how it goes.

In fact it’s a pain in the butt… I’ll need to get more help🖐.

But the drop in here was to say the site is being rebirthed. There’s at least space to keep blogging. I’ve wanted to get back for ages. Its different writing on FB. It feels like I’m more in my home space here, not out there in the huge marketplace. So looking forward to reaching out with more blogs… and bit by bit a new chapter for magickloveandhealing❤️

I’m a Virgo👱‍♀️… so healing’s my thing. I have the dual natured Gemini Ascending my chart… providing me with my chart ‘Ruler’ Hermes. Magickal Hermes. Mercury the swift moving messenger. Gemini’s like to write, communicate, connect, learn… and think👩‍⚕️(excessively at times).

My Moon’s in Capricorn… so my moods can get serious. I’ve learned to love melancholy retropectives. I’m quietly ambitious… but really more adventurist.

I’m said to have Gypsy blood. Maybe that’s why I get the urge to move every few years… new lands call . One short life to do it all. And that sand keeps pouring on through the glass.

Reaching the seventies (‘sacred seventies’ I call them) has been a whole new adventure. I’m adjusting to the new space. Having Gemini be such a strong and present, constant influence in my life. Peter Pan, who never grows old, the eternal youth. Gemini lives in youthful… ’cause s/he’s constantly curious and wanting to learn new things. S/he wants to be engaged, connected. Gemini’s house on the zodiac wheel is the 3rd. The 3rd house represents communication, writing, learning, siblings… local community. Gemini has a natural feel for community.

I’ve started writing (words/1st book) every morning… doing yoga… my mind’s feeling clearer, consistent. Considering I’m a moving space. I might write more about that later. Moving home is big for everyone, it’s said. For me it carries some tender deep roots. My early childhood sudden separation from my home and family… for a whole year. It’s only these last few years, doing the training, living in my cabin in the mangroves… ocean just over the trees that those deeper wounds felt safe enough to rise. Been a hell of a few years.

So moving. Moving from my home, is extra tender for me. And all that it entails. What I’ve become aware of this last little while is I’m moving through my pulling away stage. I have to let go to move on. I have to say goodbye… there’s so much uncertainty.

And the sadness… saying good bye to the magroves, the whales, those morning sunrises on the beach. The luscious water… my dear friend Neptune. He’s another major influence in my life. Letting go is tender. Even when you choose to go… the letting go process needs to happen.

And if you’ve fallen in love with them… grown close to them. In intimate connection with them. They’ve filled you. They’ve loved you. They’re always been there for you. To move away you have to let go. I’m in that stage I think. I’ve been needing to go slow… and be tender with myself.

This was going to be short hello… no such thing for Gemini😃Let’s see how this new chapter unfolds, and how it’ll be reflected in my home space online here at… magickloveandhealing❤️

It’s been super wet here (northern nsw)… you’ve probably heard about it. It’s current news here in Oz. No flooding near me, I’m cosy, safe and warm. We might see Sun again end of week. Been a Big Wet time.

Much love to you… 💚👱‍♀️💚

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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