Wednesday ~ Day of Mercury, July 22nd 2020

Unravelling the presence of our galactic resonance.   Mercury’s travelling through (sign) Cancer and is presently meeting up with (asteroid) Diana in a rather discordant and activating manner.

In astrology we call it a ‘square’.  Relationships between planets are measured in mathematical degrees… and using our knowledge of geometry … certain degrees create different shapes… which results in a unique resonance and presence.   Creating a different relationship with everything around it.

To astrology fans… we could just say Mercury is squaring Diana.

Coincidentally… of which my Father constantly chanted ‘there’s no such thing…’, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Diana.  And was excited to add to her generous list of titles… the Goddess of Solitude and Silence.

For your interest (or not)… a square aspect (imagine a square shape) creates tension.  It comes to you at a 90 degree angle… a sharp approach out of the blue, you could say.  Kinda like side swipes you!

So in astrology we say a square aspect challenges you; to move, to act… to take notice.  It wants you to pay attention.

So what does it mean when Mercury (planet) squares Diana (asteroid)… when the mind (mercury) comes up against silence (Diana)?  I’ll leave that for you to ponder.

Silence.  Well in my experience (which is always evolving) silence is never silent.  I luv silence, I luv solitude.  In fact I pursue it often and regularly.  There’s a quality of timelessness.  Of eternity, of ‘God’, of everything.  There’s a presence in it that draws you in.  It feels holy and eternal.

But it’s never silent.  There’s always a sound.  Some may call it a vibration or a resonance.  But there’s always something I can hear.  But it doesn’t come just to my ears… it bounces off my entire body.  My whole body ‘hears’ it.  My whole body receives it… and it responds.

I’ve been doing a practice for the last few days… during the ‘Power Quest’ challenge I’ve undertaken.  Just for a short time in the morning and evening I’ve been focusing directly on my ears.  Hearing the sounds that are coming to them.  Then I extend that listening awareness down through my whole body.  My whole body is listening.

WoW… our body is the most extraordinary receptor.  It receives and receives and receives.  Focusing in on this highly receptive field around my body… I notice, not just the sounds that are bouncing against it.  But the response to those sounds from inside my body.

It’s taking my highly receptive antenna to another level of awareness.

It’s exciting.

Happy Day of Mercury and Diana… and the world of Silence.

Much love… marilyn💙🌙💙

(ps… and look at the date today, all those twos.  The day a four (2+2) and also the year 2020.  Emphasising the square shape once again.  Some would describe this as a synchronistic event… in the world of symbolic language, many things saying the same thing at once.

Like the Universe trying to get a message across.

For an extra tidbit… in Numerology (the symbolic language of numbers)… 22 is called a ‘Master’ number.  It’s elevating the four, the ‘square’, the ‘challenge’ … to an even higher vibration.  It’s offering an opportunity to understand its Mastery.

Symbols have fascinated me since early childhood… where I used to spend my ‘fun’ time doing algebra and geometry (I luved them)… that was until I discovered Numerology and Astrology.

My poor mathematics teacher lamented my lack of ambition, at least in fulfilling my mathematical ‘ability’ (ie becoming a Professor of Mathematics)… but the world of symbols had a much stronger calling.

And so did the world of ‘magick’.

I’m still learning.)


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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