So good to be alive…


welcoming me home

Gentle rain is falling.  Mist and cloud cover the mountains;  adding a soft and alluring mystery to the forests.  Kookaburras are chortling, the earth drinks in the moisture, two lorikeets sit on the fence relishing the water that falls from the sky.   A lovely resting and healing day, provided for all.

It’s becoming fuller and stronger… you can now hear it fall onto the leaves, and branches… its wonderful tinkling sound, as it¬†runs¬†down the roof and into the gutters, filling the tanks…. ahhhh, rain, what a glorious sound…. what a blessing.¬† Thank you, thank you.

Water is now dripping from leaves, a large bush of cerese coloured Cosmo bow their heads in gratitude.¬† Life is a blessing… oh yes it is.


The Lorikeets still sitting, drinking in the moisture.¬† All is quiet and still, Life is celebrating… calling us back home.¬† The resident Butcher bird¬† sits on my lovely arch, her offspring (the one with the gorgeous singing voice) sits near by.¬† This Earth such a paradise… so much we’ve been given.¬† When we open our eyes… we see the miracle, sitting right in front of us.

In the wondrous sky above us the planets and stars reflect the activities and events here on Earth.¬†¬†Everything reflects our current state.¬† In Astrological lore, the asteroid Chiron, who was discovered in our skies in 1977, sitting between Saturn and Uranus… carries a mighty message.¬† He represents the ‘wound’, our deepest, darkest, seemingly unreachable, unhealable wound…. and it’s healing.¬†¬†The healing journey.¬† He’s the Shaman.

‘A major theme symbolised by the planet Chiron is the reconciliation and healing of the fundamental split between the spiritual and the instinctual in ourselves’

‘As early as 750BC, this split was already becoming institutionalized, as patriarchal social and religious forms replace their earlier matriarchal counterparts.¬† Before this time, in the areas now comprising Europe and the Near East, the Great Mother was worshipped in a multitude of different forms.¬† Being synonymous with fertility and the instinctual life, the suppression of her worship meant the feminine in general became devalued.’¬†¬† Melanie Reinhart… ‘Chiron and the Healing Journey’

Chiron is currently sitting with our Sun and recently sat with our Moon.¬† His energy radiated through our Luminaries… his energy is being felt by all.¬† We can only heal ourself.¬† It all begins within.¬† The greatest thing we can do, is heal… and find that place of rest and solitude within ourselves.

Yes… it’s 2014, we’re all living through the¬†last days, not of the Earth (even though these threats are there)… but of a time, an era… an Age.¬† And it’s not pretty.¬† Our sensitive receptors are finding it difficult.¬† But we must have faith… in ourselves.¬† We must know the truth… that Life is Love, kindness and care.¬† That we live in a paradise unparalleled… that we are gifted with each and every breath.

Yes it’s a serious time… a time for seriously becoming real… true to the calling of our Heart.¬† We are all divinely created human beings… gifted with so much.¬† Time to be who we really are.

Trust in the healing… it’s happening all the time.¬† I always remember my dear Dad’s wisdom… ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.¬† Everything is bringing a message.¬† Whilst we’re alive, we have the potential to do anything… anything at all.¬† We can bring Peace to this Earth… of this, I have total faith.

Enjoy your breath.

lotsa¬†luv…. marilynxxx




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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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