this recent energy…


The energy around these last two days… has been strange, dark and heavy.  Haven’t felt that kind of presence around for a while.

It’s very obvious when its present… there’s no hiding it’s existence.  It’s vibration seems to permeate the surroundings.  That’s quite an influence, to cover such magickal beauty.  What is it?  Or was it?  Hoping it’s moved on, that it’s visit was short and swift.  But there’s still a ‘feeling’ in the air.  I don’t like that feeling… those heavy, dark clouds threatening to engulf.

What is it?  I asked many times.  What’s going on?  Is it inside me, around me… am I picking up something that is happening, somewhere on our planet?  Is it someone I know… the questions were many.  How can I make my way safely, through this sticky, malingering presence?  I do what I know best, to help me during times like these.

Patience… all passes on.  We are all living through such massive evolutionary times.  The death of an Age, the birthing of the new… so much energy swirling and moving creating death, rebirth and change.  None of us are immune.  It really helps to have something ‘real and true’ … the existence of my Love filled Heart… that beats within me.

The world inside me

I look to the skies… Astrology has been a part of my journey since I was quite young.  I ‘discovered’ it very early on in my life.  I search the screen on my computer… what relationships are the planets forming?  What can they tell me?

Looking to the usual suspects… but still nothing is really jumping out.  It alludes me for now.

Jupiter has just gone direct… a new potent burst of growth and expansion, pushing through the resistance.  Is that what I feel?  And with Mars retrograde in Libra… could be some resistance happening.

Mars in Libra… a place he’s sometimes uncomfortable, is in his two-year retrograde cycle.  And it’s a long one this time… influencing us all right up to July.  He’s being really slowed down.  Mars represents how we use our energy to move, to act… to get things done.  Our desire, our will, our need to conquer… our desire for action.  The emotion of anger, frustration.

A retrograde cycle turns the energy inward… a review of old territory, retrospection, re-connection with what has passed.  Striving to renew, revitalize, re-create.  Lot’s of ‘re’ going on.

Libra is known for her love of balance and harmony, right relations… but she’s a Cardinal sign.  Cardinals like to initiate, move, create… make happen.  She doesn’t sit at home fiddling her thumbs.

So Mars is very active… in his backward, retrospective movement.

I think we just all need to be a little patient during these times… with so many big energies swirling, changing, morphing… transforming our world.  It’s good to have an anchor during these times.  Something that makes your Heart sing… makes you feel really good.

Yes… I know the big guy Pluto is edging closer and closer to the natal placement of my Moon… and all in his own house… a double whammy of sorts.  Rebirth, renewal, transformation… those words have been appearing often lately.  A time of rebirth requires a lot of trust… a place to put your focus, and a place that is safe.  To ‘know’ what is real and true and good… will protect us during the storms of these rebirth years.

‘Cause it’s not just dying that’s going on… the most magnificent birthing is happening at the same time.

Yes… it’s all about focus, commitment and passion.

I trust… I am always protected, loved and nurtured.

At least these big, black clouds have brought some rain…. the earth is loving it.

And maybe I can turn to my body for some answers…  her ceaseless wisdom is never ending.


lotsa luv

marilynxxxxxx (extra’s for this time)


By marilyn

I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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