creating new pathways

‘road less travelled’

Life often awes me. . .with its incredible intelligence.

Us humans often congratulate ourselves for our cleverness. . .able to create and discover things.  But Life. . .boy oh boy. . . an intelligence that’s simply awesome!

The impact of the first of the current Pluto and Uranus squares. . .(that means coming together at a 90 degree angle in Astro language, which is an aspect of Challenge). . . .yesterday, was . . .well, strong!  I observed heightened reactions all around. . .the energy was certainly intense.  For some, obviously it was very conscious. . .for others maybe a little below the surface, but Pluto goes very, very deep. . . anything lingering there that needs to be ousted, will certainly be triggered.  And with Uranus. . .poof, things appear out of nowhere, sudden and immediate. . .buried stuff manifesting.

When I realized what was happening, I had a really good belly laugh. . . you see all us humans are in the same boat. . .none are better off than others.  We get these ideas, at times, that others may be more ‘together’, drop that, it’s simply not true. . . we’re all made of the same stuff, we all project and we all see the world. . .as we perceive it.

For myself I could feel anger and fear, my god where did these come from. . .quite unexpected these feeling were, especially in the circumstances.  My wiser self thought best to wait until I felt a little clearer. . .before doing anything hasty. . . .I’m eternally grateful to the wiser me.

Old memories were being activated, brought right up to the surface. . quite a surprise it was . . .thought these had long been reduced to manure. . . or did I?  We so easily fool ourselves, especially when we’re ‘smart’. .  often believing our own stories. . .we can tell ourselves anything we like.

We all carry our history, it’s the way we’re made.. . . in one way, that’s not a problem . . .as long as we’re conscious.  We all see the world thru our own unique focus and we all act from these perceptions. . .again, all of us are in the same predicament. . . consciousness the only answer.

But there is a place, I’ve felt it. . .it’s still and pure and untouched. . .it shines within my centre. . . and all it knows is Love.  The mind can come up with so many ‘reasons’, but the ‘truth’ will always be felt. . .we are super feeling machines. . .nothing escapes our radar.

A lot has been discussed and written about these current major happenings in the sky. . .Pluto and Uranus move very slowly, so when they come together. . .BIG changes are before us.  I guess we’ve all been witnessing these, they’ve been building for a while. . .2011 was the preview year. . .2012 the play now happening.  It seems that a lot of us have been going thru major shifts, so much changing around us. . .but thru it all. . .have you noticed. . . .super magick is happening.

 These last couple of months have seen a massive transit. . .worlds seemingly morphing, moving and shape shifting before our very eyes.  So many magickal moments. . .well, that’s what I call them. . . events and perceptions difficult to describe,  full of overwhelmingly, beautiful moments.  Now, I’m a pretty practical girl. . .”I’m an Earth sign Mama’ Donovan sang. . .I have my Sun and Moon in Earth signs. . .so I like my feet on the Earth.  But, thanks to the Gods I have an openess, to the wonder and magick all around. . .and believe me, it’s very, very real. . .it’s what the Universe is made of.

So my big gift from the Universe, came yesterday, only hours after the big event. . . (Pluto & Uranus). . . I saw that I could change myself. . .into a brand new me. . .I was very excited.  You see, I’d been wanting to make some changes. . .well, lets say for a while. . .I wanted to create more structure in my life. . .change a few habits.  In the past it just never happened, never even came close. . . BUT now I’d discovered the secret. . .it was all about my FOCUS.  I didn’t really approach it like that. . .I just SAW myself as a new person, it was amazingly exciting. . .I could see that with changing my routines, I would create an entirely new environment. . .I would be a different person. . .Now ain’t that pure, unadulterated MAGICK!

It was like there was very little effort, once I’d SEEN myself in a different place. . . .so today a brand new day. . .with a brand new Marilyn. . . .and boy oh boy. . . is that just simply amazing. . . you see MAGICK DOES HAPPEN.

PS. . .Saturn goes direct today. . .how’s that for synchronicity. . . Saturn is all about Form and Structure. . .as my dear Dad used to tell me OFTEN. . . ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence”.  We are so.o.o.o much more powerful. . . than we realize.

Magick is happening

lotsa luv


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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