listening to my feelings. . . .

Deva-line Flower Essence Moana. . .. 22nd October 2011

I can feel you here

how sad I feel

that I lost you. . .so soon

and all the changes that have happened

over the years

I couldn’t save you then

and I couldn’t save you again

first, I was so small

and 2nd I was sick

so my grief and loss

have accumulated in my chest

here I sit

in such a beautiful place

remembering you

and what I lost

you come thru to me

many times

your voice. .  thru my hands

I receive your message

I feel you around

I feel you near

you are my mother

I’ll never forget

today you would have been 85

a lovely age

to have you here

we’ve had our hard times

but I’ve been determined. . .

to get thru

I’ve wanted to live. .

even thru the dark times

I’ve been so lucky to have

the guidance that I  have

I saw it on your face

when they let me in

you’d been gone for only a short time

I saw your expression

you were met. . .weren’t you

you saw who he was

I could see it on your face

that your crossover was kind

I wasn’t there at the end

did you feel sad

‘don’t come yet’

you said to me

‘wait till I feel better’

that never happened. . . . .

Moana is your essence

This essence is from my Mother. . who died prematurely. She often visits me and gives me messages. The energies of this Essence are purity & Divine Protection, manifestation & transformation, shape shifting & moving thru the veils, celestial sounds / sounds of silence, take your message out into the world. . .new beginnings, new life now. The cycle of life, birth & death. . . and those things that carry on. . .they never die, are with us always.

.                  .                    .                    .                        .                        .

On the day when the Solar flares were bombarding the Earth. . .I awoke and couldn’t take a breath. . .the pain was razor sharp, muscles had seized. . my heart and lungs were trying to tell me something. . . the scariest thing, not being able to take a breath . . .the pain had taken my breath away.  A time of cleansing. . .a time of releasing. . . .old, old memories being released from the body.  This is happening.

During this month of July. . the Astrological month of Cancer, the Mother. . .home, nurturing and safety.  This July 2012 is power packed, heaps of energy morphing and changing.  It’s like we’re all on the operating table. . .sometimes feels deep and painful.

Our body stores all our memories, lodged deep within the cells, she forgets nothing.  During these times of upheavel our security is threated, ‘where can I be safe’, ‘who will love and protect me’.  Mother energy is all around now. . .and in our societies, this energy has been buried for eons, the Father energy much more present.

But our Mother is the dearest and closest thing to us, she brought us into this world. . .if we were fortunate, she loved us unconditionally.  She fed us from her body, her gaze never left us. . .we were her world, she would have done anything for us.  So during these times when our very structure is shifting, inside and out. . .we look for stability, we look for love, we look for our roots. . .what will hold us safe, during these massive inter-galactic storms.

So as our body shifts with this energy, a lot is coming up for us to review and evaluate.  Old memories return, new frontiers beckon. . .we’re looking for ourself, where will we find me.

A time of acknowledging all that is precious, all we hold dear. . .’cause this will guide us.

Physical symptons give us clues to where our energy is blocked. . . .we cannot be whole without all energy moving freely.

So listen to your body. . . acknowledge your feelings. . .what is important, what is needed. . . .for me to feel safe, loved and nurtured.

may  your transitions be guided by beauty

much love


(ps we all know what we need. . .we just have to trust it. . .)

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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