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Mahalia Sacred Healing Space is inviting the next caretaker ( )

Such a special portal of energy we’re currently experiencing ~ and being invited to enter.¬† Yesterday morning at¬†9.46am (AEDT) the powerful Autumnal Equinox¬†joined the far-reaching Super New Moon Eclipse in Pisces… sitting at the very last degree of the zodiac. And very close to the Aries Point. This is the time to begin, powerfully supportive energies are all around us.

The Aries Point (AP) is an extremely sensitive and powerful point in the astrological chart. ¬†It is located at 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs… Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. ¬†It’s a special area that carries the potential for high public visibility, it can signify fame or notoriety. It pushes a planet or angle in the chart, into public view. ¬†Like the outward expression of what’s held within.¬† The perfect time for our personal inner potential to bloom.

This last week the energies have been potent indeed.¬† A shift has occurred, I felt it happen. ¬†We are leaving behind one life, and embarking on another… the one we create from our new-found clarity and awareness.

2012 was a big year, it instigated the collective¬†renewal.¬† The year began with the Moon and Uranus sitting together, again at the Aries Point… heralding the significant changes, the moving of the Ages that were upon us.¬† So much of our past up for review; our home, our planet, our past… and the way we nurture, care and love.¬† Our human family, our deepest feelings and emotions, do they guide us to where we want to be?¬†¬†Are we free?¬† A major time of renewal had begun. The beginning of the Uranus/Pluto challenge. Nothing would remain the same… 2012 was a powerful year.

During 2012 I witnessed things I’d never considered¬†possible before.¬† In May during the Pleidian Eclipse, there was¬†a visit from the Pleidians,¬† (no I wasn’t hallucinating) ~ ‘we are your friends, your brothers and sisters…¬†you are never alone, we are always with you’ I heard them say.¬†¬†In June there was¬†a mega transformational visit from Venus… during the much publicised Venus Eclipse, where I experienced Venus return to my body.¬† And then In the last quarter of 2012 I ‘saw’ the new world birth.¬†¬†Followed in¬†2013 by¬†the¬†arrival of the Sacred Feminine, who also spoke… ‘the energy of the Sacred Feminine needs to grow stronger’ she said.¬† She was calling us to join her.

Then this last week, such a major shift…¬†¬†it was palpable and real. ¬†It’s a different time, the rules have changed.¬† Operating in the old paradigm will no longer work.¬† It is time to vision, to feel, to manifest our world.¬† The Sacred Feminine has taken up residence… the old ways are crumbling.¬† They had their purpose and time… but their time is no more, just some clean-up time ahead.¬† We must always remember to keep our focus strong and direct, on what we want… on creating our new world.

We need clarity, we need to be conscious of what we’re creating, ’cause we create all the time, every moment of every day.¬† What do¬†I want to create? ¬†How do¬†I feel?¬†¬†My vibration is the result of¬†all my¬†thoughts and feelings and¬†my powerful emotions.¬†¬† I create the vibration¬†I love to be in,¬†my vibration always attracts an identical match.

We need to feel fantastic, thriving, flowering, loving, powerful, we need to be the human being we were created to be; living on this magnificent planet Earth, firmly embedded within our Heart.

It’s time for me to move on to the next chapter, it feels exciting. ¬†I’ve known for a while. ¬†Everything begins in the energy field/body before it manifests in the physical.¬† That’s why we know it’s real, ’cause it already exists.¬† We just cant see it yet.

We need to up the amps of our vibration… make it buzz with love and excitement, joy and gratitude…we are a human being, the greatest gift.¬† We are powerful, we create our world.



enjoying life… much love marilyn‚ô•

time to unveil

collage this morning2011-06-051

¬†A big Full Moon approaching ~ February 4th, 10.09am (east coast Oz).¬† So much support… the Sacred Feminine is¬†certainly here and giving of her¬†luscious¬†wisdom.¬† The game has changed.¬† Oh yes, lingering stray bits¬†of shrapnel about… but¬†your focus, those thoughts, those words ~ so important now.¬† We’re creating our world, every moment of every day.¬† We need to be conscious and aware of what it is¬†we’re creating.

The forward momentum is strong,¬†but we need to rebuild our¬†strength ~¬†2014 took a lot, tanks are low.¬† Time is still needed for resting, amid the¬†impatience to get¬† moving.¬† We need to be still, observe and¬†listen… what is it I’m meant to be¬†learning here?¬† Why is this happening now?¬† What part do I play in its creation?¬† What no longer serves me?¬† Time to put out the rubbish.

It’s finer now ~ well, the Sacred Feminine is involved.¬† The rules have changed.¬† We can vision our world.


No more blood, sweat and tears.¬† It’s been a long time since the Sacred Feminine was in residence here on Earth… a very long time.¬† We can send healing and clearing energy to our Sacral Chakra… so wounded over the time of the¬†patriarchy, especially for women.¬† It’s the¬†chakra of creation and pleasure.

sacral chakra frm Natalie Southgate Founder of Chakradance

‘The main function of this chakra is emotional flow. The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra Svadhisthana means sweetness. The essence of this chakra is revealed in the sweet exchange of intimacy and connectedness. Physiologically, the sacral chakra governs our sexual development and maturity, and the health of our reproductive and urinary systems. As well as sexual pleasure, the sweetness of the sacral can be experienced through nurturing ourselves with the simple pleasures of rest, good food, and tactile pleasures like dancing and massage’

‘Experiment with playing in the sacral chakra ‚Äď swim, play in water; wear orange clothes or bring the colour orange more into your life (the colour of the sacral chakra); take relaxation baths with candles and oils; drink lots of cleansing and nourishing fluids; take pleasure in cooking meals and really tune into the smells and tastes; surround yourself in beauty (art, flowers, music, colour ‚Äď whatever makes you feel good); invoke your inner child and play!’

Natalie Southgate… founder of Chakradance.

Invoking your inner child to play¬†is greatly supported by this approaching¬†Full Moon in Leo.¬† Leo is the creative child, the generous and noble¬†lover of life,¬†she seeks the spotlight and loves to shine.¬† The stage is calling you.¬† It’s time.

Moon is currently in her waxing gibbous phase… we’re¬†nearing the end of¬†a building cycle,¬†our thoughts, ideas and actions about to culminate. ¬†The seeds planted¬†during the New Moon in Aquarius (January 20th) then acted on in the first Quarter Moon¬†(January 25th)¬†are now¬†nearing their¬†full expression.¬† We’ll shortly¬†be harvesting our crop;¬† Moon¬†will then begin to wane, entering her Disseminating phase; drawing her energy back;¬†time for¬†distribution, sharing and introspection after¬†any adjustments required during¬†the Full Moon.

Emotions are heightened with the fullness and expansion of the Moon.¬† Where we’ve placed our energy and focus will become obvious… all revealed in¬†her brilliant¬†fullness.

Don’t forget… you create your world.

lotsa luv