Pluto’s visit


I was playing around with a new function I found on my Astrology software… it randomly selects different signs and degrees… giving the sabian symbol for each.  Well, I’m a bit of a fan of energy transcriptions… it kept me amused for a while.

I took note of my Sun, Moon and Ascendant sabian symbols as they appeared. Now I’ve known of these before, but this particular morning, obviously, more was at play. Fascinating… as my dear Dad always said ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.  I heard it often enough ~ it formed a groove in my brain.

It was the Moon’s sabian symbol that really stirred the deep flowing undercurrents of my being.  Fifteen degrees of Capricorn… ‘This degree shows being vibrant and alive and in the physical body… with enthusiasm and excitement about life and the future’ (by Linda Hill).

‘Wooohhh’… this sound jumped forcibly from my lips.  I zoomed right back to the hospital  ~ immediately ~ on reading those words.  I was still blowing air out of my mouth (you know the ones we do during childbirth) releasing old memories as I wrote… the memory vividly potent.  I felt it in my Solar Plexus, the cramping, the clench ~ my forehead creased in a painful frown.

I wasn’t enthusiastic and excited about life and the future at that time ~ surrounded by sickness and death… and deceit; long cold corridors, echoes of black shoes, so much white ~ cold instruments, unfriendly people, so many cries and angry retorts.  Alone, abandoned to face it on my own; obviously the gods had made me able to do this… or it never would have happened.  Life is Love after all.

But no coincidence ~ Sun opposing Pluto… those deep dark secrets being illuminated by the radiance of Apollo.  No hiding when Pluto’s around, or the Sun… brings light to those deep dark secrets, the ones hidden for Life (or so you planned).

Ah dear child all needs to be revealed, to walk anew along your golden path, red shoes sparkle, dreams illuminated, joy in your heart… and the biggest smile on your face.

Yes even Pluto is our friend.

No, there were not many gymnasiums in my future… Polio made sure of that.

I luved gymnastics at school 🙂

till next time from me