A new space… 🌬💨

I woke… opened my eyes. I was lying on my back. I stayed there for a while looking out the window at the rain. Unusual for me… to linger in bed. These words were pushing on my lips… stamped in my mind ‘Another complex level of existence on Earth’. I’d been in a dream… but… Continue reading A new space… 🌬💨

A Love Affair 💞💞

I’m still in stop mode. Well, also deepening… at least in certain things. The virulent invisible contagion thing swirls around me… hitting out front and side. I increase my vitamin C… as much as I can, till my body says stop. I swim… I increase my laps. It’s not just laps… I cruise and enjoy.… Continue reading A Love Affair 💞💞

Into the cave🌼

It’s 6.40am… the 6th day of 2022 I feel lost and lonely and spent. I feel empty of myself. What’s happened to me since being here? I feel stuck… empty… end of the road I wrote…’I can do it… I just don’t know how yet’ (borrowed from ‘George’s Amazing Spaces’😃) I’ve created all these amazing… Continue reading Into the cave🌼

King tide 😃

WoWa… the Creek this morning. I hadn’t planned to go back in this morning, especially with the forecast… powerful winds and surging tides. The cyclone that almost was… now an ex… now coming as a ‘Low’. The winds were up yesterday. Today they’ve increased… and said to be reaching very high speeds. So I hadn’t… Continue reading King tide 😃

Magick Happens🎁

January 2nd 2022… Sunday, Sun’s day. Sun’s in Capricorn. Tomorrow Capricorn New Moon. Dark, dark Moon today. Been thinking a bit about the Moon(‘s) this morning… being King Tide… its lapping right up over the rocks out back. I swim at full tide… the creek out back is a tidal creek. It’s more an Estuary… Continue reading Magick Happens🎁

It’s deep and tough😞

Amidst the beauty… we unravel. Forever held by the Great Mother and Father. Down to the depths… the fear the sorrow. The paralysis. The deepest cuts that hurt so much. The ‘world’… what a mess. The ‘solutions’… I just cry. The ‘advice’… well, shut your mouth. Around us the beauty shines. The horrors… the freeze.… Continue reading It’s deep and tough😞

Neptune’s Magick🧚‍♀️💙🧚‍♀️

I’m a big fan of Neptune… well, it’s hard to separate myself from him. He appears to be merged with my approach to everything🤩 I’m not complaining… he’s taken me on many a Magickal Mystery Tour. ‘Hop on’ he grins… ‘what mysteries can we explore’. Often there appears no limit… to where he can squirrel… Continue reading Neptune’s Magick🧚‍♀️💙🧚‍♀️

Feeling the vibes🦚

No pink sky this morning… but then didn’t arise till 7am. Once that would’ve been super late… accustomed as I was to be up and outside waiting for the dawn… at 4am. Well… remembering, that was Snowie’s waking time. In she’d come, sit right by my head… her nose only millimetres from my face… as… Continue reading Feeling the vibes🦚