saying yes …🌸

It’s possible I overdosed.  I had three coaching sessions in a week.  That’s a lot for me.  I’m super sensitive ~ and I respond to psyche inquiry very readily.  My psychologist/counsellor friend use to say to me ‘you travel easily’.  Meaning my psychic sense is strong.  And of course it works in its own unique… Continue reading saying yes …🌸

stepping out 🦄

image from Stepping out again.  I asked myself ‘what are the first steps?’  I then realised I’m always doing them.  They may be baby steps, or even invisible at times.  It’s easy to overlook what we do. I cemented my intention a long time ago.  Maybe during my journey through the canal…  my first… Continue reading stepping out 🦄

the passion to heal 🧚‍♂️

Have I been in the birthing chrysalis? The string of the binding pulled so tight. Yes to keep me safely held (which I couldn’t see) but to increase the pressure… on those remaining globs of energy, stuck on ancient walls.  Dark, steaming mounds… old composted experience, emotions and lifetimes. Generations the parade has continued. Passing… Continue reading the passion to heal 🧚‍♂️

Telling your story🌟

Camperdown Children’s Hospital  (image from ‘It is a strange thing that all the memories have these two qualities.  They are always full of quietness, that is the most striking thing about them; and even when things weren’t like that in reality, they still seem to have that quality.  They are soundless apparitions, which speak to me by… Continue reading Telling your story🌟

loving myself ❤️

The two foundational ‘Integrative Powers’ in the coaching journey are ~ clarity and acceptance. First we must become clear on what it is we desire. What it is we want to achieve. What our being most longs for. Becoming clear on our objective ~ we then consider ~ can I accept this desire, this wish,… Continue reading loving myself ❤️

my hunger for life💚

It’s St Patrick’s Day 💚  Celebrating my ancestral roots… those rich green magickal lands of Ireland. I celebrated with a sunny spot at my favourite corner coffee shop… just across from where I live. Haven’t been there much in a while… as I’ve wiped coffee from my life.  I never have drank much, and when… Continue reading my hunger for life💚

Gentle Okayness 💚💚

I need to be ever present,  and aware of how I use my body. The Ortho-Bionomy session was amazing.  So skilled and gifted the therapist.   We ‘pair’ really well. A time of finding, creating a new foundation… on which to rest, live and be.  My foundation prior had been built on centuries of pain… Continue reading Gentle Okayness 💚💚

Brewing in the cauldron

The pic above was not taken by me (author unknown) and I’m not sure how this image relates to this post ~ ‘Brewing in the cauldron’.  Maybe incidental… yet  I know there’s no such thing. Many were super excited and thrilled to see these beautiful flags appear on the Brunswick Heads bridge; crossing the river… Continue reading Brewing in the cauldron