I’m ready, I’m ok, I accept, I acknowledge

The appointment with the doctor, the nervous tension that’s been building… as the day approached.  No reminder text arrived, maybe they’ve forgotten me.  Has happened before.  Opening time not till later… decided to do fluid body activation practice to calm my nervous system.  Activating the fluid body stimulates the parasympathetic system.  I’m learning to move to this place more and more.  After years of heightened arousal.

It was a deep and potent experience.  Lots came up.  My Ortho-bionomy and Energy awareness enable me to observe and work with my spine in a more focused way.

It’s obvious the lack of response, the paralysis (past) of my left side.  And the contraction and tightness of my right side.

Doing this practice more regularly, as well as activating my fluid body/fascia and parasympathetic nervous system… I can work on my spine with Ortho-bionomy and energy work.

That ‘time’ came up.  My little girl.  My inner child that lives and exists within me. The one I often think of as ‘someone else’.  It’s hard to know her as me.  Yet she is.

I observed, I allowed, I accepted, I acknowledged, I Loved.  My intention in the Deep Rest work was – ‘I Love the Beauty of My Being’.

Everything I’ve done – all the training, learning, experience, trials and tribulations. All the suffering, all the loss, all the pain and anguish.  All the sacrifice, all the victimhood, all the anger, all the rage.  All the depression, all the loneliness, all the joy, all the happiness.  Everything is for my healing.

So I can be whole once again.

I have so much to be proud of, so much to be grateful for; so much to cherish, admire and adore.  I am a wonder, a miracle… a precious life in evolution.  I am blessed and loved beyond what I could ever imagine. I truly am a child of god… one lovingly and personally created by the Great Life Force itself.  That one beating Heart of Life… the Love from which everything originates.

I am mercy, I am compassion, I am unity and can never be divided.  I am whole, I am complete.  I am knowledge, I am wisdom.  I am everything and will be forever more. I am a speck, so tiny… and yet so powerful and great.  I am created to be everything.

That practice this morning uncovered so much… the separation between me and my little girl.  The distance that’s been created… the locked doors and impenetrable walls.  The hiding, so much hiding.  The fear that had frozen my blood creating cracks in my artery walls.  The stiffness, the immobility, the paralysis… the wish to die.  To end the suffering, to alleviate the pain.  To stop the harassment… to forget, to forget.

But we never forget, we never forget.  All that ever was exists in my body… calling out, crying out to be given a seat at the table in my heart.

I’ve taken off the shades, taken the cotton from my ears, opened my eyes, removed my arms from around my chest.  I’m ready, I’m ok, I accept, I acknowledge.  I know no fear… it’s only a shadow.  Look for the Light… welcome it in.

I feel the beat of the drums… so sacred, so healing.  Their beat and rhythm synchronising my heart waves.  My home, my life… been waiting for all along.  I sing, I rejoice.  I’m home once again.

I love myself truly… every cell, every atom.  Every molecule, every hair, every nail, bone and membrane.  I love it all.  It’s a miracle I exist.

Most importantly – I accept myself.  I invite my self to sit in the throne of my Heart.  I am me and I live on planet Earth.  I celebrate my existence.

much love to you 💚🧚‍♂️💚

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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