Happy New Solar Cycle


Sun begins his new journey ~ our core, our inspired direction ~ our purpose.

The cycles continue ~ their rhythm connecting and flowing through all life ~ supporting existence ~ harmonising and balancing.

The great mind of the Mother ~ we attempt to mimic and master . . . we are fools ~ have we not learnt from other times?  We are servants of Life ~ not masters.  We are students ~ given the opportunity to witness the majestic wonder.

We’re created, connected by the finest strands ~ pulsating light and sound ~ to the incredible wonder of the whole.

We can never ~ will never, duplicate these magickal wonders in a glass jar ~ under a magnified eye.  What are we looking for?  Is it not obvious what you want?  Why do you pretend to be god?  You only display your foolishness.

The Mother has stirred . . . she’s sent her ambassadors ~ the embodiments of that gentle but powerful creative force ~ clothed as the Feminine ~ the Divine Sacred Feminine.  I was graced to be present at their arrival in 2013.  Their message ~ ‘The energy of the Sacred Feminine needs to grow stronger’.

Rally the troops ~ time to ignite our Hearts.  Switch on the light in the great halls of wisdom ~ collected over millennia.  No beginning, no end.

The cycles continue.  How dare we think we can stand beside.  We show our ignorance.  A long age of darkness ~ falling to the lowest point of our humanity.  But the tide has turned ~ we’re crawling back.  Some are standing tall and straight.  Can you not see the Light?  It shines brightly ~ illuminating all around it.

It’s growing ~ one by one ~ person by person . . . the balance is restored.  The Heart is rekindled ~ the fire burning brightly.  Opening our eyes to the majesty that lies within us and around us.  We are the most gifted species.

We can understand ~ we can merge with the essence of Life itself.  Do we understand how truly fortunate we are?

The bells are chiming loudly ~ their resonance vibrating each cell in our body.  This is the time of which we’ve dreamt ~ from the earliest times.  Peace on Earth ~ goodwill between all human beings ~ is in process.  Awaken and be a part of the greatest achievement the human race has ever attempted.

The Golden Age has dawned ~ you need the eyes to see.  Discrimination required ~ don’t believe the spruikers of shame.  Power and coin corrupted their soul ~ the Faustian deal done again and again.

Be the master of you own destiny ~ the master of your thinking process . . . craft your life on your deepest core values.  Adventure into the world of wonder.  So much more surrounds you ~ but only you can walk through the doorway.

Switch the switch ~ turn on the light ~ embrace the goodness oozing from all living things.  See the opportunities ~ open, reach out, accept ~ take hold.  You are more powerful than you could ever dream ~ be it now.

Happiest wishes and blessing for this new Solar cycle ~ illuminating our purpose and the great creative force within us.

A new time has begun ~ you are invited to be a part.

Lotsa luv to you all ♥♥♥

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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