time comes… when enough is enough!


There comes a time…. when enough is enough.¬† And I believe I’ve just reached that point!

It could be¬†my approaching 65th… the doorway¬†to the Crone years, I know I’m¬†really going to enjoy them.¬† As I dated the page of my new¬†journal this morning, I began with… ‘another journey, another journal… less than one month to my 65th birthday… officially an Elder’.

But this ‘enough’ business has been brewing for a while.¬† Yesterday finally¬†got¬†around to¬†some of¬†the artwork, needing to be¬†finished… for our WAG (Woodenbong Artists Group) exhibition, happening soon.¬† I’ve been experimenting with oil pastels, with some acrylics and maybe a bit of oil paint.¬† I’ll do more today.¬† But as I was working, this feeling was brewing deeper and deeper inside me… something¬† was outraged… and a little fearful.¬† This coming election kept coming to mind.¬† Yes, I know fear is wasted energy and most definitely not helpful,¬†so I asked myself, and those who guide me… ‘what can I do, how can I contribute?’¬†‘Cause I need to do something.

And then the words… ENOUGH is ENOUGH.¬† The Grandmother, the Crone, the Ancient Feminine… I don’t know.¬† But it was my voice I was hearing… and my feelings stirring.¬† “I’m sick and tired”, I said out loud,¬†“of this legacy we’ve inherited”… this rotten, stinking mess from¬†the Patriarchal rule.¬† So enough is enough… it’s time to stand and declare… I will not allow, I will not be a part of death.

This old boys club that insists on vomiting all over us… enough is enough.¬† Something needs to be done.¬† It’s time, it’s time for us to take our place.¬† Where do we stand?¬† Do we stand with Life?¬† Or do we stand with Death?¬† This question we need to ask ourself.

As I picked up crayons and paints¬†I¬†kept seeing Life…¬†surrounded by encroaching¬†darkness… its approach¬†aggressive and insidious.¬† The energy around became clearer and clearer.¬† Now, I usually see the Love and the Light… I do, it comes naturally, I see it all around.¬† But there’s no denying the threat that’s approaching.¬† And us human beings need to be awake and conscious.

I’m looking forward to my Elder years… and yes we’ll do it in our own unique way…. a little of the new, a little of the old… these Elders emerging are a brand new breed.¬† Brave and courageous, with something to say… enough, enough of this death and decay… enough, enough of this warring and disease… enough, enough of these poisons and sickness… enough, enough of lies and deceit.¬†Enough, enough of destroying this Earth!!! ¬†Enough, enough of this patriarchal rule… move over lads, your time is up!

So I’m learning new ways… to be the new person I’m becoming.¬† Supported by all that’s been before, awakening to this new and vibrant energy.¬† There’s a time to act, and there’s a time to be still.¬† There’s a time to do and a time to rest.¬† The Feminine carries the wisdom, deep in her soul… the understanding of cycles, the knowledge of the Ancient ways.¬† There have been many ways these have tried to be destroyed… but they still exist, we just need to allow them to rise.¬† The energies at present are supporting their emergence.

Many of our¬†Ancestors have been sentenced to death… for their beliefs and their practicing of the old Traditional ways.¬† This time has come to an end!!¬† We will not be lead to their¬†burning piles.¬† The rage of the Ancient Feminine is palpable and real… she lives inside us… we cannot escape her cries.¬† This is a new time, a new Age, and we have come to be a part…¬†to usher in the new…¬† to hold ceremonies for the burning of the decayed.

These are powerful times… we need to be awake… allow yourself to break free of the ropes, that have bound you for so long.¬† Allow your voice to be heard… allow room in your life for your Heart.¬† Allow the dead and dying to depart.¬†¬†We have the courage… we have the strength… we know what to do, when we listen¬†to our Heart.¬† It’s time… it’s time… enough is enough.

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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