preparing for wholeness

                    this morning’s new Sun . . .

In slow mode today. . .after a ‘treatment’ yesterday. . . .always forget. . .how sensitive my body is.  I’m not a big Massage girl. . .prefer other modalities. . .but my Body needed something. . . .it was making that obvious.  So knew a bit about this fellow. . .reputed to have a natural gift. . .I like those kinds. . .. goes deeper into the core, can access more ‘things’.    And with Chiron and Mars in Scorpio. . .and an 8th house Moon. . . .I really like to go deep; not physically. . . . .energetically.

So this morning. . .hard to move. . .as I said, I always forget. . .such a finely tuned instrument. . .is my body.  Energy has always interested me. . .and I’m trained in Energy modalities. . .I tune into it naturally. . .I find it tells a more complete story.  So living in times of massive transformation. . .to make changes. . .somethings need abandoning.  Now not the horrible feeling of abandonment. . .that some of us may have carried.. .but the good sort. . .getting rid of old, heavy baggage. . . .now that’s exciting.

We all need to travel so much lighter. . . on all levels, really. ..  .carrying ‘stuff’ around. . .only consumes precious energy.  And we need that energy for ourself. . .to feed our wholeness. . .Life is for celebrating. . .and experiencing the Magick!  The winds are blowing. . .the Earth is shifting. . .everything on Earth. . is undergoing this re-adjusting.  But as humans we have a very special gift. . .that is to Know our Divinity. . .to consciously know it. . .and let it saturate our living.  Everything on Earth was given with such Love and Kindness. . .to comfort and feed us. . .to accompany us on our journey.  We are loved. . .beyond, beyond. . .beyond comprehension. . .by our mind that is. . .only our Heart can understand this.

So in a process of ‘off-loading’ old knots and blockages. . . old things stored for many an eon.  So much is happening. . .so much is being given. . .letting go of the past. . . .welcoming the future. . .and in this very moment. . .experiencing the Magick. . . .leaves you a bit awestruck really. . . . .

Tune into the magick. . .let go of what’s no longer needed. . .it will be obvious. . .and welcome, with open arms. . .your magnificent future. . . .

THANK YOU’s don’t cover it.

much love



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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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