Healing is a process

my well used resting lounge’

Wondering. . . only very occasionally. . .if I sound like I’m trying to convince myself, or off with the Faeries. . . .well no. . . .I’m really experiencing it.

It hasn’t always been like this. . . .I’ve travelled to the depths. . . Hade, my constant companion for a while.   Everything had to crash, before it could be reborn.  The Magick I experience, I see, I write about. . .is real.  I could never have imagined seeing what I see. . .or feeling what I feel.  I see it as the most amazing gift.  Or a place that was accessible only after all the hard work. .. all the initiations.  Is hard work necessary. . . I don’t know. . . but I know that I’ve put in many hours, many days, many months, many years. . . .and now I’m here.  I don’t have to pinch  myself. . .’cause it’s as real as real. . . wherever I look, Love and  beauty is.

I’ve touch on my early years, in one of my posts here. . . my journey began at 3 yrs old. . .well actually earlier really, as the Virus was the result of something. . . it wasn’t accidental.  All things happen in response to something else. . .everything is connected, especially our mind and our body.  Yes, there were many years where I descended to the depths. . .not understanding what I needed to learn. . .my path hasn’t been easy.

But I stand here now. . .in such a brilliant place. . .it’s as if who I really am. . .is now manifesting.  I’ve been told before, by others, that I carry many gifts, brought over from my Ancestors. . .but I need to experience something to really believe.  I’m not cynical, although I thought I may be when I was younger. . .I’m just very cautious. . .I don’t believe things easily. . .I have to know them,  within my being.  Yes, maybe it’s the hard way. . .a lot easier to just believe. . .but that’s how I was created, so that’s how it’s been.

My ‘experiences’ began very early. . .and they continued and continued. . .wondering at times, what on earth was wrong with me.  “Why can’t I be just like others” I’d think to myself. . . well, I think the answer to this is obvious, I’m not!  We all are unique,  in our very essence. . .brilliant creations, every single one of us.  So if we don’t shine our brilliance. . .what an incredible loss. . .the whole creation process blows my mind. . .so brilliant, the most incredible brilliance used in creating all.

Now I get to be an observer. . . .and I guess things needed to happen, so that could occur. . . .yes my dear Body. . .my constant companion.  With an over-energised mental body, a weakened physical body and a Healer nature. . . there’ve been a lot of lessons. . . .let go, slow down. . . .see the magick.

So yes I’ve slowed down. . and yes I’ve let go, not without some tiny grumbles at times. . . .and what has happened has blown me away.  I now live in Magick. . .and the most Divine Creation. . . .I see Love, I smell Love. . . I feel it all around me. . . .yes Healing is Happening. . . .and Healing has happened.  So I know it can. . . .you just need to want it.


love. light, magick and healing


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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