Off to Camperdown Children’s Hospital

‘The Heart of the City’. . . .done in memory of my dearest Mum

Boy. . .haven’t even begun to type. . .but approaching this chapter has brought up many body symptoms. . belly is tight, anxiety present, so too my chest. . .now my throat is restricting.  Need to breathe deeply. . .slowly. . .one by one. . .you are safe marilyn. . .you are here and now. . .no one can hurt you. . . .anymore.  Tears are beginning to well behind my eyes, my chest so sore, my throat so raw. . . .the Body, a magnificence beyond duplication. . . .everything exist there. . .I just need the right password. . .to enter her world of past, present and future.

So gently I’ll go. . .step by step. . .what feels safe. . .what feels protected.  A lot is happening.  Who would have thought, just by beginning to write. . . it all comes alive. . . . the body communicating its memories.

Such a need for gentleness with myself. . .a life full of memories stored in my cells. . .yes, I’ve been getting help to release these gently. . . .but only I can experience my Body. . .she is the Goddess of the Sacred Chamber of my ‘gatherings’.

Yes I’ve been a Gatherer. . . collected much on my journey. . .stored it all away. . .away from my awareness. . .poked down, hidden away. . .now I don’t see it. . . .ah no, no, no. . . .it’s all still alive there.  Gentleness, gentleness, kindness and caring. . .all these needed to approach this chamber.  And as I begin to love and care, show unlimited kindness to myself. . .then surprise, surprise. . .it all floods in from others.

So gently, gently I’ll begin this second chapter. . . .my dear Mum’s high-powered vision caught something quickly.  The saddest thing about my dearest Mother, is she never really understood all her magickal powers. . . they could have helped her. . .to transform the victim. And maybe that’s why ‘they’ won’t allow me to do the same. . .mind you it’s taken some time. . .I’m now 63. . . better late than never, I always say. . .with a Capricorn Moon I’m a bit of a late bloomer.

I did all the classes in ‘Practical’ in my early years. . .must have asked to ‘experience everything for myself’. . . .ask and it will be given. . .yes it works that way. . . .did I say I’m ALL 7’s (numerologically). . .yes ALL 7’s. . .well say  no more!

So I’ve already written a lot and I haven’t begun, but it needs to be real, here and now. . .so I accept all that needs to be expressed.

Mum picked me up and off we went. . .Camperdown Children’s Hospital, yes I remember it. ( The tightness in my chest is increasing as I write. . .slowly, slowly, just do what feels good.)

Usually when I’ve recalled this story. . .I found it quite humorous. . .my dear Mother and the Doctors locking heads in a battle.  But it needs to be told here, with respect to my Body.

In fact I may need to leave it here. . .till later. . . .my Body really doesn’t want to go there just yet. . .

So Camperdown Children’s Hospital will need to wait until tomorrow

healing, love, magick and unlimited blessings

oodles of love


By marilyn

I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.


  1. Hi Marilyn,
    I just have been trying to find some historical records of Camperdown Children’s Hospital as I was there a number of times in the late 60’s and as ‘chance’ would have it, I was in the building recently to see someone and started having a panic attack. I managed to ask someone what was this building years back and she said it was Camperdown Childrens Hospital. I couldn’t believe it. So I have been on the net trying to find historical records since but without much joy.


    1. Hi Phil… apologies for delayed response 💚 Oh yes… memories of trauma bury deep. But good to know they’re there… and gently love and nurture that deeply wounded space in our body; allowing it space to be present ~ trembling and afraid.
      What were you in hospital for?

      I still don’t like going to hospitals or doctors.

      Wishing you healing and thanks for saying hi…. marilyn 💚🙏💚


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