this morning’s post. . .just went poof!!!



Well. .. it was probably something to do with me. . .getting used to a new blog space, taking frustration in my stride.

Talking of frustration. . .which is from the family of ‘anger’. . .many more reside there. . .resentment, indignant, incensed, furious, hostile, aggravated etc etc. . .

Now this is nothing like the post I wrote this morning, which went poof!  We’re heading down another lane way here.  It began late yesterday afternoon. . .on my way to town to pick up some wine, down the hill, I saw my first glimpse. . .lots of people at the Showground. . .only took a second.  .then the feelings began.  Anger came rising like a wild and raging fire.

I’m what most people would consider a ‘nice’ person. . .friendly and chatty. . .I have a degree of sensitivity that feels others pain. . .I have love in abundance for this incredible life, the beauty that surrounds me and so, so many blessings.  You could call me a ‘sensitive’ or a ‘healer’. . .  I figure these traits were definitely inherited.  I don’t often express anger, in fact I’m often considerate to the extreme. . . often considering others needs before my own. . . .this has been a long journey. . .I am learning and I am changing. . . and moving into my own power.

So this anger that exploded almost instantaneously. . .what did I see that disturbed me so significantly.  It was BIKES. . .DIRT BIKES all come to this Sacred Country. . .to tear through the bush with no awareness of the life in it. . . .just the thought makes me so angry.  I can hear them now. . .their ‘FUN’ has started. . .raging through the forest. . .like automated zombies.

And they bring their children, some as little as toddlers. . .teaching them these hideous skills. . .my god what an abomination.  Of course the ambulance is there to tend to the injuries. . .all part of the fun, I guess, my god how unconscious.

So why does it affect me so. . .well I FEEL IT. . .I FEEL what they’re doing. . .right thru my skin, it reverberates thru me, especially my heart area. . .it is actually PHYSICAL, I FEEL it intensely!  There is  no respect for anything other themselves, unaware of all the life forms they just trample over. . .they are totally unaware of all the life existing everywhere . . .how can they hear it when they’re making so much noise. It makes me so incredibly furious. HOW DARE THEY!!!  Breathe marilyn, breathe. . .

So angry I was when I returned back home, passing them again. . . I did something naughty. . .can’t tell you what it was. . .my Gypsy heritage has gifted me with  much memory.  You see, I’m a nice person who cares much to much. . .try to help, to heal. . .to touch the soul in others. . .I’m what you call a ‘Light’ person.

But there is a line. . .and boy when it’s crossed. . .I’m the granddaughter of a Gypsy. . .so they better watch out. . .when I get really angry. . .boy oh boy!

So I’m going to remove myself from their sounds and their energy. . .I’ll visit friends. . see they’ve already displaced me. . .’cause if I stay I’m likely to start throwing balls. . .of energy that is. . .and I can’t be doing that. . .can I?

So this post turned out heaps different to the first one. . . .

Someone reminded me this morning. . . . that ‘wild, witchy, wise woman assert!’. . .’we are not nice, we are warriors’, ‘we are prepared to be very, very angry’, ‘we are powerful, we are Amazons’. . .you can find  her blog here on WordPress. . .

So this weekend. .could see some more posts from a highly charged angry Amazon. . . a different face of marilyn the Healer. . .but when my family is endangered. . .watch out people. . .

There is bound to be a lot of intense energy generating at present. . .as we move toward the New Moon Pleiades Eclipse happening here on Monday. . . .hold on to your hats folks. . . big times happening.

They just raged past. . .a few hundred meters from here. . . my chest and throat are still hurting,  so restricted, it’s very, very physical. . . .ahhh the joys of being sensitive. . .but now I’ve turned into the Banshee. . .so they better watch out. . . .I’m angry, did I say that. . . very, very angry and I’m the granddaughter of a Gypsy.

lotsa luv. . . marilynxxx

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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