Flower Essences

The Magickal World of the Flower Essences

The beginnings of the Flower Essences were said to be in Lemuria… the ‘hypothetical’ civilization preceding Atlantis.

The Lemurians were described as a highly evolved and very spiritual people.  Their lives strongly connected to plants and flowers, their connections instant and telepathic. 

Flower Essences are also reputed to have been used by the Australian Aborigines as long ago as 40,000 years… also the Ancient Egyptians and the Minoans from Crete. 

The earliest written record of the use of Flower Essences was in the 16th century, by the healer and mystic Paracelsus, who collected dew from the flowers to heal emotional disharmony. The more current, familiar connection with the Flower Essences is Edward Bach who created the Bach Flower Essences in the 1930’s.

Everything has a vibrational frequency, and water is capable of retaining memory. This allows vibrational essences to be created.  The frequency of a flower or object becomes imprinted in the water surrounding it… and with the contribution of our powerful Sun’s rays, potent transformational alchemy is achieved.

Every Essence created is unique… as it contains the vibrational energy of the person making it, the environment in which it’s created and the area where the plant was grown.  Also the energy of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars… no two moments in time are the same, each unique and special.

An essence is created in collaboration, co-creation… with the nature spirit of the plant and the Healing Deva. They impart their knowledge of the essence being created.  A type of channeling takes place, where often the person taking part in this co-creation receives messages, memories and pictures… connected to the healing message of the particular essence.  It’s a special privilege to be a part of these ‘creations’… the messages often clear and definite.

As most will be aware, we live in heightened times of immense transformation and change.  The Flower Essences are needed now like never before. They help us in so many ways, they help balance our internal energy… using the meridians of the body to travel to where they’re needed.  They’re gentle and flexible… yet so profoundly healing.

My journey with the Flower Essences began in 2001 and was a completely unexpected experience,  it happened so suddenly.   Responding to a need to help a friend… the wisdom and magick of the Devic world was opened to me.  And over the years… I’ve watched again and again, how they magickally transform in such a gentle, gentle way.  The ‘changes’ often visible to the eye.

The Flower Essences work primarily on the emotional and mental ‘fields’… but as the entire body is connected… every part is affected.

The Deva-line Family of Flower and Gem Essences continues to grow… as and when the time feels right.

If you are interested in purchasing Deva-line Flower Essences… you can contact me on manymagickmoments@gmail.com

magick, love and healing

Marilyn 🧡🧖‍♀️🧡

2 thoughts on “Flower Essences”

  1. I do like to be your member in your Organization please advice me what to do to be come member. Any Fee’s l will be wait to hear from you soonest my Best RgdsJohn.


    1. John… apologies for such a lengthy reply. There is no need to ‘join’ anything formally… but maybe just follow this blog. I’ll be more constant.

      What is it you wanted to know? What is your particular interest in Flower Essences. I will help you if I can.

      All the best in these challenging times…. Marilyn😊


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