Living in Dreamtime. . .

  Living in Dreamtime. . .what does that mean?  Well, I thought. . . it’s Aboriginal knowledge. . . their connection to the Land.  But it’s real, it exists. . .and being here, I’ve got to know it. . . It creeps further and further. . .into my living. Everything has its own vibration. . .its own… Continue reading Living in Dreamtime. . .

Healing is a process

‘my well used resting lounge’ Wondering. . . only very occasionally. . .if I sound like I’m trying to convince myself, or off with the Faeries. . . .well no. . . .I’m really experiencing it. It hasn’t always been like this. . . .I’ve travelled to the depths. . . Hade, my constant companion for… Continue reading Healing is a process

I love life

‘arriving home’ I love life I love living I love all that surrounds me I love this incredible Earth her blessings indescribable I adore my gifts I adore my blessings I relish my breath it just keeps on coming I know it will end that was the deal so I celebrate this life whilst I… Continue reading I love life

giving and receiving

                      ‘Nature always giving’ Just started thinking about ‘giving’. . . .what is giving?  What do I give and what is worth receiving?  I was given Life, I was given parents, I was given a home, I was given an education.  I was given encouragement, I was given hope, I was given support, I was… Continue reading giving and receiving

dropping me off

 ‘ sunrise on a cold Autumn morning’   The 50’s were. . .as they were; coming out the other side of a world war and a depression. . .creating a new frontier.  The media portrayed the ‘Perfect’ scene, all was well on the home front.  The ‘Stepford Wives’ comes to mind. . .but in reality it… Continue reading dropping me off

My awesome Mum

‘my beautiful Mum’ We didn’t have a car. . .it was 1951. . .so public transport was how we got around.  We were living in Ultimo. . Harris St, there was a small Men’s Barber shop at the front with a residence behind.  We. . me, Mum & Dad were living with relatives and it… Continue reading My awesome Mum

My body and me

‘My Body and Me’ was going to be the  name of my first book. . .. still may be, wait and see.  The journey with my Body has been long and learning. . .she’s taken me places, I would not voluntarily have offered.  I love her, I do, she’s just been a hard task master. . . ‘learning… Continue reading My body and me