Welcome 🧡🌷🧡

Taking time and space… to play, create and explore.

Lot’s happening in our world… we navigate as we can.

Adventure, Exploration, Evolution, the ‘Big Picture’, the Galactic Space around us. Passion and Desire, Trauma, Healing. Growing into our Greatness. Finding our Self. Connecting to Earth. Making peace with the ‘past’. Freedom to be Our most im/Perfect Self.

Being a Human Being… being in Love with Life.

‘Growth’… discovery, adventure and learning… have taken my hand and carved my path.

Still on the path.

Until my last breath.

I explore life, love, passion, purpose… freedom, adventure, the erotic and the hidden.

Are we game to lift the lid on Pandora’s box?

It’s a MASSIVE time of CHANGE…

It’s time for doing things differently.

Love to you…🧡🧡