Sex Love & Relationship Coaching

Sacred Mahalia

Did you know that ‘Sex Magick’ is a thing?

Has the colour faded? Black and white can be super cool… sophisticated and stylish. But nothing can replace those burning passionate reds… reminding you there’s a hungry flame inside you… longing to be ignited.

‘Erotic Intelligence’ ~ ‘Esther (Perel) says that it’s not the other person who turns you on or off. You turn yourself on by making sure you are connected to what lights you up’.

Erotic ~ is feeling alive, present, vital, conscious and thriving. (Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll find… lascivious, lecherous, prurient, venereal, filthy, fervid… amongst others🤨🧐)

Time for an update… 😇😇

The same exquisite lusciousness… fertility and extravagance. Sensual captivation… luscious loving, soul quenching belonging. Inviting into unexplored potentials. Holding secrets still to be discovered.

Mother Nature and our very being are one. We merge… connected in our erotic wildness… our untamed spirits. Worlds upon worlds she invites us into. 🧡🧡