I’m at a door, I’m trembling. I know it’s big… it’s been coming. It is my destiny.

Of course we have a choice ~ always. Or so it seems… yes, we do. If we choose to resist the flow (the avalanche at times), we will need to accept the consequences. Our body will soon object. If you listen carefully you will feel the gently tremors and shifts… deep in your cellular world.

Body responds immediately… but distracted as we’ve become, we decide not to notice till it is screaming. We’ve grown ~ as a species, to become extraordinarily disconnected from the internal workings of our self.

Yes, the door ~ it’s scary. I know all has lead me to here. I see the patterns ~ forming now; all the amazing experiences that have guided me… and opened me. Yes, really there are no chance encounters.

There’s a flow ~ that is everything. So vast, so complete… our tiny mental machinations struggle to grasp. Life is Love ~ Life is one ~ Life is purposeful, Life is giving, Life is leading us to our fulfilment.

The breeze chills my spine, I shiver and shake; my feet cold on the concrete step… even covered with a prickly grass mat. Why am I afraid? I know through this door my life will change, in a major way. But it’s what I’ve walked toward ~ dreamed, planned, imagined, explored… knew. Yes we know from the start.

It all comes down to ‘value’… taking the big step; gigantic, cavernous… it seems. Such a deep, deep hole to jump across. But if I don’t cross over, I’ll never get out of the loop; of dreaming, planning… and never doing.

This dream, this plan is BIG. Why do we fear our power? Our most powerful self stepping across… into the world that was always planned for you; from the very beginning of time.


Time to shift…


Can you feel it?  Stirring, demanding, uncovering secret doorways… bringing to a head, lots coming up for release.  This eclipse season is certainly in flow.

I move from surfacing old trauma… locked in my cells for eons;  to standing sure, erect and knowing… I belong to no-one.  My Sacred Self is who I adore.

We’re not this or that… but a unique blend of it all.  We’re strong and weak, powerful and vulnerable… we know, we doubt, we honour and we forget.

It’s a super time for claiming who we are.

It’s taken time, and work… sweat from our brow; sorrow leaking from our cells, anguish in our brains, our hearts crying to be heard.  We’ve known love and despair, kindness and abuse.  We know who we are… we never give our sacred self away.

It’s a time for standing tall, all you’ve gathered all you’ve learnt… on this long journey of yours.  Honour what you know… live your life from your sacred centre.

Those who honour will overcome their fear… we all work to our own sacred rhythm.

Time no more for deceit, especially from  yourself.  Life is calling to arise… it’s time, it’s time to be your most amazing self.  And share her with the world.

Mars and Pluto

sunrise yelgun 5th July.jpg

Yesterday was a struggle ~ the second day of Mars in opposition to Pluto… a majorly dynamic joining.

First day was spent at ‘home’ amongst the trees; and the distant freeway rush.  Everyone (well, lots) is in a hurry… we’re addicted to speed.  God knows why, when we know what awaits us at the end of the road.

I luv the stillness ~ that kind that has many doors; one opening after the next… welcoming you into Sacred Space.  It’s impossible to describe, you just need to feel it.  So many secrets ~ so much wisdom, in those sacred chambers of beingness.

Freeways get larger and longer ~ more concrete poured.   Cars blow poisons into our environment.   Body’s tangled in chords of impatience.  Jobs to be done, places to go ~ deadlines to meet;  as I sit amongst the trees, discovering new doorways.

There’s a lost part of marilyn knocking loudly… wanting presence and a seat at the table.  Her presence is palpable… been so long living without her.

Empathic and a ‘Healer’ type my fields are open… ever ready to help, cheer or heal; it’s often unconscious.  My chatty, light and warmth long to connect ~ but it’s the other part… the strong and straight, decisive, firm and self protecting one; been washed away, flooded by grief.  Trauma twists and turns ~ but the foundation’s always there.

Why it take the time it does we may never know.  Cards, star charts and psychics peek into the mists searching for clues.  Right here, right now the miracle breathes.

‘Today there’ll be evidence of how much I’m loved all around me’ I said out loud; it was my vibrational alignment focus for this morning… and gee did it stir some deep emotions, and a well of tears.

Sitting ~ legs outstretched on my comfy bed; back supported by soft white cushions.  Chai in hand; beside me Sun’s just risen over the ocean… a spectacular view through the long glass doors.

My body’s exhausted ~ yesterday was simply too much for my sensitive nervous system.  A resting day today.


A new day

sunrise yelgun 2

A new day dawns ~ a fresh opportunity.  Dazzled and blessed by Venus on awakening;  sitting just above the Pleiades.

The energy is strong (‘when isn’t it’ you might exclaim) during this mid-year crossing.  Currently warrior Mars ~ imbued with passion and desire to act, is moving closer to his exact confrontation with Pluto.  I’ve always felt the build up is the strongest energy… that two degree approach.

As always we have choice; these choices clarify where we stand.  Mars confronting Pluto can be majorly plutonic… sparks and explosions igniting simultaneously.

Or it can grant you the boon of rebirth… a deep and lasting transformation.  We have choice… even if at times it may not appear that way.  We cannot escape the law… what we vibrate, we attract to us… like metal filings to a magnet.

My gut/digestion is speaking loudly… been rumbling there for last few weeks; then last week ~ unleashed its full displeasure.  Some focused attention needed.  I’ve become familiar with my body during my time on Earth.  As Virgo Sun… body is intricately connected to everything.  My fields are super sensitive, requiring a gentle approach.  I turn to what  I know, I listen and strive to understand.  ‘What’s the disharmony… what’s ill at ease?’  Well ~ seven moves in five months, since leaving my sacred space is a start.  Then the twists and turns, ancient  memories and emotions still stored in my body.  We need to heal to be our self.

Healing has been a major focus of mine for a long time.  Introduced to the world of sickness, death and disease; and the modern medical system, at the tender age of three.  I’ve observed a lot… taken in many impressions.

I’ve trusted my sight and sort my own way.

This year will be 66 years since my little life changed; a magick number ~ a Master Number. Speaks to me of love, family, nurturing and creativity.  That new chapter I saw and heard approaching; two years prior to leaving Mahalia.  I saw the beauty, the sacred space that awaited me.  I also felt the fear and shock, the terror of leaving this place I was so deeply connected to.  My sacred home of such incredible beauty… a place that took me in and held me close; nurtured me in an unimaginable way.  There’s so much we don’t see with our eyes.

I trusted the message ~ I heeded the call… I needed to be prepared to leave Mahalia.  Was I that brave… was I that courageous?

The move was tough… almost claimed me.  It took my body to the edge… it’s a journey I’ve not taken before.  But I trusted the message ~ my  most important chapter was approaching.  I needed to let go… and follow the voice.

So the 7th move ~ back amongst the trees; my body needs rest and nurturing… especially amid these deeply stirring energies.  Something wants to be released ~once and for all.  Let go, let go… what does it teach us, this letting go thing?

The sky is light, soon Sun will rise… another day to celebrate.

Through the fog of uncertainty and grief

Sacred Lake at Lennox Heads

A special treat ~ watching the Sun rise out of the ocean.  One of my most special delights… witnessing the birth of another day, through the deep waters of captivating Neptune.

I know what I want… and it moves toward me.   We will meet soon… till then each day an opportunity for celebration.  Life is generous beyond comparison.  Life offers joy within every moment.

Love ~ the most powerful healer… cutting through all the congestion, blocked flow and building tension.  Releasing the hormones needed for optimum health and well-being.

Love brings Life… renewal and growth.  Love eases all pain, sorrows and grief.  Love knows no bounds… is held prisoner by none.  It’s free to move wherever it desires.

It’s bound by no thought, concept or idea.  It exists alone… shining its grace.  It woos, it calls… moves closer to entice.  It knows your longing; let loose those fingers ~ gripping for life, on that old cold memory.

Bravery assured… courage in loads.  Beauty overflows… nothing left untouched.  We dance and sing… we honour and revere.  We’re slaves to Love… it is our human quest.

When we’re ready she alights on our head… her radiance glows, blinds us at first.  Then that feeling ~ so soft, so warm, so thorough and penetrating… fills every cavity.

Our body rejoices… ahhh she’s finally arrived.  Our path has been long… through many experiences; we almost lost hope.  But that little voice always there… just another step, then another; see it’s easy.

We fill our lungs with air… then a slow and conscious release.  A smile moves our lips, our eyes glitter with hope.  We lift one leg… ground soft and supportive under our foot.  Other leg rises… again support meets us.  We’re on the right path… we just need to keep moving.  Never lose hope, trust or knowing.


Dreaming awake


You can only ever do your own thing….

Second day of June ~ mid-month time of the year.  How we going with our plans… where have we come on the road we’ve chosen?

Some surprises I’m sure ~ many twists and turns.  The road is never straight… letting you see ahead for miles.  That’d be making it easy… where’s the fun and surprises.  Yes, the mystery.  Yeah I know keeps you awake some nights… or plays havoc with your digestion.

Which brings me to the body.  My body, your body… how it’s feeling, what’s it saying?  Do we listen to its invaluable direction?  Or do we decide we know best… trust the rampaging thoughts that scream across our screen.  Immerse ourselves in trivialities… as the clock ticks on, eating up our time.

What does it take to come to?  A good shake, a strong dose of caffeine?  Nah… often its a mighty shock, that tumbles our foundations; gate crashing our revelry.  For a moment we remember where we are and what we’re doing.  If we’re lucky we listen and hear… ‘change your ways… NOW’ she roars.

Her voice raggedy and hoarse from the constant shouting.  She has your attention for just a second.  Eye to eye you stand.  Later you awaken… stretching your arms over your head.  A big gulping yawn… eyes pry open, it’s still dark but lights not far.

You remember the dream… it seemed so real.  Like it really happened.  You scramble to remember all she said… it was a she, who was it?  You grab a pen, you scribble down all you remember.

It’s more than the words… there’s something you feel.  A freshness… something is different.  The voice now a memory, but you still feel its resonance.  There’s something important you need to remember… something you need to do.

‘Stay on the track…’ words linger.  Trust is all you need; and of course complete adoration of yourself.  Bits coming back… it was something about Love.  You remember falling asleep, her arms around you… held so close.

Love changes all, the path twists and turns… your destination hidden.  You know inside you.  It’s clear, that pure light that guides you forward.  All around, many are there…  you see them, you know them; they come when you call them.

So much a mystery and yet it’s simple.  Love is all there is… and Life holds you to her tightly.  You’re loved more than you’ll ever understand… it’s divine, it sacred, it’s what’s at the core of everything.  Every single thing in this vast universe.

Yes in body for a short time… make it count, do what needs to be done.


Autumn Equinox… last day of Pisces


The creeks are running wild… creating pathways through the garden; the water rushing down the steep hill… a waterfall in full wondrous flow.  What a wonderful healing sound.

So perfect for this last day of Pisces… the completion of our journey through the Zodiac; one door closing, another preparing to open.

Pisces ~ the depths, the deep dark of the ocean.  Waters running deep… to those deep dark caverns where life first emerged.  Pisces heals… when he’s found his way.  When he knows who he is and where he stands.  Can be tricky getting that stable footing… when your foundation keeps rocking with the tides.  But maybe it’s merging into that rhythm… becoming one with its cleansing fluidity… feeling its soft gentle touch and its powerful force.

Clearing our vision, trusting to open our eyes; at first yes it feels strange… it’s a different world down here.  Keep looking and trusting… and then wow, the magick unfolds.  Worlds upon worlds hidden from view… there is no end, and no beginning.  Magickal forms ~ movement free and wild… world of wonder, beings of light.

Feel it, feel it… let your feeling guide you; they know, they lure… follow, just follow.  We take a few steps and then we falter… that chatterbox in our head starts up again, stalling us in our tracks.  He has no power down here ~ although he adamantly persists, he gets swept up in the current… his objections dissolved; aghast and panicked his body now gone.  This voice from the deep echo’s through the dark… “let go, let go… flow with the rhythm.  You know this world… it was once yours long ago.”

Stop, still ~ go deeper and deeper… let the voice guide you, float free and surrender.  The raging current pouring down the steep slope… covered in trees giant in size.  Nothing can resist the power of water.

Pisces says goodbye… and hopes you treasure the many gifts he’s offered.  He’s taken you deep and showed you your healing.  He’s uncovered secrets and washed away the debris.  He’s invited you into his magickal kingdom;  he’s clear, very clear… on his most significant purpose ~ to wash away all doubt and make it possible to let go.  To really let go… and completely surrender.

Pisces mystery may never be fully understood by our mechanical thinking… that’s why he encourages to let it go, let it go… feel, feel, feel what is.  You are so much more than you’ve dared to believe.

And ~ if our emotions and thoughts create form… why don’t we heal our oceans?