Full Moon in Aries


Everything is a part of something bigger; only specks, we are ~ amid the zillions of life forms in this mighty family of galaxies.

Looking at the Full Moon chart ~ ‘Balance’ is my first impression.

Sagittarius crowns the chart (set for Lindesay Creek Nth NSW… but similar for most places in Oz).  Growth, abundance and new explorations into unexplored territory is highlighted.  Zeus ~ King of the Gods bestows his blessings from a place high in the heavens.  His golden glow infuses our atmosphere, his jovial mirth reminds us we’re alive… and have so much to be joyful about.

Where I sit, birds sing with delight; the buzz of bees… so many in the garden this Spring.  All else is silent ~ but for the rejoicing of life around me.  Butcher bird ~ with his highly skilled vocal range, adds harmony to the many tweets and trills.  A cool chilly morning began the day.  Perfection ~ for Life… so easy to achieve

Pisces sits on the Ascendant… the entrance to this Full Moon message; colouring the way new adventures are made.  Neptune (ruler of Pisces) creates an opening… to the worlds most often hidden from our view.  The veil is thin ~ and welcomes; but it takes trust, honour and respect… to enter the many mysterious worlds upon worlds… of sacred beauty.

So much has been given.

Chiron ~ the Centaur, dedicated his life to healing, but carried a wound he was unable to heal within himself; he learnt much about the mysteries of sickness and disease.  The wound that digs deep… is the doorway to a cavern of answers.  Nothing happens without a reason.

At the base of the chart… Gemini sits and ponders; she reminds us that we know, we understand… we have all the knowledge we need.  Trust, explore… open the door, a time of great learning is presented.

Virgo reveals in the face of the ‘other’; fortuitous events orchestrate these meetings. Listen carefully ~ messages you seek will come disguised within the form and voice of the ‘other’… be alert and awake.

Understand when you ask, you receive.

The journey of ‘Woman’ has been rigorous and lengthy… a long chapter of misogyny, begun thousands of years ago.  A road we’ve needed (???) to walk, to understand, to become aware.  Lilith ~ the symbol of the enraged and wounded Woman…  holds great power, she is the seed of Original Woman.  Her presence has been active these last few years.  She comes to wake us up… ‘ENOUGH’ she  roars; she guides us to our real, true power.  There can only be balance when she’s acknowledged.  Male and female ~ Yin and Yang, only together do they complete the circle of life.  Both are needed for life to continue.

The ‘Part of Fortune’ sits with Dark Moon Lilith… our relationships hold the key to our expanded sense of self.  With Jupiter bestowing his magick in this house of ‘the other’… relationships of all kinds are highlighted, especially with the Sun in Libra.  We form a relationship with everything in our life… ‘relationship’ affects  everything we do.

Balance… the message of balance, is big with this Full Moon in Aries.

Mars ruled Aries wants action, wants to manifest his desires; sitting with Pluto ~ Lord of the Underworld, transformation fuels our motivations.  Life transformations are in process.  When we complete the Circle of Life, set it alight.. miracles occur, just you wait and see.  When the circle is complete ~ Alchemy ignites.

Sun ~ the polar face of this Full Moon, in harmony and relationship focused Libra… seeks deep transformational experiences and psychic downloads; sitting in the 8th house of this Full Moon chart (Scorpio’s house).  Sun lights the path of deep unity and true intimacy, merging with all that is.  He longs to unite in the deepest way with his significant other.  A joining blessed by the Gods.

Moon sits with Uranus, Eris, Selene and Ceres.  Lunar Goddess energy is strong; with Uranus activating this powerful Goddess joining.  Uranus brings to light, often in a sudden and startling manner… he splits open with his electrically charged waves; he shocks us out of our stupor; he helps us break free and revolutionize our lives.  Eris, who’s been travelling with Uranus for a while ~ adds her special Goddess ‘disturbance’ energy.  They’re trying to wake us up… we’re a sleepy lot.

Selene sits to the right of the Moon, with Ceres ~ the Great Earth Mother.  Selene ~ the White Moon, shines her light of purity.  As part of the triple Goddesses of the Moon, Selene represents the Full Moon ~ the Mother Goddess… who brings forth new life.  Selene is the fruitful Mother and passionate Lover.  Ceres wisdom is held in the cycles… the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.  We hold no power over natural laws… we surrender or pay the price.

This is a highly awakening Full Moon… much will arrive to get our attention.  Transform, balance, acknowledge the wisdom you already hold within you.  Be alert to who crosses your path…  they bring a message, one you need to hear; it will help you on your path to expansion and enlightenment.  Life comes to assist… kindness flows.  A BIG thank you to all our Galactic friends.

Added to the bounty of this significantly activating Full Moon in Aries… is a Grand Water Trine ~ bestowing great opportunity and reward, if activated. Venus and Juno ~ Chiron and Cassandra ~ Sun/Moon midpoint and Vesta…. create this fortuitous triangulation of Water energy.  Venus’s love and harmonious relationship skills joins with Juno’s great respect as Queen of the Heavens… she understands the essence of personal power.  Chiron the great Healer and Teacher joins with Cassandra’s Feminine Mysteries of divination and psychic prediction.  And Sun/Moon midpoint ~ the internal marriage of our inner and outer world, the central core of our self, joins with Vesta ~ the Keeper of the Sacred Flame.

Happy Full Moon… and may your transformations be gentle and full of Love.

The Dark of the Moon ~ in Venus ruled Taurus


The seeds of the New Moon buried deep in our inner soil . . . a Mutable Grand Cross challenging our way forward.  Will we continue with weights unbearable . . . or do we set ourselves free, choosing to emerge.

Deep warps of flesh calling, pleading to be released.  Carried so long, they’ve become a part of our structure . . . so much we accept, in the name of ‘that’s how it is’.

Who are we . . . in our deepest chambers?  Are we game to come out ~ reveal ourselves publicly?  Or do we remain hidden, limping with the load . . . body screaming, its message needing to be heard.

Love is the core, in our worlds it was rare . . . we arrived, so small, so trusting . . . we grew.  Our body twisted, to avoid the blows . . . we sunk into ourselves, pleaded to forget.

A time of healing, not known before . . . do we have the courage to raise our hand.  To not accept what you know is false, no more excuses . . . you feel what is.

Big, deep breaths . . . allow the untangling, yes you feel its presence in your body.  Deep down only we can go, unlocking those ancient doors, with locks of steel . . .  wood a metre thick; old ancient trees.  These torrid scars began before you.  But you accepted the challenge . . . you knew  you could do it.  You have a big role . . . to clear the path . . . for others to follow.

Healing is not a luxury . . . it needs to occur, we need to be intact ~ complete  . . . so we can fulfil our mission and continue to thrive.

Our body demands . . . it’s time to let go.  A whole new world is birthing and  you play a part.

❤ ❤ ❤



June’s a big month



Posted from my Deva-line Flower Essence page on fb ❤

Big energy time at present . . . with this last trip thru Hades . . . retrograde Mars back into Scorpio. Strong Goddess energy thou . . . deep sea healing  Be extra kind to yourself

Black Moon Lilith and Goddess Juno (Matriarch of the Heavens) sit snug at the very beginning of Scorpio. June is a big Scorpio time. Dark Moon Lilith (2nd Moon to Earth) also snug with Psyche (our soul search for completeness); both in Cancer ~ the nurturing Mother.

Our Moon in Pisces with ruler Neptune . . . veils lift and reveal what is hidden. The midpoint of Venus and Mars (how we relate) sits with Astraea (the Goddess of Justice) ~ the last Goddess to leave the Earth . . . then becoming the constellation of Virgo.

Athene ~ Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy, as well as Healing and the Arts . . . sit with Eros ~ the passion that transforms. Saturn opposes Mercury . . . need to get serious.

And our glorious Sun sits with Venus and Vesta (Goddess of the Sacred Flame ~ totally committed to her role). Big energies about ❤

 Azalea Cerise (Deva-line Flower Essences) … a very potent remedy the Divine Feminine energy of Love, come to sooth my soul. Divine and Royal Queen of the Night, full of beauty… she comes to heal my heart. She gives me a glimpse of where I’ve travelled; she encourages me to have compassion for myself . . . to allow the healing. At my lowest point, the help is there . . . surrendering control, accepting the assistance. Azalea Cerise reveals the magick behind living ~ I am never alone. I will always be guided to that which is best for me… the love for me is eternal.

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A great time to be extra, extra nurturing to ourselves.  Surround ourselves with Love ❤

lotsa Luv from me ❤ ❤ ❤

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a year of surprises . . .


Can you feel those muscles forming?  Fresh new-life tissue coming together, moisture filled, new flexibility.  Dear one ~ we stand and cheer.  Yes, the road has been long, but valuable lessons that needed to be learnt.  You stand in a time, that many have prophesied.  The ‘Darkest Age’ said by some . . . where moral and mental capacities fall to their lowest ebb.

Ahhh . . . but the opportunities.  Growth that’s never been offered with such magnanimous kindness.  A time of rebirth, finding oneself . . . those new muscles, you can feel them building just below your skin.  You stand straighter somehow, head erect, shoulders back, in rhythm with your breath.  The fog has cleared from your upper chambers, new revelations happening daily.

Oh how fortunate we are . . . to be here, here and now.  I know it hasn’t been easy at times, trial by fire . . . so much to clear out.  But a new world has birthed . . . I witnessed it.  Towards the end of 2012.  The change is happening, we mustn’t allow our self to be distracted by the absence.  No need to point out ~its evidence is clear.

Can you feel those muscles, the new-life tissue coming together? Moisture filled, new flexibility . . . forming balls of strength ~ so close to the surface.  Head space clear, eyes can see, legs are strong . . . you are more than capable . . .  you’ve been born for this.

Always, always . . . our focus so important.  Each day a new opportunity to be who we were born to be . . . at the very core.  We really do have so much to be grateful for.

Lotsa luv . . .  marilyn ❤ ❤ ❤

after scrolling the ‘news’ on FB . . .


It’s the patriarchy (alive and well in NSW) flexing its muscles ~ attempting to intimidate . . . ‘we still rule’.  Well ~ I have news for you boys ~ it’s over, you hear . . . your run has come to an end.

Intimidation and fear ~ their weapons of choice.  Bullies they are ~ power and control their intent.  Been thousands of years ~ it has ~ and we’re just bloody weary.  Sick to death of their monotonous attempts to control and influence.

For god’s sake guys ~ give it up!  It’s over ~ can you hear the words . . . finish, caput ~ end of the road.  Jeez you’ve had a good run ~ 6,000 bloody years.  Well thanks to the gods and goddesses it’s the end of your rule.

We’ve suffered enough under your dogmatic agenda ~ power and control your fetish and addiction.  Well, I’ve got news for you ~ a New World has birthed; and yes the Divine Feminine arrived a while back.

Give up, surrender ~ or just make fools of yourself.  Your reign has finished . . . . hallelujah!

lotsa luv ❤ ❤ ❤

(the New World needs our focus . . . )




the fog clears . . .


‘What would happen if you understood that you were in exactly the right place, right now?’ Stacey Demarco

Feeling lighter this a.m. ~ yesterday was one for the record books.  What it means, that it was the beginning of my new Lunar Cycle . . . I’m sure will unfold.  Already seeing the gift.

Intensity on a scale ~ over the limit, in the red ~ ‘that’ feeling underneath is most familiar; that horrid feeling ~ like thick, gooey treacle; but not as nice to eat and good for you.  That bit under ~ so familiar.  Been there a long time ~ this horrid sense of dread ~ fear, anxiety and panic; all in increments of revelation and exposure.

I know its inside me ~ have employed various tactics and tools to make it go away.  Seemed way too overpowering to just stop and look.  Ran for the hills ~ deadened my brain . . . took whatever escape route was nearest.  Feeling like I just didn’t have the strength to face it.

Noticing little things ~ sometimes bigger ones ~ like that intersection, where this dark gooey substance surfaces; noticing (gleefully) how my response has changed. I don’t submerge myself into its grip.

Step by step I grow ~ my courage swells.

I know I need all of myself ~ to embark on this journey of a lifetime . . . presented by this wonderful year.

There can be no holes ~ no vacuums ~ no black gooey substance, oozing in hidden corners.  I need to be me ~ unadorned with any residue of previous traumatic events.  The holes they dig are deep ~ carefully hidden from view.  But you feel them, don’t you?  Those times ~ when they rise and overtake ~ left in the swirl of that dark, gooey mess.

So much growth has occurred ~ especially since 2012.  Last bits happening now . . . well, yes fine-tuning always ~ whilst we breathe.

Do I have the courage to face the monster?  I know he won’t be as scary in the light of day.  It’s just that ways of coping/managing have turned themselves into solid habits.  Well Saturn is now in Sagittarius . . . let fly ~ release into Truth.

As I opened my computer to type ~ this message arrived . . .

‘It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly’. Isaac Asimov 1920-1992 Author.

As my dear Dad always said ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence’.

Release ~ Release ~ Release . . . we are built from Love and Strength.

lotsa luv from me ❤ ❤ ❤

(ps . . . Pallas Athene ~ ‘the Wisdom of the Warrior’ has been sitting with our Sun, Moon and Mercury  . . .  can’t you feel her presence?  Moon now moved into radical Aquarius ~ moving toward a meeting with Cassandra ~ ‘The Prophetic Soul’, the Medial Woman.  There’s lots of help about . . . .)

big New Moon


Sun setting on Nothofagus

Wow ~ it’s some New Moon ~ goodness. This A.M. I wrote in my pink covered journal ~ ‘feeling so heavy, depressed today.  New Moon and my new lunar cycle ~ my Lunar Return’.  It’s certainly been big ~ god.  I asked if it was inside me ~ said yes.  Sometimes it’s not ~ it’s the collective energy.  I feel them both; I’m a feeler.  It’s been my path and has  brought me to here and now.  I’m grateful.

But heh girls ~ we’re warriors ~ did the warrior pose in Yoga today (yum), with affirmation ‘I am capable’.  I’m just LUVin this Yoga Camp ~ Yoga with Adriene ~ fantastic; soooooo transformational.

Amid and amongst all this highly charged rebirth energy ~ Pluto sitting with our Sun and Moon ~ today is the New Moon ~ first for 2016 … thus contributing its energy.  A big year.

Ground, stabilize, strengthen; love yourself unconditionally ~ accept ~ be strong. This is your time.

We are all connected ~ and for us girls it’s been a very long Patriarchy. Sacred Feminine only arrived two years ago.  Last year gave us the sight, and gift of manifestation.  This year we get to use it.

So this cleansing ~ geez ~ the waters are deep.  It’s a huge passage ~ clearing the deepest, most hidden, unconscious parts of our body and psyche.

Pluto ~ with the Light and Love of our sacred Sun and Moon ~ is pouring down a rebirth rain. We need to be as gentle, caring and loving to our sacred self as we possibly can.  Deep stuff is coming up.  This is not just us; this is the Big Cleansing ~ the birthing of a New Age.

Big New Moon ~ be tender with yourself ~ allow yourself time to process the purging.  Flower Essences are great (remind myself) ~ they’re so nurturing.

Take time for yourself.


lotsa luv from me  ❤ ❤ ❤