I can FEEL life all around me. . .what an exquisite feeling

a glorious misty morning

Dreamy morning

feeling snugly and protected

glimpses of Adelaide

is that where I’m headed

It’s been quite a journey

up here in Sacred Country

everything exposed

no space for hiding

living amongst

such extraordinary beauty

Nature’s Magick

is real and present

there are many layers

they go deep below the surface

so many sounds

so many memories

the silence is full

so very full of life

listen and you will hear

such heavenly music

there’s plenty of room

to feel myself

where I begin

where I end

but I seem to merge

into all that is

there is no separation

between me and all

life dances joyfully

exuberant  in its fortune

an existence created

to honour all life forms

such exquisite gifts

my head bows with gratitude

the Creator of All

is all around me

lotsa luv


‘Blessings’. . .need to remember these constantly



So easy to forget. . .the blessings constantly showering down upon me; get caught up, with the physical limitations in my Earthly life  . . .which my eyes see, so clearly.

But if I stop for a moment, take a deep breath. . .I begin to feel my body

strange that I can move around without that awareness. . . .but I do, and often.

My body is my vehicle here. . .I couldn’t be here without it. . . .but a lot of the time I live in my head space. .. . ohhh she thinks she’s really clever.

The body’s a lot more silent. . .except when it wants my attention. . .then she’ll pull every trick in the book. .. to get my undivided focus.  But most of the time she just does her thing. . .keeping me alive. . .god, if I really understood what she does for me. . .I’d pranam to her every morning.

But no, I mostly take her for granted. . .until she puts on the brakes. . . .scre.e.e.e.e.ch down with the foot and a strong hand on the handbrake . . ..”You’re not listening . . .” she says in a much louder voice than normal.

You see she has to raise her voice at times, ’cause ‘upstairs’ has the sound on a thousand decibels. . .it drowns out every sound in miles. . .now her throat is hoarse and aching.

She’s my best friend. . .you know, My Body. . . .she’s been with me since the beginning. . .even before I popped out. . .she was there keeping everything going.

So I’m learning to honour and cherish my body. . .it’s been a long and arduous journey. . .I cut off from it at a very early age. . .the trauma was unbearable.

But I’m no longer there. . .I live in now. . . there’s been a need for much reprogramming. . .but with the help of myself and some wonderful people. . .it is, I can say, actually happening.

So now, more that before, I check in with what I’m feeling and where in my body I feel it. . .gives  me a lot of information and instruction for what is needed.

The body is the Master Creation. . .created to house the Divine. . . .no wonder it was made with such exquisite materials. . .there’s nothing on Earth. . .that even comes close to it.

So today I honour my body. . .I listen to her gentle voice. . . I follow where she leads me. . . .she never leads me astray.

Have a perfect Sunday all you beautiful Body’s, housing Divine Souls. . . .celebrate and honour her. . .TODAY IS HER DAY!

lotsa luv. . . . marilynxxx

this morning’s post. . .just went poof!!!



Well. .. it was probably something to do with me. . .getting used to a new blog space, taking frustration in my stride.

Talking of frustration. . .which is from the family of ‘anger’. . .many more reside there. . .resentment, indignant, incensed, furious, hostile, aggravated etc etc. . .

Now this is nothing like the post I wrote this morning, which went poof!  We’re heading down another lane way here.  It began late yesterday afternoon. . .on my way to town to pick up some wine, down the hill, I saw my first glimpse. . .lots of people at the Showground. . .only took a second.  .then the feelings began.  Anger came rising like a wild and raging fire.

I’m what most people would consider a ‘nice’ person. . .friendly and chatty. . .I have a degree of sensitivity that feels others pain. . .I have love in abundance for this incredible life, the beauty that surrounds me and so, so many blessings.  You could call me a ‘sensitive’ or a ‘healer’. . .  I figure these traits were definitely inherited.  I don’t often express anger, in fact I’m often considerate to the extreme. . . often considering others needs before my own. . . .this has been a long journey. . .I am learning and I am changing. . . and moving into my own power.

So this anger that exploded almost instantaneously. . .what did I see that disturbed me so significantly.  It was BIKES. . .DIRT BIKES all come to this Sacred Country. . .to tear through the bush with no awareness of the life in it. . . .just the thought makes me so angry.  I can hear them now. . .their ‘FUN’ has started. . .raging through the forest. . .like automated zombies.

And they bring their children, some as little as toddlers. . .teaching them these hideous skills. . .my god what an abomination.  Of course the ambulance is there to tend to the injuries. . .all part of the fun, I guess, my god how unconscious.

So why does it affect me so. . .well I FEEL IT. . .I FEEL what they’re doing. . .right thru my skin, it reverberates thru me, especially my heart area. . .it is actually PHYSICAL, I FEEL it intensely!  There is  no respect for anything other themselves, unaware of all the life forms they just trample over. . .they are totally unaware of all the life existing everywhere . . .how can they hear it when they’re making so much noise. It makes me so incredibly furious. HOW DARE THEY!!!  Breathe marilyn, breathe. . .

So angry I was when I returned back home, passing them again. . . I did something naughty. . .can’t tell you what it was. . .my Gypsy heritage has gifted me with  much memory.  You see, I’m a nice person who cares much to much. . .try to help, to heal. . .to touch the soul in others. . .I’m what you call a ‘Light’ person.

But there is a line. . .and boy when it’s crossed. . .I’m the granddaughter of a Gypsy. . .so they better watch out. . .when I get really angry. . .boy oh boy!

So I’m going to remove myself from their sounds and their energy. . .I’ll visit friends. . see they’ve already displaced me. . .’cause if I stay I’m likely to start throwing balls. . .of energy that is. . .and I can’t be doing that. . .can I?

So this post turned out heaps different to the first one. . . .

Someone reminded me this morning. . . . that ‘wild, witchy, wise woman assert!’. . .’we are not nice, we are warriors’, ‘we are prepared to be very, very angry’, ‘we are powerful, we are Amazons’. . .you can find  her blog here on WordPress. . .http://aphroditerising.org

So this weekend. .could see some more posts from a highly charged angry Amazon. . . a different face of marilyn the Healer. . .but when my family is endangered. . .watch out people. . .

There is bound to be a lot of intense energy generating at present. . .as we move toward the New Moon Pleiades Eclipse happening here on Monday. . . .hold on to your hats folks. . . big times happening.

They just raged past. . .a few hundred meters from here. . . my chest and throat are still hurting,  so restricted, it’s very, very physical. . . .ahhh the joys of being sensitive. . .but now I’ve turned into the Banshee. . .so they better watch out. . . .I’m angry, did I say that. . . very, very angry and I’m the granddaughter of a Gypsy.

lotsa luv. . . marilynxxx