Comfort and joy 🦹‍♀️

Feeling a hella’ve lot better since the New Moon birthed (just before midnight here last night).

That was some tricky manoeuvring through that dark and scary passage.

I dropped into some real dark places… revisiting the terror that lusts to paralyse.

Been there, done that… and I beat the bugger.

Just a little one I was… and told it to ‘fuck off’

Maybe the memory… coming through the canal, the moment of decision do I abort or continue?

‘If I can get through this… I can get through anything’ I declared

and I wasn’t even born.

So yeah… I’ve faced some tough stuff

I’ve pulled out my shield and sword

I’ve trusted myself…

a lifetime journey for me

and I’ve triumphed

I can never forget.

The astrologers warned this New Moon could be tough…

well hey… look around

what a f….king mess

No blame… it is what it is

But each and every moment we have a choice

regardless how it seems.

I revisited the dark… as Moon went black

The scant remains of terror still stuck on some cells

the Confusion… the shock

electrifying everything

I remember them well

They came to visit… and stayed

right up till recently

And yeah those little stubborn bits

still vulnerable to being hit

I know they have no place anymore…

I’ve done the miles

I’ve sweat the tears

I’ve extended myself

I’ve been there

I won’t return.

I have myself…

my greatest gift

within this whole celebration of bountifulness.

Pretty soon… it’s gonna be time

to change our ways.

Trust in ‘God’.

Trust in Life

Trust in You…

‘Leave no room for doubt in your mind’

a very wise friend once said to me.


spark of ‘go’… 😃

tricky being a writer… with a strong need to connect and communicate…

once trusting the ‘flow’

as an ‘intuitive’, ‘seer’… it’s been my way through life

I’ve shared publicly for many years…

I’ve felt paralysed to move… each step

caution ~ mines might explode

someone bound to confuse your words

maybe always has… but now

the switch is jumpy… touch tender

I’ve felt stuck… somewhere outside myself

looking at the rules… where do I fit

do I fit anywhere

many loud voices… noise is deafening

I cringe closer to myself

make myself smaller, smaller

till I disappear

I learned to hide…

long time ago

resonant waves… familiar songs

buried but active

brought back to life

this life of mine…

and those that run through my blood

familiar sounds

familiar ways surround me

more that ever… I need

a level of trust and connection

I’ve never known before

There’s a spark of ‘go’… move forward

I’m relishing it

a loosening of the reins

time to get on with it… take the next steps

dark clouds on the horizon

confused and disguised by blue sunny skies

need to find my place… my sacred spot

gears are getting ready

no more waiting

clock is ticking

Your Life… my life

ours to cherish

What a fucked up world… we’ve made.

Visioning a brighter future.


cyclonic shifts of Change 🌚

Dawn down at Bruns this morning

I’ve been feeling tired. Zero motivation. My body wants to sleep. I keep distracting myself. Wanting to hold on to what was… while longing to let it all go. BE FREE.

How I Love to MERGE with Life.

I feel stuck… don’t know where I am. I’m not there… and not arrived in next. I’m not sure where I am.

I’m changing… by the second. Shifted… moved into another space.

The ‘old’ boring, humdrum, repetitive… stuck in yesterdays. We’ve moved on… but haven’t arrived yet.

A new experience for sure… especially on such a galactic scale.

Where to go in all the changes? What to ‘do’?

The space is empty… and feeling pretty weighty. Inside out, upside down… everything’s happening all at once. Moving at the speed of light. Yet ambling along.

What to do when you just don’t know?

Patience? Yeah… it’s hard

being turned upside down and inside out

removing it all

replacing it with what?

I saw it… back in 2012

Living on the Sacred Site.

My eyes went to the sky… there it was

this swirling mass of air

Don’t ask me why and how…

I can’t explain

but I saw it

as clear as day.

The ‘New World’ birthed.

We figured it would get tough

just look at history… we don’t surrender easily

We hold on

We figured for the new to be born…

something had to give

the ‘old’ to disappear… be razored to the ground.

It’s just…

you can never tell

exactly how that will occur.

Well… here we are

in the midst of it all

pretty much dead centre

and what happens outside

happens inside us too.

So here we are… getting emptied

before we are filled up again

We gotta find our way…

Never surrender what’s pure and true

Never surrender our Self.

Much Love….👩‍🦳❤️🌷

Magick… pure Magick👸👸

How good is it…

to be reminded

Much can distract…

sneaking in behind the screen


dark of night

Before you know… there’s more than you inside.

Break away…

pursue Amour

Let Love guide…

Breath it deep


Be allured… taken whole

Lose yourself…

captured in the rapturous tide

Nothing compares

stands alone

takes you…

devours you

Leaves you smiling


Charged with Life and Love


Breathing is good…🧖‍♀️

Stuck in the quagmire of then and now…

letting it unfold… letting it untwine

there was, there is… there’s now

and in between… so many bits and bobs

tied together

forever more.

Or can they dance alone?

So much to do… to be

to become

so many dreams, ideas, wishes

we’re born and we die.

We lust, we seek… we hunger

for what?

Remains in the shadows.

Unknown, forgotten…

where will I find it?

Will I ever know?

The plan held so secretly….

no eyes to distinguish

all muddled together.

Sounds familiar

vibrations rub against my skin

I know them

but can’t see them

the light languishes

the drum beat distant

but familiar all the same.

I’ve been here before…

it’s buried deep

deeper than I want to go.

No point stirring ghosts

long wished left behind.

But of course they never go…

locked inside for eternity.

You just do the best you can

especially when you’re alien.

Where do I belong… not sure

all seems strange and different.

Outcast… from the tribe

means certain death

memories tumble

head over butt

who needs a TV

when so much happening inside.

Dig a little deeper… down beyond the silt and mud

a light distant but glowing

knows your name

calls you

Oh god… you long to go home…

to be with love forever more.

No-one said it was going to be easy

that’s why we were given muscles

sloppy or strong… makes no sense

just like this

and the world around me.

It’s all a giant puzzle…

and I’m running out of time

I set out to find the answers to it all

will I succeed…

well, only partially.

Was it all worth it?

Of course.

Love to you on Mad Mercury – Make No Sense (unless it does) – Day


Beguiled… 🦉

How to find a language… for those formless places. Not quite here… but present all the same.

Feelings… I know them well.

It’s keeping mind away from them… is the trick.

So much swirling around. I often say if we had special glasses (like 3D glasses ~ only probably 5D at least would be required)…

so we could see the movement of all that formless invisible matter… dancing in our space. Passing through our energy fields into our physical.

I got to know these formless critters when training in Pranic Healing. I mean, words like ‘entities’ were even hard for me to take in. And I’m pretty open (too much unfortunately… but that’s another thing).

We were practicing… during my training; offering sessions for a donation, in the local community. My first ‘public’ experience… extending my skills, practising what I learned.

It was during one of those… that a hand grasped me by the throat. And pressed tight. It was real alright… I was feeling it. But of course on the physical level nothing could be seen.

I’d encountered an ‘entity’ ~ the ones my teacher had spoken of. God… they’re real.

Of course my teacher brushed it off… I recall him saying ‘it’s just your ego..’ whatever that meant. He wasn’t disregarding the fact an ‘entity’ had latched itself onto me. So whatever the ‘ego’ thing meant… I had no idea.

I’ve encountered these formless forms… many times over the years of my practice. I could feel them… and see them. Some big buggers there were. Nasty bits.

I reasoned… that it was all just energy. Too much thinking and analysing doesn’t help.

Why entities are on my mind I’m not sure. Maybe it was my first Pranic session in years that activated the whole thing again.

I’m energy sensitive… ridiculously so at times. It’s not always comfortable. But I can’t change it. I’ve learned (very slowly) to trust myself more and more… as my life’s unfolded.

I’m feeling a lot at present. July’s been a big month planetary wise. These last 18mths have been a bit of a head spinner. This year I reckon more than last.

I’ve been wanting to hermit. Lie on my bed and read novels. The world outside is way too much at times… so much going on. At least under the surface.

So much unexpressed emotion.

So much confusion, uncertainty, isolation.

I get the sense it’s going to get worse before it gets better… whatever that means. We haven’t even encountered the drastic weather changes yet. Our precious Earth is struggling to breath… like I am with my mask. Our lungs full of grief.

It’s a funny thing with emotions … they tend to activate any that are similar… stored away. They go exploring through the halls of the akashic beaming up all the resonant bits.

And yeah Mother Moon’s in Scorpio at present. Scorpio goes deep. He’s an edge dweller. Lives on the edge of nice and good. Hungers for the raw and unpolished.

Lusts after unity. True intimacy and authenticity. Strips us to our vulnerability. Purges anything past its used by date.

Not always for the faint of heart… but worth the journey.

Where can we strip another layer of ‘false’… to get to the true core of everything. After eons of make-belief.

Breathing is good. And I’m sure glad I’m alive… regardless how tender it gets at times.

Love to you…🦉❤️🦉

Allowing… 🧚‍♀️

Allowing the magick to approach… swarm you, absorb you, eat you up… swallow you whole.

Divine presence, limitless inspiration… awe that stops worlds. Sets your entire being at peace.

That ‘God’ is all around us… is never to be doubted.

We are not sinners… we are divine and perfect beings… created in the image of the whole.

I almost didn’t go down… for dawn that is.

Yesterday in the big smoke… ‘checked in’ to 13 places; mask on an off. Slipped down over my nose at times (so I could breath).

The Pranic helped. My first session in years. I’m also a ‘Pranic Healer’… it was the first modality that called me. I remember it well… the day I first met my teacher.

I was recovering… but still deeply in it. The ‘adjustment disorder’ (fancy name for nervous breakdown) the doctor informed me I had entered into.

I burnt out.

At the speed I use to go it’s not surprising.

Add to that the legacy I’ve carried from the Virus visit back when I was three. It’s walked with me since.

Some say a virus never leaves… lodges itself in your body. It gets attached… doesn’t want to leave you.

Way back… when studies were done on the Polio virus… they discovered during autopsy’s that the virus was still alive in various places in the body. Spinal chord and large intestine in particular.

Recently I read a comment someone made about the current virus. She said her father had Polio… and I guess was using that as a backing for her current discussion.

I immediately responded… inside myself.

I don’t regret anything. Well almost😶. I don’t regret having the virus… I figure it was part of my journey. Sure it changed the direction of my life. But me being me… I used that as an adventure. A quest… to get to the bottom of it all.

Being exposed to life and death… isolation (years in hospital) and the medical system… my three year old curiosity (even amidst it all) was ignited.

That curiosity I still have… I’m still on the trail. Still trying to find the ‘truth’ behind it all.

I wouldn’t be who I am, what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve pursued… if that virus didn’t choose me.

This in no way has anything to do with now. I try to stay out of it. It’s a trigger sensitive issue… and it doesn’t take much to ignite.

I hope we all move beyond that. I really do. My whole life has been about ‘caring’. No-one can take my life experience away from me.

I’ve lived it. I know it. I’ve seen it. It’s created the foundation of my being.

So let’s stay civilised… kind and caring.

Not letting our beliefs… no matter how foundational they are… ever get in the way of love.

Otherwise we are doomed.

It’s a huge time… astrologers and ‘Seers’ have warned us for many years. I too have ‘seen’… a long time ago. I’ve written about it for years.

The visions were clear.

A huge change was upon us… we had to clean up the mess. The mess we’ve all created. We’re all in this together.

If you can… find a way to give expression to your emotions. Feel the grief… the loss. It’s real. I know I’ve carried heaps of grief in my lungs.

We carry on on the surface… yet underneath is this tsunami of raging emotions… fear, loss, grief, anger. All bubbling ready to spill over.

They need release… and not at each other.

Taking responsibility for what we feel… what triggers us. Yeah sometimes we fail… but we can pick ourself up and try again.

We’re all learning.

This is a new world.

The old is gone.

It won’t come back

It’s likely to become more intense over the shorter time period.

We won’t change unless we’re forced. That’s proved itself.

So the ‘war’ has begun… where do we find shelter.

The old has gone… allow time for grieving.

It’s not coming back.

Yeah… sometimes the anger surfaces in me, but I’m so used to stuffing it down… morphing then into depression…. heaviness and sorrow.

Yeah… angry at ‘those’ and we know there are some… those that have brought us to this brink. They need to burn in hell.

And yes… at the same time… we all need to take responsibility for where we are.

It’s a weird weird world for sure.

Much love to you ❤️🧚‍♀️❤️

and ps… as I got the first glimpse of that indescribable golden ball peeking over the water’s edge… my entire body was flooded with the most extraordinary sensations… like a surge of effervescent light rays cleansing all parts of me.

Get down for dawn if you can.

Out of Bounds 🌚

It made a lot of sense

‘Out of Bounds’ ~ beyond the influence of the ‘King’.

Exploring outside set parameters…

Seeking what’s hidden

what’s held in the dark.

Venturing into forbidden territory

Carrying your courage… trusting your companion

the one that walks with you

Never leaves

holds your hand… carries you at times.

Sometimes more than one… a group of them.

Feelings that travel beyond

lands alien

memories flood

I’m swirling in them… they won’t let me go

how to descend into their choppy waters

trust… I’ll remain

I don’t understand where I go… how I get there

So vast… the space I move in

So high… so deep

so all encompassing

words don’t fit… can’t find them

Trust is all I have… as I travel these terrains

knowing those friends are always there.

Feeling it all… is hard sometimes

I feel them swirl inside my body

ocean drags me to the bottom

“leaning into the discomfort’ (Adriene)

What’s there to find?

Will there be an answer?

Walking though lands of dark and chaos

where all and nothing make sense

What courage, what wisdom, what ‘being’

is required

to make this passage through the dark

and hidden.

It’s ok… to feel the grief

the loss

the not knowing

the overwhelming confusion

tied in knots inside you.

How did we get here?

Where to from here….


One more week🧚‍♀️🐢🧚‍♀️

I promised myself a month… had slithering doubts whether I’d make it. I was hoping I could. I mean… not that it’s a monstrous task.

Memories fade. Yet some of them remain crystal clear. How is that? Who decides? Who chooses what stays at the front of the line?

The memory I was trying to pull back ~ was how I felt, as I did the last bits, gathered them all and sent them off.

The end of four years.

Saying that took me right back… that late day on the beach… only been here (back in the area) about 3 weeks. Had no intention of returning. Was just looking for affordable accommodation.

Next step on my road out of Mahalia (the Sacred Site I lived for 7 years).

So three weeks… I was just settling in. Takes a while. Mind moves fast, body moves slow.

I was on the beach… it was getting cold. Day was diminishing, dusk coming soon. Sky was pregnant with heavy weighty clouds… dark as night.

Will there be a chance… to catch a glimpse?

I was willing to wait and see.

Hours it was… as I sat and observed. Couples walking hand in hand. Kids running, playing in the sand. Lone walkers contemplating life… breathing in the magick air.

Surfers… communing with their beloved.

People swimming… having a dip. Jumping in the waves.

I sat and observed.

The hours kept chugging on… it was getting cold.

I wasn’t going to leave… till I caught at least a glimpse.

It’d been a very long time… since I had the chance to watch Moon rise out of the ocean.

It was the Virgo Full Moon… and she sat right on my Sun.

I sensed, as often is the way with me… that this Full Moon was significant. And I needed to be there to welcome her.

Hours built on hours… was almost tempted to leave.

Sky was black…

is there even a crack… that she’ll be able to slip through?

Almost at the point of standing… taking my cold body back to my lodgings…

she appeared

in all her majesty

Black clouds or no… she’s never diminished

We got to commune.

But it was during that time… those hours on the beach

sitting waiting…


watching the interaction

of humans and the ocean

I began to feel.

It came on suddenly

hadn’t beckoned it


filled my mind.

Where did that come from?

Rarely ever give it a thought

I felt the fear… the anguish and the dread

like melted steel

pooled in my gut

It took a life…

overwhelmed the surrounds

I looked at the people

all of them… so many

I looked to the ocean

all the creatures in there

the whales and the dolphins

and all the rest… we rarely, if ever see

the combination of the two… was unthinkable

a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions

‘NO!’ it can’t happen

Then it came… from the pit of my soul

well… that’s what it felt like

I made a request… of the Goddess

Illuminated there in this Virgo Full Moon

‘Can you give me an answer… to heal the oceans?’

In my innocent awareness… I pleaded.

Of course I forgot… that day/night drifted from the top of my mind

I got on with living

being in a new place

But Life didn’t forget

Oh no… not that kind of request

It unfolded

It has a story

Four years forward… I took the road that opened

How will it all translate

create an outcome

we’ll just have to wait and see.

Three weeks ago… that memory I was trying to conjure

how I felt

as I finally sent off the last of my training

Four years… from way back then to now

As I pressed ‘send’

I promised myself I’d take one month off

I was exhausted

Well… there’s one week left.

I’m surprised

I did it.

Wonder what’s next.

Ahhhh Life… by the courtesy of Breath.

Hope your day is magickal… if not, make it that way

I’m gonna try 🧚‍♀️🌷🧚‍♀️

Slipping into the Silence🧖‍♀️

The Ocean’s been amazing… So incredibly VITAL. Her presence so commanding. So insisting, so enthralling.

So clearing… so healing.

So revitalising.

God… we need our precious Mother Earth more than ever.

We need Nature’s company

we need her guidance.

We need to understand our connection to her.

She’s our saviour.

She’s our Mother.

She’s miraculous… no beauty, no perfection could ever surpass her.

We are fools to believe we can control her.

Direct her.

Tell her what to do.

We have interfered enough.

Time to understand… what really is.

Not make believe.

Our world’s in a shambles… mostly self created.

Our report cards dismal.

We’ve failed to protect ourselves…

and our fellow creatures.

I had a vision… 2012

One of those I see with my eyes…

It was the last quarter of the year.

2012 was pretty special.

I saw the new world birth.

As fantastical as it sounds.

It was clear what was happening…

the great record keepers of cycles confirmed it.

We were coming to the end of an era… a long one

and a new time was birthing.

I saw during those end months of 2012… that it had arrived

Of course much has happened during the last 9 years

And here we are in the midst of chaos.

I’ve had this sense… these last weeks

of two large forces coming together

storms of energy


the old

and the new

they’ve met

they’re mingling

a LOT of energy

we feel it all

whether conscious or not

regardless of our belief.

One thing I’ve always known

deep inside me

always trusted

that Light always wins.


It’s pretty messy right now…

and who knows how long it will take to sort

but Light will win.

Always has

and always will.

Choosing Light and Love (as challenging as it is at times)🧖‍♀️🌷🧖‍♀️