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flowers from the markets🌺

Firstly it’s 22/02/2022 (22022022) … which looks pretty magickal😃 Two is a Yin number… an explosion of Sacred Feminine Energy. It’s worth to cast a wish on this day.

It’s Tuesday (here in Oz)… Tuesday is governed by Mars. Mars is raw passionate powerful desire… bit like his mate Eros. They’re intimately connected and wired… to the pure Power of Desire. Mars is pumping his muscles… eager to get moving.

It’s also market day around here… the farmers markets with all their luscious goodness. My kitchen is awash with fresh from the ground sparkling greens… they fill my bench space. And that’s just for me😃

It’s hard sometimes. ‘Tuesday again’ I murmur, heading straight for the chai… to bring me back to functioning. Out of the house by 7am… which isn’t really that early, but having to be somewhere… the crowds of people, the never ending lines… the sweet smiles, the familiar faces, the relaxed northern rivers chill. It’s changing, like everything. It’s not what it was 30yrs ago. Yes, yes… I know… so much has changed since then.

I remember those times so fondly… the famous Mullumbimby… with its strong hippy vibe. I use to go to town in my sarong… fresh out of the sparkling water holes… up on the side of the mountain. It was such a gorgeous era. The local school was fabulous. My son loved it. Those hippies had some things going for sure. Well they’re still around… just older. Might look a bit different. People probably don’t even notice us much anymore. You know what happens when you grow ‘old’.

You never consider you’ll get there, it’s never a thought in your mind that you will change. There’s no guide book. Then who’d want one!

These hippies… created a base, a foundation… it’s solid now and growing more and more green shoots. It’s the foundation. It’s the Earth based approach. The only one.

How we could forget that… that Life must be the priority. An environment that we can thrive… not just in our bloody minds… but most importantly in our body.

Without a body we’re not here.

Sure there’s a lot to contend with… god. Talk about the mad machines on RNA speed. God only knows what’s being concocted.

We wander too far from what is real and true. We forget our vulnerability. We forget our place. We forget what a miracle must have made us… and gave us the gift of being here.

We get so arrogant… that we believe we know more than ‘God’ (whatever you name that presence and power). We reckon we can do better than what’s already been provided for us… we think we can do better. Improve it… make it work better. Or more likely… make it work for us… so we can make tons of cash.

We’ve lost our heads… let alone our common sense.

Took me back… those last words… to a time way back in years, I was on a plane to the States for a special event. Back in the day when I travelled overseas. I was sitting next to this distinguished older businessman, I remember him as being both intelligent and wise… we were chatting. He said to me ‘common sense is uncommon’. I must’ve heard it before of course… but him saying it that day, sitting high above the clouds, speeding through the sky… it really stuck with me and I’ve always remembered our meeting.

It’s all around… ‘this is the wrong way’. Personally for me it’s getting harder to live with. But live I will and find a way.

There’s one thing more current… my heart sunk when I heard the news. This morning on the way back to the cabin I decided to see if they’d finished. If it was operating.

And yes. They had and it was… standing grotesquely within the Bowling Club fence… ‘the new 5D tower’.

I don’t understand people’s thinking. Don’t they have adequate brain power? At least some curiosity… hesitation, doubts, considerations?

Regardless of your view on 5D technology… its indisputable they emit electromagnetic waves of energy. And it’s constant… it’s always on. So anything that is close by… gets a constant dose.

This particular one is just as you drive into Brunswick Heads (there goes the house prices I thought…). But seriously…

Just metres across the small side road is a kids skating park… and oval where local football is played and schools use for their sports days.

And it’s a regularly used place for walking the dog.

It was one of my favourite bike rides… down to the sanctuary.

Such sadness.

The sadness weighs heavy. I wish we were all so much smarter than we are.

There’s plenty on the effects of these towers if you wish to investigate… get curious. There’s no need to make yourself a tin hat.

As humans we can emit such ignorance. Yet we have such enormous potential.

The years ahead could get rocky… I’ve heard from many a trusted source.

For me… I’ve known for years that it would all come to a head. That the powers that be would not even consider handing over their crown.

That it could get dirty.

But heh… evolution always wins.

Whatever’s going on we have life… while we do. Magick exists… I know that for fact. We live amongst it.

The contrasts are bound to become even more polarised. It’s easy to judge… we all do it. At least to some degree.

Where will we find our heaven? Our peace… our magick world. Amid all the turmoil. As one massive Age fights to hang on… yet Love and Light will always win.

Love and Light are real things… not a new age chant. That’s what life is made of… Love and Light and Sound.

Finding our safe space…. I wish you lots of goodness.

Much love ~ marilyn🥰🥰

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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