Being here now… 😌

The Grandmother Tree💜

It was going to be another hot one… the humidity’s been cloistering. First the markets… food shopping day. Didn’t wake till 7am… I like to leave for the market by 7.15am.

By second steaming cup of my homemade chai… I was heading for a third. I’ve been so tired. The beginning of this year has been exhausting… at least energetically. But then 2021 came before it… and 2020 before then. No wonder we’re tired.

I got to the market… late, 8.30am… the stalls were almost bare of veggies… well the popular organic ones. Managed to find some greens still remaining… bought some other veggies (my favourite food😃) and fruit.

Plus a good sized container of fresh fish. I’ll have to freeze some.

Leaving the market… I felt abundant. My body posture had lifted… even though my tiredness was there.

I had all this wonderful food… to replenish my stores. It felt so good.

Arrived back ‘home’ about 9.30am. I knew high tide was around that time. Put greens in some water… made sure they were all cared for. The temperature was rising outside. And the bloody humidity! February is the middle of our summer.

Grabbed my swimmers… zinc on my face… all set, out the back, down the rock steps… gosh tide already covering bottom two rows of rocks. It’s high. Wasn’t expecting such a high tide on new moon… well New Moon, Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger… and Lammas, first ‘Harvest Festival’ of the year.

Plus Venus moving forward and Mercury getting ready to. Quite a potent day. In a potent month.

Swam out into the river/creek… a few about. Still quiet… cicadas serenading. Water a lovey temperature. I leisurely begin my swim… while first looking around, taking in all the beauty… the magick abundance that swirls around me.

I get to commune with all of this… while exercising my body. She loves it… feeding all my levels.

It was deep… couldn’t touch the bottom… but by now I’m very familiar with this route across to the mangroves on the other side. I experience it in all different kinds of full tide moods.

I arrive at my special place, I say hello, my heart swells… I swim in. Goodness, I can swim even further… this has only happened once before. With the last king tide. But this wasn’t a king tide… yet it was deep.

I got to swim in even further than then… way, way out the back… I just kept on going.

I saw some larger trees ahead… I so love the trees in the mangroves. They’re so feminine… their curves and twists… their stylish shapes… so perfect.

I stopped… floating, at the first larger tree… then my eye went to another just in front. I gently took myself across… my combo breaststroke/float.

She was gorgeous. She’s a Grandmother Tree… I could feel it. She even had this perfect seat for me to sit on. Over the top of her curved and arched roots… was a flat surface. It looked like it had been created for that purpose… to sit.

I sat with my head on her trunk, my arms around her. I looked out… in circles around me… all the baby trees… there must’ve been hundreds. I’d already gently floated over many on my way to the tree. An extraordinary experience to witness that metamorphosis… the continuation of life. The womb… the seed… the baby. Just mind-blowing to witness. And all having a purpose… while just Being.

A powerful experience of Integrity.

I sat there for ages… just me (human) sitting on the Grandmother Tree, even had a ledge for my feet… way, way at the back of the mangroves. How extraordinary.

The water was clear… the baby trees sparkled green, their heads under water. The fish… two medium sized came close, swam off. Then swarms of tiny fish. It was heavenly.

I find fish to be very curious. I had one down in the Sanctuary… another sacred place for me… follow me as I walked through the creek… for ages. He/she had a very distinctive marking. And the creek (low tide) was very shallow.

Such an awesome experience… meeting the Grandmother Tree. Going even deeper into the womb… that the mangroves are. Sitting with my arms entwinded around her. Witnessing hundreds of sparkling- green baby trees surrounding her… going out in concentric circles.

It’s like I just get a glimpse… and it’s so big, I can’t take it in. But I can enjoy it. I can be so thankful for it. I can feel gratitude flood. I can feel the power of that Love… of that Presence… of that Great Oneness.

Much Love 🥰🐠🥰

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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