Living… 🥰🥰

flowers from the markets🌺

Firstly it’s 22/02/2022 (22022022) … which looks pretty magickal😃 Two is a Yin number… an explosion of Sacred Feminine Energy. It’s worth to cast a wish on this day.

It’s Tuesday (here in Oz)… Tuesday is governed by Mars. Mars is raw passionate powerful desire… bit like his mate Eros. They’re intimately connected and wired… to the pure Power of Desire. Mars is pumping his muscles… eager to get moving.

It’s also market day around here… the farmers markets with all their luscious goodness. My kitchen is awash with fresh from the ground sparkling greens… they fill my bench space. And that’s just for me😃

It’s hard sometimes. ‘Tuesday again’ I murmur, heading straight for the chai… to bring me back to functioning. Out of the house by 7am… which isn’t really that early, but having to be somewhere… the crowds of people, the never ending lines… the sweet smiles, the familiar faces, the relaxed northern rivers chill. It’s changing, like everything. It’s not what it was 30yrs ago. Yes, yes… I know… so much has changed since then.

I remember those times so fondly… the famous Mullumbimby… with its strong hippy vibe. I use to go to town in my sarong… fresh out of the sparkling water holes… up on the side of the mountain. It was such a gorgeous era. The local school was fabulous. My son loved it. Those hippies had some things going for sure. Well they’re still around… just older. Might look a bit different. People probably don’t even notice us much anymore. You know what happens when you grow ‘old’.

You never consider you’ll get there, it’s never a thought in your mind that you will change. There’s no guide book. Then who’d want one!

These hippies… created a base, a foundation… it’s solid now and growing more and more green shoots. It’s the foundation. It’s the Earth based approach. The only one.

How we could forget that… that Life must be the priority. An environment that we can thrive… not just in our bloody minds… but most importantly in our body.

Without a body we’re not here.

Sure there’s a lot to contend with… god. Talk about the mad machines on RNA speed. God only knows what’s being concocted.

We wander too far from what is real and true. We forget our vulnerability. We forget our place. We forget what a miracle must have made us… and gave us the gift of being here.

We get so arrogant… that we believe we know more than ‘God’ (whatever you name that presence and power). We reckon we can do better than what’s already been provided for us… we think we can do better. Improve it… make it work better. Or more likely… make it work for us… so we can make tons of cash.

We’ve lost our heads… let alone our common sense.

Took me back… those last words… to a time way back in years, I was on a plane to the States for a special event. Back in the day when I travelled overseas. I was sitting next to this distinguished older businessman, I remember him as being both intelligent and wise… we were chatting. He said to me ‘common sense is uncommon’. I must’ve heard it before of course… but him saying it that day, sitting high above the clouds, speeding through the sky… it really stuck with me and I’ve always remembered our meeting.

It’s all around… ‘this is the wrong way’. Personally for me it’s getting harder to live with. But live I will and find a way.

There’s one thing more current… my heart sunk when I heard the news. This morning on the way back to the cabin I decided to see if they’d finished. If it was operating.

And yes. They had and it was… standing grotesquely within the Bowling Club fence… ‘the new 5D tower’.

I don’t understand people’s thinking. Don’t they have adequate brain power? At least some curiosity… hesitation, doubts, considerations?

Regardless of your view on 5D technology… its indisputable they emit electromagnetic waves of energy. And it’s constant… it’s always on. So anything that is close by… gets a constant dose.

This particular one is just as you drive into Brunswick Heads (there goes the house prices I thought…). But seriously…

Just metres across the small side road is a kids skating park… and oval where local football is played and schools use for their sports days.

And it’s a regularly used place for walking the dog.

It was one of my favourite bike rides… down to the sanctuary.

Such sadness.

The sadness weighs heavy. I wish we were all so much smarter than we are.

There’s plenty on the effects of these towers if you wish to investigate… get curious. There’s no need to make yourself a tin hat.

As humans we can emit such ignorance. Yet we have such enormous potential.

The years ahead could get rocky… I’ve heard from many a trusted source.

For me… I’ve known for years that it would all come to a head. That the powers that be would not even consider handing over their crown.

That it could get dirty.

But heh… evolution always wins.

Whatever’s going on we have life… while we do. Magick exists… I know that for fact. We live amongst it.

The contrasts are bound to become even more polarised. It’s easy to judge… we all do it. At least to some degree.

Where will we find our heaven? Our peace… our magick world. Amid all the turmoil. As one massive Age fights to hang on… yet Love and Light will always win.

Love and Light are real things… not a new age chant. That’s what life is made of… Love and Light and Sound.

Finding our safe space…. I wish you lots of goodness.

Much love ~ marilyn🥰🥰

Making my way thru life… 🌼🌼

My body (my self) has been in a funny place this year… not peals of laughter… although that happens at times. It’s more the depth, a new level of conscious awareness… of being, of experience… deep ripples and emotions making their way to the surface. Some Ages old I’m sure. Some deep dark spells from the past come to show their face.

The waters are deep here in 2022.

That last full moon was a wowzer… the current first rolled over me on Valentines morning… soon as I woke I felt it. God it was heavy. Heaviness I’d not encountered before… at least that I remembered. It was big and dark and black… a monster… I felt I had no strength against it. This was another level uncovering.

It never stops. Just because you’re a teacher, a coach… with some kind of expertise. I don’t believe we’re ever expert at anything. How can we be? When everything constantly shifts and changes… there’s only one expert and that’s Life.

We hold the flame of Life within us… it’s what allows us to be here. To do and be and dream and pray… Life gives us permission to do so many things.

And each day when Sun shines his brilliance… another brand new day surrounds us. It looks familiar, things around look the same… but really it isn’t… it’s completely brand new. Can we say the same?

So many things weigh us down… all our beliefs, all our ideas. All our possessions, all our dreams… all our everything digging a great big hole… to bury us in.

It goes fast… Life that is. Gone in a breath. Breath no more.

2022 sure has been strange. We thought we had a taste of it the last two years. They seem to be getting more and more creative. Bigger and bolder. Maybe it’s the time we currently find ourselves in… as residents on planet earth within the surrounding massive cosmic play.

When a long and arduous (seemingly never ending🥺) Dark Age crumbles to the ground. The Golden Age on its way. It’s said that it’s the darkest before the dawn. Many could see there was a battle ahead… the signs have been there for a long time. But of course we never know just how it will present… until its here.

The contrasts are enormous. As I sit on my back deck snuggled into the mangroves surrounding me, supported, loved and wooed by the Mother… I watch a pelican glide through the mangroves on the other side of the river creek. Sun light sparkles on the water’s surface… wind’s breeze ripples the water into baby waves. I want to be there… doing that very thing… gliding through the mangroves. Tide’s coming in… it’ll soon be full, then I can slip out the back… float through the mangroves and immerse in the wonder. Go visit my beloveds on the other side of the creek.

I trust Life… I do. She’s got me through. Every time. She never abandons me… even though at times I feel alone, isolated and forgotten… I know I never am. Light and Love illuminate my insides. I feel blessed… amid all my judgements. And that’s fine… I’m human.

I’m learning to love my self more and more… fully, unconditionally, whole heartedly. It’s taken a lifetime. The learning, the growth, the joy keeps on keeping on till our last breath departs… and we fly off somewhere else. Who knows where.

We’ll never be perfect… but we are who we are… and that is something very special. As the great masters proclaim… there never was and never will be… in the great expanse of everything… another you. So you and I better make use of it while we’re here. You are, I am… a one-off original. An absolutely uniquely amazing one-off model of a human being.

No one else can do things just like you… no one can do things just like me. In that we can help and support.

Much love… marilyn🌺🥰🌺

Brunswick Heads Nature Reserve… one of my favourites🥰🥰

I’ve sat on that log a number of times… there’s a lot more moss at present with La Niña about. It’s a bit like faerie land… faerie land Oz style. I remember the time on my ‘silent walk’… I sat on that trunk for a while… feeling and listening to the silence. Of course it’s never silent. Silence has a sound.

The extraordinary adventures we did back in 2020… the early beginnings of ‘it’ all. Guided into deeper realms of seeing and hearing… all that surrounds us. Immersing more fully in nature… the vision quests we did. The magick… the challenges. The ‘sit spots’. Blessed opportunities to commune with this wonder of wonders, our most sensational Mother Earth.

And this morning a swim. A luxuriate in the river creek… tide heading back home, high tide past… sure has some strength. I swam and paddled and walked a long way… open river all around as far as I can see. Being immersed in ocean feels so good… I feel strong with her support. Her strength. The most sensational mangroves bordering either side.

The billions of life forms we never see. All radiating presence… all contributing… harmony, growth… in flow with the whole. Us humans the only ones not. We can… we will.

Remembering where we are… as we stand in within ourself in now.

With Love 💚🥰💚

Holding it all… 🌼

Holding it all sometimes feels hard… the contrasts, the kaleidoscopic angles, perceptions and views. So much contained within the whole.

The world we’ve known… for so long… decaying, falling, rotten from within. Our saintly minds refuse to see the darkness that exists in our world. Is there hope? I believe there is.

The views… the opinions, all shapes and sizes… but mostly fit into two camps. Those that walk to the familiar drum beat… and those who cannot abandon themselves… no matter what.

I’ve been alive for a while… I’m grateful too, I’ve had this chance. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot… my passions spread throughout my time. I’ve felt graced, held, kept safe… while walking though the wilds. The wilds we’ve made, I’m saying here… not the ones bequeathed by Gaia… a gift from the Great Spirit himself.

We all desire to belong… it’s built in to our security system. Alone we won’t survive… we’re made to be a part of something bigger. And of course that happens in many ways. On multiple levels.

But we can’t abandon our self.

We can never pretend or hide… not from us.

From others… yes we do. We can never hide from our self.

What’s the price of being a part? Brought home to the fold… shielded from harm. From where I stand… the price is way too high. In fact, not one to ever be considered. So why do we do what we do?

Where do we stand within ourself? Is our integrity merged with our flesh? Do we know no other way to be?

That desire seems like worlds away… yet I long for its embrace.

To live in integrity? What does that take? I feel I’m so far away… it’s a bit like a dream. Yet it’s been visiting me for a while… since this year began… and it’s offering to get close.

‘While there’s breath there’s hope’… that’s a quote of mine.

I’m living proof of that… a lifetime’s journey… seeking, searching, adventuring… finding our power.

What a journey life is.

I was thinking about that ‘10%’… the one’s that appear to live in another universe. The weirdos, the hippies, the beatniks, the witches, even our established ‘Natural Therapy’ world.

The majority, by nature… fills up the space… the others left to find their way. And man… that’s a powerful way… ’cause you gotta find it for yourself. You create you. Your creation is in your hands.

And I tell you… that feels so comforting to me. Entered my 74th birthday year… what grace. My life has been amazing… so divinely blessed and graced. Seriously. I’ve certainly been looked after.

And I’m still here. Still creating, still investigating, still adventuring, still pioneering… at a different speed, yes. But I like this one the best. Slow is good. Bring yourself down down below the noise we make (we’re the noisiest species)…

Slowing down more and more… slowing to the speed of nature. Man… what surprises lay there. This creation is the miracle of all miracles. I mean… the creativity has no bounds.

Anyways… holding it all can be a lot. I’m my unique kind of creation. My sensitivity keeps shocking me with how crazy receiving she is.

It appears to be getting more and more. Maybe it’s always been there… but all the defences I’d built to protect me… built some pretty sturdy stone walls all round. (I have a Capricorn Moon🌺).

I did a lot of trauma work (on myself) during my training as a ‘Sex Love and Relationship Coach’. It’s a somatic style of relationship focused coaching. We’re in relationship with everything.

My sensitivity can be tender… I need lotsa sacred space around me. I need sacred space to be my world. Yes a challenge…

Holding it all can feel hard. Feeling the energy of it all. Glimpses of the future and past. Some of us just naturally fit in the 10%… like we really have no choice. Not that we’re complaining… we’re pretty cool😻

Slowing down more and more… resisting the need to make you a machine.

Feeling the sensuality in the slow… your world expands… there’s so much there. And communing with the Mother… nature… that’s a necessity. All the answers lie there.

February’s a big one… Valentine’s in a couple of days. Love is definitely something to celebrate.

With Love…🥰🥰

Being here now… 😌

The Grandmother Tree💜

It was going to be another hot one… the humidity’s been cloistering. First the markets… food shopping day. Didn’t wake till 7am… I like to leave for the market by 7.15am.

By second steaming cup of my homemade chai… I was heading for a third. I’ve been so tired. The beginning of this year has been exhausting… at least energetically. But then 2021 came before it… and 2020 before then. No wonder we’re tired.

I got to the market… late, 8.30am… the stalls were almost bare of veggies… well the popular organic ones. Managed to find some greens still remaining… bought some other veggies (my favourite food😃) and fruit.

Plus a good sized container of fresh fish. I’ll have to freeze some.

Leaving the market… I felt abundant. My body posture had lifted… even though my tiredness was there.

I had all this wonderful food… to replenish my stores. It felt so good.

Arrived back ‘home’ about 9.30am. I knew high tide was around that time. Put greens in some water… made sure they were all cared for. The temperature was rising outside. And the bloody humidity! February is the middle of our summer.

Grabbed my swimmers… zinc on my face… all set, out the back, down the rock steps… gosh tide already covering bottom two rows of rocks. It’s high. Wasn’t expecting such a high tide on new moon… well New Moon, Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger… and Lammas, first ‘Harvest Festival’ of the year.

Plus Venus moving forward and Mercury getting ready to. Quite a potent day. In a potent month.

Swam out into the river/creek… a few about. Still quiet… cicadas serenading. Water a lovey temperature. I leisurely begin my swim… while first looking around, taking in all the beauty… the magick abundance that swirls around me.

I get to commune with all of this… while exercising my body. She loves it… feeding all my levels.

It was deep… couldn’t touch the bottom… but by now I’m very familiar with this route across to the mangroves on the other side. I experience it in all different kinds of full tide moods.

I arrive at my special place, I say hello, my heart swells… I swim in. Goodness, I can swim even further… this has only happened once before. With the last king tide. But this wasn’t a king tide… yet it was deep.

I got to swim in even further than then… way, way out the back… I just kept on going.

I saw some larger trees ahead… I so love the trees in the mangroves. They’re so feminine… their curves and twists… their stylish shapes… so perfect.

I stopped… floating, at the first larger tree… then my eye went to another just in front. I gently took myself across… my combo breaststroke/float.

She was gorgeous. She’s a Grandmother Tree… I could feel it. She even had this perfect seat for me to sit on. Over the top of her curved and arched roots… was a flat surface. It looked like it had been created for that purpose… to sit.

I sat with my head on her trunk, my arms around her. I looked out… in circles around me… all the baby trees… there must’ve been hundreds. I’d already gently floated over many on my way to the tree. An extraordinary experience to witness that metamorphosis… the continuation of life. The womb… the seed… the baby. Just mind-blowing to witness. And all having a purpose… while just Being.

A powerful experience of Integrity.

I sat there for ages… just me (human) sitting on the Grandmother Tree, even had a ledge for my feet… way, way at the back of the mangroves. How extraordinary.

The water was clear… the baby trees sparkled green, their heads under water. The fish… two medium sized came close, swam off. Then swarms of tiny fish. It was heavenly.

I find fish to be very curious. I had one down in the Sanctuary… another sacred place for me… follow me as I walked through the creek… for ages. He/she had a very distinctive marking. And the creek (low tide) was very shallow.

Such an awesome experience… meeting the Grandmother Tree. Going even deeper into the womb… that the mangroves are. Sitting with my arms entwinded around her. Witnessing hundreds of sparkling- green baby trees surrounding her… going out in concentric circles.

It’s like I just get a glimpse… and it’s so big, I can’t take it in. But I can enjoy it. I can be so thankful for it. I can feel gratitude flood. I can feel the power of that Love… of that Presence… of that Great Oneness.

Much Love 🥰🐠🥰