A new space… 🌬💨

Flooding waters (we’ve had heaps of rain)

I woke… opened my eyes. I was lying on my back. I stayed there for a while looking out the window at the rain.

Unusual for me… to linger in bed.

These words were pushing on my lips… stamped in my mind

‘Another complex level of existence on Earth’.

I’d been in a dream… but it disappeared very quickly.

I was left with this residue… of restriction, being bound, caged, held,

everything else had disappeared.

I eventually arose… it was 8am!!! Unheard of for me.

Something weird was going on… I felt its resonance through my body.

It felt like another dimension… a new space I wasn’t familiar with. Where was it and why did it arise? Those things I’ll likely never understand… at least with my mind.

It hasn’t left me… this alternate space. No use trying to decipher… how can I know? Is it me, or is it all around me. That one’s a tricky one.

But definitely the space has shifted… I’ve felt it approaching these last few days. I’ve even given up the practice of going straight to the planets… what’s happening in the wider space around us… I did that for many years. Astrology and I met when I was just a young girl.

These days… even that doesn’t seem large enough to contain it all. But I have my body… and she lets me know when something’s going on.

Even though I can’t explain it… tell you why. It’s enough to know… there’s movement. We’re moving into new territory.

‘Another complex level of existence on Earth’… that’s all the dream left me with. Where did I go in my sleep? I don’t know. What’s the message… I’m sure it will become clear. When it’s ready.

For now… I just get to feel it. My body feels a little tense, agitated, and alert. It’s like there’s this big mass of air swirling around us… blowing and shifting things at great speed.

While life on Earth for many… continue in the dream.

Being a sensitive is challenging at times.

‘Challenge’ ~ was one of the streams. The two distinct streams I felt over the crossing of years.

As December finished and January began… I felt it strongly… the two distinct streams. As if they were surging through our energetic space. The sign of our times.

‘The Magick’ and ‘The Challenge’. Both of these would accompany us. Each at the extreme end of the polarity… each at their maximum… each taking turns. They’d be walking alongside us.

And they have… at least in my world.

Our body is the barometer… she’s our guide. Yeah… often it makes no sense… but then lots don’t anyway.

We need to listen to her… step outside of the dream for a while… this sleep walking we do down here.

Believing in the false magic… not the real deal.

The winds will continue to blow… the waters will rise. Other dimensions will reveal… we’ll get spun around a bit… we’ll scramble to find our feet.

One thing’s for certain… we gotta change our ways.


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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