Ready to let some things go…🌊🌊

It’s been that kinda time. It is that kinda time.

There are many… that weary me. I realise I’ve allowed… I’ve compromised, accepted… given permission to occupy my space.

The weariness is growing.

Looking like… sometime soon, something’s gotta give.

Do we keep on the same ole same ole… as while we do the standard of everything slides at greater speed. The downhill slope.

It’s… ‘that’s just how it is…’ ~ ‘I can’t have it all… ‘ (yikes🥸) ~ ‘it’s the way the ‘world’ runs…’ ~ ‘compromise is necessary… ‘ (double, triple yikes🤓🤓🤓)

Something’s on its last legs… can’t you feel it? You must do… something’s breaking away at an ever increasing momentum.

Bit like the tide.

I went in early this morning… to beat the increasing heat from our glorious burning ball of fire. High tide wasn’t for another hour and a half… but it was high enough for me to float out through the mangroves.

So I thought I’d give it a go. My septuagenarian skin isn’t as bouncy as it once was. So I take more care… yeah, bit late maybe. But never too late for anything. While you’re breathing… everything is possible.

The tide seems to come in… or at least its more noticeable… in a particular spot in the river creek. There’s a stream of it… just in front of the mangroves on the other side.

I slipped out the back… down the lovely shaped rocks… gently stepped to the old dying tree… she offers her roots for me to launch off in my swim. It was pretty deep already… and still ninety minutes till she’d be at her fullest.

The first part of the journey… swimming to the other side… the tidal surge was reasonable, gentle even… it wasn’t dragging me down with it.

But as I got closer to that particular spot… where the incoming tide seems to surge… I started to feel it. Man… she has some power.

So I was swimming diagonally… on the surface of the water that is. The water looked like shining glass… what a wonder is this Mother Earth.

The tide was high enough… to slip into the mangroves, just a bit. Get a close up of all those baby trees. Her precious regeneration cycle. What a grace to witness.

I floated… communing, loving, adoring… why is it, it feels so much like home. I wondered, not for the first time… if I have some Mer in me.

I remember my first encounter with the mangroves… this was years back. The tide wasn’t high, so I was standing near the edge of them… looking in. My immediate sense was of the powerful Devic presence. It was as if there were water Fae everywhere.

That’s an energy I’m familiar with. Very familiar. Not just that I’m a Vibrational Essence Co-Creator… the Flower/Gem essences I’ve co-created for years. But sometimes I see them.

Visiting the mangroves across the river creek… which I do pretty much every day… it sometimes reminds me, takes me back to another time when I had that interaction with the Faerie kingdom.

It’s kinda strange… and unusual… as I don’t recall ever being read Faerie stories as a child. My life was a lot more serious. Being hit by that virus as a tiny one… spending all that time in hospitals, with doctors… the modern medical system etc… well I think I missed out on certain things. Not that I’m complaining. When one door closes another opens.

My experiences as a very young child opened other special doors for me. Ones that’ve continued to open and develop till today.

So… what is it that’s ready to leave? What’s pulling away with a mighty strength? But you can’t see it… so what you can’t see isn’t there?

We’re not taught… not conditioned to tune into our feelings. Nah… we’re forever encouraged to go directly to our head. Think, think, think… work it out. Well… there’s heaps of things that can’t be worked out with our head… but heh… that doesn’t discourage us… we just keep on keeping on.

No wonder the world (one we’ve created) is in the mess it is.

And there’s no denying that. It’s plain and apparent for the most unconscious… to at least get a glimpse.

But we don’t like losing things. I’m included in this… I’m a human too.

We hold on… for life, most of the times.

We don’t like uncertainty… we want to know what’s going on. Well good luck with that.

So… what’s about to leave our world?

Well taking a guess… I’d say a lot.

Maybe it’ll be piece by piece… maybe a whole lot will disappear all at once. It could happen in a myriad of ways. But one thing’s for sure… it will happen (remember that ad).

If you’re a star gazer, a sky watcher… a friend of our galactic neighbours… you’ll see directly that what’s above is reflected below… and visa versa.

The galactic skies… especially during this particular week… are full of portend. Removing, destroying… taking away. Dead wood burnt. And it’s all happening fast.

The momentum of ‘getting rid of’ is with us my friends.

What will be left?

What’s the most important thing for you?

If you had to choose… what would it be… if you can’t have it all.

So as the great gods above… orchestrate the cosmic tides of movement… move and shift the pieces. Take some things away… replace them with new things. How will we react?

We will know we’re not in charge.

The tide comes in… the tide goes out.

But as she does… she nurtures, she feeds, she refreshes, she brings new life, she encourages growth, she showers her love.

Do our comings and going do the same?

We have so much to learn… we’re still in kindergarten… or maybe nursery school.

Our world is shifting beyond our perception… will we be ready, will we accept?

Do we have the resources… to continue with the life we have… the breath we’re being given… for however long.

Will we renew… will we start again? Will we create new things? Will we nurture life? Will we be kind and giving? Will we be aware?

We need to be aware.

The changes are moving swiftly… they’ll be here before we know it. They may take us by surprise.

Humans have the potential for being the most amazing life forms. We do… a capacity that rarely if ever many get to encounter.

Will we go for gold?

Will we let go of compromise?

The broken?

The decayed?

The Dead and dying?

Will we strictly adhere to our one and only most potent “YES”?

This second, third, fourth best… will never do. Has never done.

We’re all tired… our spirit’s languishing… our soul squashed. Our head on speed.

We want to come home…

enough is enough

A new day dawns… where there’s breath there’s hope (an old quote of mine😌)

Much Love🥰🥰

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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