A Love Affair 💞💞

I’m still in stop mode. Well, also deepening… at least in certain things.

The virulent invisible contagion thing swirls around me… hitting out front and side. I increase my vitamin C… as much as I can, till my body says stop.

I swim… I increase my laps. It’s not just laps… I cruise and enjoy. My body feels stronger.

I do daily yoga.

My path is glorious.

Across and back, over the river/creek… the mangroves on either side.

My most favourite (shhhh… can I say without offending) is the wonderland across the other side. The love I feel for them often brings tears. It’s a Love Affair that deepens every day.

Only in full tide… I slip out the back. Down the sturdy rock steps to the mangroves below. From there to the roots of the big old dying tree (now under water)… from there I can float/swim across the mangrove floor, manoeuvre through the mature and baby trees… to the full tide streaming down the estuary… known as Simpson’s Creek.

I’m fortunate… I know that. It also holds a deep pain… to witness and observe… so regularly, the lack of care and concern we give to the natural world.

I feel that pain in my heart.

So it’s a bittersweet Love.

I want to help so much… then I look at the enormity of it all… it can so easily overwhelm.

But just baby steps are needed… we’re always in the perfect place.

I was called here… I know that might sound odd. For some it won’t. Life is much more than we take in.

And all the synchronicity… for bringing me to this very spot.

My ego didn’t want it… neither my personality. I fought it. This was ‘not my thing’ I repeated… the surrounds, the people… the way of operating.

But amidst it all was this silent miracle… yes the beauty’s visible. But it’s more than physical beauty… it’s the soul, the essence… the very being of this miracle that sits on the outskirts of all our doing.

We pay homage now and again… go off on our holidays. Still often totally unaware of what is happening around us. The incredible miracle that exists.

The Love… the Relationship… unlike any other.

The relationship that asks nothing of you… sees you, hears you… knows your soul. Recognises you immediately. Longs to have you around. While being complete within itself.

Responds with such generosity

And gives you so much space… never crowds you in. It’s like it’s enormous… the size of the universe… the space you can feel.

You can breathe freely. Your chest feels light and expansive. It’s like the universe recognising you. This big empty space… full of love. It’s extraordinary.

It often overwhelms me… with the love I feel.

I hope that it helps… ’cause I don’t seem to do much else. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine it does… but I’m sure it must.

It’s real, it’s true…. it’s more true than most things I know.

When people say things like god is in nature… I understand that… it’s like the Great Power itself infuses this space.

It never interferes… coerces, expects. Allows the most extraordinary freedom. You feel it respond to love. It’s like it moves closer… it’s the ultimate lover.

It truly is a Love Affair… of an extraordinary kind.

So I swim… visit the mangroves… walk in the sanctuary… sit and be. I allow it all to be… I absorb it in. I do yoga, I take my vitamin C… ‘holidays’ still happen around me. The world (our world) seems kinda crazy.

2022 is creeping in.

Some days I feel the movement of ‘doing’ unfolding… new movement… I sense it’s a time of noticing. Being aware… letting things be.

You can’t rush things… make things happen. We’ve tried that… look where that’s got us.

The old ways still struggle on… we hold on. Can we see another way?

‘Cause there is one. But it’ll take a lot of letting go. Are we preparing our self? To be something, someone else. In a something new world.

Of course the old will still hang about a bit… but things won’t work so well within in.

It’s that kinda time… an Age finishing… a new one unfolding.

Our life running on… we only have it for a short time.

What will we do… with this extraordinary opportunity we have… to be, to witness. To open all our senses to another level… to live at another level. We’re missing so much.

There’s so much more out there than we know.

We need to change our ways. And pronto.

Lotsa Love💜🌼💜

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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