Into the cave🌼

It’s 6.40am… the 6th day of 2022

I feel lost and lonely and spent. I feel empty of myself. What’s happened to me since being here?

I feel stuck… empty… end of the road

I wrote…’I can do it… I just don’t know how yet’ (borrowed from ‘George’s Amazing Spaces’😃)

I’ve created all these amazing spaces…

Now during this time… it appears almost impossible. But somewhere inside… I know it never is.

But the doubts are floating to the surface… the flood ready to consume.

I’m lost… without hope… many moments I sleep walk… thru the day.

Each day on repeat… wandering in a dream. Wasting precious time. Not accomplishing anything.

How can I change it?

This Magick year of Bliss and Challenge… walking hand in hand.

I’m washed out… devoid of all I had. Neptune’s moving away from being close…

What’s left after these few years?

Sprouts of inspiration arise… I can see the path unfolding… then it closes over.

Depression… my old friend. Hiding from the hordes… wishing for what?

What is it I want?

What do I hunger for?

What’s brought me to this doorway?

There’s a shift… yes

I feel like a flattened dead fish

I’ve lost everything.

Oh my god… the triumph of Loss

has it taken it all… left me with nothing?

Except the despise… for myself

the self hatred festers… oh where did it come from?

This cruel and barren land.

Left cut open… bleeding dry. They take all they can.

Just leave a corpse… swelling, stinking

no good even for compost.

What happened… what did I do wrong?

The old holding on… ‘it’ll rise to the surface’ I wrote.

Self despair… self abomination

Where does it have its roots?

From what pile of shit did it fester?

My body heavy on the stool… my favourite orange stool

from which many words have been written.

It’s a crossroads… but what kind?

Where to from here?

To the rubbish tip?

My bottom feels squashed… between me and the orange vinyl.

Year after year after year

all the houses

all the homes

And look where I’ve ended up.

“They have to give you value for value’… the people on our side

Back into war

it’s been a time of it here

not long after I arrived… the bombs wizzing over our heads

the fighting… the greed… the jealousy… the hatred

This place called Paradise… has an underbelly

Guess it’s always the way… this civilisation we’ve built

The cracks keep appearing… getting deeper, wider

The little elves… with dead eyes… automated from that central place

scurry with speed

to fix the decay

But this battle can’t be won… by those who destroy.

Their maker is near… their end in sight

But at present we simmer in their poisonous brew

And it’s hard to take.

Feels like we’re dying… disappearing in the quick sand

The motors roar

the stink overwhelms

the robots march

implants everywhere

The darkest before the dawn.

They said it would be that way.

They said not to lose hope… don’t let go of the rope

You can see the Light (they remind)

it never disappears.

It’s just the clouds are thick… low and heavy

they block out the light

How did I get here… where everything is disappearing?

I remember the dream…

although that’s not what it was…

The visionary paths… created… opened, in that magick space

It was White Buffalo

sweat poured from his body

he moved at great speed

me on his back.

He had a purpose… that was clear

he had a destination to reach

As we rode across the land… tears ran down my cheeks

as they dropped to the ground…

they turned it green

I looked behind me… from where we’d come… the land turned green.

My tears were turning the land green.

We got to the base of the mountain

White Buffalo almost spent

he scaled the mountain with his eyes… breathed in deep

And took the final charge.

We made it to the summit… probably in the nick of time.

That radiant golden arch above… our heads

created by Sun… a shield for us.

Our bodies crumbled to the ground… my head resting on White Buffalo’s massive belly

We fell into the deepest sleep.

I still heard it all…

it all falling down.

The rumble… the silent noise…

the air filled with smoke

Piles of rubble strewn everywhere…

then we awoke…

found ourselves in a different space.

We stretched our limbs… breathed in the new air

everything had changed (that’s happened to me before… I’m strange like that)

I hopped back on his back

We slowly descended the mountain

we moved very slowly… taking in the new surrounds

We got to the base… continued over the land

Now very slowly

adjusting to everything

Tears tumbled again

slowly down my cheeks… as I took in the terrain.

I miss those Magick Baths… will I ever get down there again?


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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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