King tide 😃

WoWa… the Creek this morning. I hadn’t planned to go back in this morning, especially with the forecast… powerful winds and surging tides. The cyclone that almost was… now an ex… now coming as a ‘Low’. The winds were up yesterday. Today they’ve increased… and said to be reaching very high speeds.

So I hadn’t planned to go in. Specially after yesterday’s super extravaganza. I’ll never forget that gift… the images of floating over and amongst… all those baby trees. Just centimetres from my face. I felt ecstatic. Enough to gasp and weep.

This opportunity would not normally be available to me… going so far in…deeper into the womb of the mangroves. But with the kind support of King Tide so much more was available to me.

There was a moment when I wished I had an underwater camera… to’ve been able to capture those magick moments. It was the most extraordinary experience of the mangroves I’ve had… talk about a New Year Blessing.

Of course Nature responds all the time. Especially to our Love. I wonder at times at the power of our Love… our appreciation, our honouring. Just what it is has the power to do, the power to transform.

Since being here… living with them… surrounded by them… I’ve done little in a physical way. Cleared some branches, floating logs etc… away from the juvenile trees growing out back. They’re like my back yard water garden. Although they’re not mine… I just get to love them, honour them and watch out for them.

Very little I’ve done to create physical change. No big massive deeds I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of witnessing… sometimes awe inspiring, other times heartbreaking… when you see the Mother being abused.

It’s just been recently… I’ve been thinking about the power of Love. I felt a desire to understand more about the power of Love… especially in healing.

The winds are building outside. Campers re-inforcing their tents. I’ll put my car under shelter soon.

So yesterday’s extravaganza… extraordinary experience. The Mangroves in their powerful birthing cycle… I had no plans to go in today. Then heard the neighbours come back, sounded like they’d been in… that was it, I couldn’t resist.

Down the steps out the back… my god the swell is huge. Must be the highest tide yet… at least since I’ve been here. It was lapping up against the bottom retaining wall… covering all the rocks, up to the steps.

No plans to swim across to the other side today. The water looked way too wild. And it was deep. Miniature waves buoyed by the wind lapping into me. Trees swaying vigorously. I’d never seen the creek like this before.

Figured I’d not venture far. The water was already over my head before I left the mangroves on this side. Wow… it’s deep. It was amazing to be in there though. So primal, so passionate. So alive.

There was no-one else I could see in either direction… till a while later a lone canoeist came out from the little beach a little ways down and head off south toward the sanctuary. The winds were blowing furiously.

Up northwards… on the creek, no humans were visible. Then in the distance what looked like a splash… thought it might just be the wind. It didn’t look large enough to be a canoe… wasn’t a boat. And no one was standing on a paddle board. Looked more like swimmers… surely not. Yes I was in there but I wasn’t doing laps. I was staying close to shore.

I couldn’t work out what it was.

Bit by bit it got closer… still hard to distinguish. It seemed like there were people in the water, and there was a board… with what looked like a child on it. And a dog. But also one or two people in the water. It looked to be flowing with the tide… still going south.

As it got closer it was clear to see the child and the dog on the board. The child lying down and the dog on his legs, face in the wind and barking. And what looked like another child in the water on the far side of the board… someone in the water, treading water and swimming while pulling the board from the front.

I thought they might all be children… venturing in this wild and potentially dangerous scene… so was about to swim out to them to check. The water was so rough I decided against it… even swimming to the centre. So I called out to them… ‘are you all ok?’ I think the guy… the one in the water pulling the board… said something but I couldn’t hear what he said.

I added… ‘it’s going to get pretty wild in here soon with the winds… be careful’.

They kept on their way.

As they past I noticed a woman holding the back of the board and swimming at the same time.

A few times what sounded like the man enquiring if someone was ok… like he was talking to a child.

They just kept on their way.

How extraordinary. What an outrageous scene. It was really wild in there… the winds wild, and the king tide ready to swallow everything around.

I watched them as they continued on down…. becoming smaller in the distance. I kept treading water… enjoying being in the water… with this wild scene happening around me. I was curious and hoping that they would turn off down at the little beach just a little bit further down.

I stayed for as long as I could see them. To check they were ok.

What on earth were they doing out there?

They didn’t appear to head toward the little beach… but stayed close to the shore as the rain came pounding down… and kept floating south.

The mysterious crazy adventurous family traversing the creek at king tide with cyclonic winds. I’d love to know the whole story.

Day two of the King tide adventure.

Sounding like magick abounds in this new space of 2022.

And have you noticed how nice it feel to write the two 2’s at the end of the date? It has such a nice flow to it. Physically it feels good. It flows.

Much Love💜🌑💜

Yes… and its New Moon today… birthing New Moon cycle of 2022🌑

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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