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late yesterday on the creek

January 2nd 2022… Sunday, Sun’s day.

Sun’s in Capricorn. Tomorrow Capricorn New Moon. Dark, dark Moon today. Been thinking a bit about the Moon(‘s) this morning… being King Tide… its lapping right up over the rocks out back.

I swim at full tide… the creek out back is a tidal creek. It’s more an Estuary than a creek… (biggest creek I’ve ever seen😃)… but it’s called Simpson’s Creek.

Both sides of the creek are supported by the mangroves. One side… the ocean/beach side, less impacted by humans… is incredibly beautiful. And so sacred. It’s moving through a regenerative cycle at present… there are hundreds of tiny baby trees sprouted all through the mangroves as far as I can see… mostly their heads under the water. It’s so humbling and exciting. This morning I cried at the sheer magnificence.

It’s king tide… so after swimming across the bulging creek (way over my head) to the mangroves on the other side… I was able to float in further than I ever have. Way to the back of this magnificence place. God, what a blessing.

I feel so protective of the mangroves… and especially all the baby trees.

Because the water was so high I could float further and further… and I could see through the clear water to all the bright green leafed babies swaying just inches from my face. I cried with the overwhelm of the experience.

It’s rare (my first time ever) to venture into the mangroves so far… at least while swimming or floating… causing no damage.

About two months back I noticed the tiny trees for the first time… their heads popping out on top of the water. In the years I’ve been here and spent a lot of time in those mangroves I’d never seen so much regrowth. Never seen it like this.

When I first noticed I thought… ‘they’re preparing’. They’re building strength and resilience.

I thought of the wave… the weather approaching.

As well as the sacred purpose the mangroves serve for all the marine life… they also protect us. They protect the shore. They’re our buffer from the storms.

It was a blessing I simply couldn’t have imagined.. or expected to receive. I don’t have words to describe how it felt… to keep floating deeper and deeper into the bosom of the mangroves… ever so gently, over hundreds of these baby trees. Some touching my nose.

I cried.

It’s feeling like 2022 is holding both energies… the Magick and the Challenge.

Still the middle of the ‘Great Reset’, the undoing, the dismantling. Some will be holding on tight… wanting things to remain the same.

It can’t. An Age has finished its run it course… it’s on its way… making way for the new.

Magick is THICK in 2022… we just gotta keep our focus shiny and loving.

Hold our sacred self in Exquisite care.

When we’re experiencing the Challenges… remembering… they just need acknowledgement… they need our love before moving on. Acknowledging them is good… just don’t hold on to them. Don’t believe their repetitive story. It may’ve been true once… but it isn’t now. Love them… let them be free.

Lie down have a nap.

Swimming in ocean water is GOOD. Immersing in the Sacredness of the Mother… our extraordinary Nature Paradise. Respect her. Honour her.

The natural world has played hundredth fiddle for Eons… that recording has finished. Tape run bare. We need to chuck it.

Eyes to Light and Love.

Magick is here right now.

Rest when you need. As a favourite astrologer reminded… all this shift, dismantling stuff… is exhausting. We might need more sleep. More R&R. More Love. More support. More happiness. More joy.

That work till you drop stuff… is long dead in the water.

Welcome 2022 🌹🎁🌹

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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