It’s deep and tough😞

Amidst the beauty… we unravel. Forever held by the Great Mother and Father. Down to the depths… the fear the sorrow. The paralysis. The deepest cuts that hurt so much.

The ‘world’… what a mess. The ‘solutions’… I just cry. The ‘advice’… well, shut your mouth. Around us the beauty shines.

The horrors… the freeze. Memories drift like gossamer threads. I’ve known deeper darker moments… that endless abyss that swallows you whole. Slurps and licks its lips as it devours your entirety.

You wonder how you lived through it all. How you functioned… what made it possible. The human spirit… what a creation of such magnificence

The will to know, to find, to understand… to find the truth. To Heal.

I know the path so well. Seventy years its been. Don’t say I don’t know… I do. It’s walked with me, sung to me, whispered to me, followed me, reminded me… again and again. Don’t tell me I don’t know. ‘Cause I do.

I’ve brought my self to here… what a wonder I am. I was helped along the way… given all the tools I’d need. I used them… each and every one of them. I never gave up… I continued down that road. My mission was clear. And I didn’t care what anyone thought. I would not concede.

The waters are deep… the cavins revealed. All sorts and shapes and sizes… the deepest most important ones… bubble to the surface.

I stand my ground. I know. I know myself. My body racked with grief… it’s heavy. It’s a load to carry around. The massive waters begin to leak.

Where there’s a will… there’s a way. Stamped on my forehead when I first popped out. My ancestors around me always cheering me on. From a line of ‘Seers’ I see them sometimes.

Digging for more… revealing parts you’re yet to see. The warrior’s path can sometimes be tough. But you know what’s important… you never forget. You continue on until your last precious breath… to make it right. To heal… to bring it all home.

marilyn 💚💚