Another day of existence🦚🦚

Sending Flower Love to my son💞💞💞

Rain’s settled in for a bit it seems. La Nina didn’t wander far. A forecast wet season ahead. Wet season’s are great… remember them living on the land. The atmosphere of the wet… everything’s growing so fast. The compacted air… it’s more dense, pulls down. You want to rug up, dry out, stay warm. Well especially if you’re Vata (Dosha) oriented😃😃

We’re so enamoured by Sun (understandably🌞)… that these wet times can be considered an inconvenience. A block in our way. A hindrance… not a gift.

I’m remembering some of the flood times… one only days after returning to the Mullum area… after 25yrs. At least to live for a while.

It was March 2017… and Venus had just entered her retrograde cycle… creating another point in her Sacred Star. If you’ve not witnessed Venus in her extraordinary cycle check it out.

It was actually the day I arrived at my new digs… my first go at renting in forever… back to my old stomping grounds… still extremely fragile after leaving my Sacred Space.

What a journey it’s been. At times I feel I’ve been through so much during this time. Now 5yrs. All back here in the Byron Shire. I had no intentions of coming back here… was just looking for decent price rent accommodation. And that was 2017!!

Anyways… the floods. Venus, it appears was in a very full-on mood. My god… all that emotion. All those feelings… let loose to run free and swamp all around.

A little river ran through the main yard of my new accommodation. A stylishly lovely cabin in a valley in Main Arm. Water was pouring down in rapids from the huge cliffs behind us.

All settled in time… it took a while. Back to the rainforest. My Sacred Space was up in the mountains… in the high country. Where the air was crystal clear. Ahh, and the adoring bird life… memories take me back. Families upon families of bird families… what a paradise that place was. It was like Magick Land.

The flood before that was during my first months at my Sacred Space up in the mountains. Newly arrived… up on the hill, surrounded by mountains. The valley creek ran past my front bottom gate… the bottom of the hill… where the red letter box and the resident frog resided.

The creek would flood… and it always looked amazing. So fertile… so powerful. So pregnant with possibility. So radiant and full. It’d close the road to town for a day or two.

Then down in Faerie Gully… the spring fed dam I shared with my neighbour. The Faerie Tree down there. The ‘Healing Waters’ my friend once commented when visiting the property for the first time😃😃

I was always cosy and dry… up on the hill. Standing on my front verandah I’d get to view it all. It looked sensational.

So another wet… weather guys saying it could be a big one… like that one back in 2011.

Living on the Sacred Creek… nudged in the Mangroves… it’s magickal. I’ve been very blessed to’ve been given it. Offered it. But during these wet times… there’s a lot of water… creating damp… rainforest climate. Need to take care to balance with some dry and heat.

I miss my fires up on the property.

Who knows what the future holds.

Hope your day is magickal. Don’t forget to tap into the magick. One life… for a blink of an eye. And soooo much to fill ourselves with.

No sacrifices… enjoy the bounty… soak it in.

Ohh, and Venus is currently preparing for her retrograde cycle once again… this time creating a Sacred Star Point in Capricorn… December 19th to January 29th 2022.

She’s already begun her journey into this sacred cycle… when she began slowing down in the sky around November 18th. She won’t be back to speed till around early March 2022.

Four months of her journey in the underworld. What will surface?

Currently she’s getting snuggly with Mars… they appear to be hitting it off💞💞

Celebrating Venus time… and Mother Nature’s Bounty🌺

Much Love🧡💞🧡

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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