Feeling the vibes🦚

No pink sky this morning… but then didn’t arise till 7am. Once that would’ve been super late… accustomed as I was to be up and outside waiting for the dawn… at 4am.

Well… remembering, that was Snowie’s waking time. In she’d come, sit right by my head… her nose only millimetres from my face… as she’d nudge me awake. God I miss her. Decisions… often we need to make them. This way or that way… is there a right way? We may never know.

Past floods through me… drenching me in its caress. So many moments, exquisite, hard… interminable. So many moments… seconds behind them… all creating a mass… that’s really invisible.

Strange things pop up… like moments ago walking to the glass door out to the deck… checking out the tide. Full tide around midday today.

It’s sorta grey… soft wind blows through the trees. The ever present ocean sound.

The strange things ~ ‘you are abstract’. Out of the blue it came. A current man friend once commented as he walked into my cabin… my paintings on the wall.

‘I’m abstract’… well maybe I am. A whole jiggle jaggle of shapes and pieces… directed by feeling… with some experimentation. Daring a form to protrude… an idea, a vision to be given life.

There’s a stillness about. I feel it strongly. Something someone wrote… an astrologer I think… about this passage of time between the eclipses.

The last one just recent (November 19th) and the next approaching on December 4th. This passage of time… this space between these independent galactic events… was described as a time warp of sorts.

It kinda feels that way. This sense of timelessness.

Like it’s a finishing off of something… yet we haven’t arrived to the next thing yet. A kind of sense of being removed… yet not put back together yet. It’s a weird sort of sense.

I’m often amazed… that ‘things’ go on seemingly normally. Where oft times I seem to be floating in timelessness.

Maybe it’s my age. I’m growing old. It’s a fascinating adventure… bit like birthing… no one can really tell you how its gonna be. You just gotta wait to experience it.

One thing I have become aware… is that’s it had a really bad rap. For a long time now. And that old way of thinking is overdue for a rehaul. Super overdue.

I guess the best ones to be doing this right now… are us. Those of us that’ve arrived here.

Life is precious… that never changes. Yeah we get a certain allotment to relish the whole experience. Man am I grateful for that.

Maybe it’s living by the magickal river creek all these years… I feel my energy bodies flow with the incoming and outgoing tides. I feel the atmospheric peace… our Beloved Mother Earth… hold me while she sways. Love me with ferocity. Holds me in her arms like a babe.

This ‘no-time’ we’re moving through… this uniquely focused period of being… let go, I remind myself. Keep letting go. Just like the tide… go with it, don’t resist. Don’t fight. Find your centre within it all.

Abstract… who knows…💖💖💖

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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