Another trip to Hades ❤️‍🔥

I’ve been waking a bit sleepy and sore. Think I’ve been waking a bit sleepy for the last two years!! We can never underestimate the effect of global chaos on our ever sensitive nervous system.

When something’s due for change… everything’s taken with it.

You can’t pick and choose… which bits stay, which bits go. Nah… you get to see how tiny you are. Yet so magnificent❤️❤️

I had a fall. My curiosity took the reins.

Heh… I’m not downing my gorgeous curiosity. Gee… I wouldn’t be here and now, who I am… without her. She’s been extraordinary. Seen me through and past… with explorations into galaxies unknown… to my mind. Many times. She’s made me the genius I am.

Don’t you luv to get to own her (genius that is). Proudly speak her name. Celebrate her existence… man… it’s been a journey getting here. But wouldn’t change it for quids…

Bumped into a friend on my cycle after a swim (needing to move my body after all the lying down)… one of my more eccentric kind. Brilliant awareness… probably shunned by many. That don’t understand.

I’ve always been a magnet for these kind. The misunderstood. The outcasts… the different. The brilliant in disguise.

The chat got around to my current state… nursing an injury that has been overtaking my consciousness. Pain hurts. And I’m not used to it. I’ve been lucky… considering the pathways my life has taken… that I’ve experienced very little physical pain.

Other things I’ve had… my glorious nervous system… and her exquisite sensitivity. Energy fluctuations… being an energy responder. But not a lot of physical pain. Yeah it sucks.

Anyways… I’m getting away from the point… it came up I had polio as a child. Well more accurately I was visited by the polio virus and it entwined itself in my body. This friend didn’t know. I’m often surprised (and not) that long time friends don’t know. But there… I was great at hiding. I still am.

It’s possibly a long time hangover from centuries before. This hiding thing. But here and now in my body and awareness… it still feels very real.

Anyways… this lovely odd ball friend of mine began to describe the functioning of the atoms and nuclei etc. He gave this exquisite enactment of their expansion and contraction. Expanding again and again into unknown galactic territories… expanding further every time… then bringing them back home… to your body.

I mean… man. This body… this whole shebang we’re a part of… is beyond a miracle. It’s an intelligence of a magnitude that’s simply beyond.

And we get to live in this gifted body, this existence… for the time we do.

I told him… my friend… that I don’t have any regrets. Well there’s still a creeping few mostly about family… that haven’t felt safe enough to let go just yet. But as far as the virus that visited me… back 70yrs ago… with that I celebrate. It’s all been perfect. It’s created my pathway through life. One I’m still on today.

This healing journey. Knowing something greater exists. And intent on finding it. What a miraculous adventure.

So I’m having a concentrated time of this healing focus right now. Slipping on some slippery rocks… down in my favourite place the Sanctuary… is taking me another level deeper into this journey.

I don’t know if it never ends for everyone… or just me. This relentless focus. I have a passion for digging underneath… to find the source… to find the gold. To uncover the treasure.

Healing is a profound journey… down to the depths.

‘There’s no such thing as can’t…’ my philosophical father would say. One of his many ditti’s. Well… logically we could question that. But it stayed in my mind… set itself in stone.

Well… remembering his intention ~ it was to correct any errant ways we dared to experiment with… concerning our punctuation, the expression of language. He was pertinacious indeed in this regard.

He was referring to the abbreviated word ‘can’t’… that wayward slang. But still it got set in there all the same.

‘There’s always a way… ‘ my little voice would always say. ‘You just gotta find it.’ So on the hunt I’d go. I think basically I’m an Adventurer (amongst other things😃😃).

It’s a bloody big ending to this ridiculous 2021… and 2020 before. It seems the next two years… at least, will continue to unfold more. But on the edge of Dark and Light… the ever present Yin and Yang. The dance of union… the remembering, the sacrifice, the letting go.

The courage… the willingness to embody our greatness.

Currently immersed in this super powerful eclipse portal… things get deeper whether you want them to or not. You can try clinging to the surface… but I don’t like your chances. Those waves will increase in power and force.

Then there’s those atoms and nuclei… expanding out in ever increasing circles… travelling further into galaxies beyond. Then bringing them back home to you. Sitting there in your body.

What a life. What a miracle… of miracles.

Love and Light… forever and always… ❤️‍🔥🌏❤️‍🔥

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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