Calming Spirits🦚

Above is my favourite go-to sacred place. The calming and grounding recharge my cells. I’m welcomed every time… as soon as I arrive. It’s as if she’s waiting for me. My home space. The sense of belonging is viscerally felt… remembered. I’m nurtured, loved and healed.

I’ve weathered the storm… these last passing years… big ones for us. Nothing lasts forever… all things pass, unless of course they’re clung to🧐

Most things in these parts (my local surrounds) continue as ‘normal’. A sense of community, no two headed monsters… lurking in shaded laneways, waiting to grab you. Eat you up.

Ocean continues her nurturing lullaby… even when she’s raging. Tide flows to where its needed… leaving no-one out. All included. She’s amazing… that Mother of ours.

Life continues… out of the storm. Echo’s of stories still rambling on. I can hardly hear them anymore.

Time will tell… as it always does. Secrets can’t be hidden forever. Sun melts the rigid barriers… ocean wears them away. Time disintegrates… all returns to dust.

Inside… our heart beats. Blood is moved to nourish and feed. Cleanse and remove. Chi charges our vital organs… all sing in praise for the One Great Spirit. Life is a miracle.

Small ‘men’ will always be small… greatness will always be Great. Nothing much changes. Not really. Yet everything keeps moving.

So many Learn-ed… yet ignorance spills over. Upsetting the balance… things get rocky. We get confused. Make silly choices.

Yet Life is wonderful… oh how wonderful it is. It’s purity indistinguishable from the One who provides it. Generosity unknown to our wee little selves. How can Love be so BIG. So Generous. So consistent. So always there.

Storms pass. That’s what they do. There’s always Light and Dark… we have choice. Even when we think we don’t.

Life is good. So very, very good. I’m truly grateful for being given the chance… to come here. To do what I’ve done. To still be here.

Of course I take it for granted… then I don’t.

Storms pass… history repeats itself. We have wisdom deep in our soul.

Our Heart only knows Love.

We have this immaculate vehicle… an intelligence which nothing can compare or supersede.

We are in essence… absolutely Perfect.

Storms come… they pass. Little people talk the loudest. The seven deadly ‘sins’ affect us all. Some it seems more than others. History repeats itself.

That’s just one side of the equation… the other… simply Magnificence.

Life is wonderful. This Earth a paradise. We have all the power we need… to make a difference. A massive difference.

Time to step up… and play our part.

With Love💚🦚💚

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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