A vaccine refugee 🥰🥰

Beautiful Clever Wise Me❤️❤️

A friend posted a pic… a photo she’d taken years back in a street in Melbourne. The words ‘Random Acts of Gentle Anarchy’… were written above a rainbow. It was such a sweet sign.

Anarchy’s a word I can say I never use… wouldn’t consider it a characteristic of mine. I’ve often described myself as not being conservative… but neither was I radical.

As years pass and I’ve moved further and further into my Elderhood… more of me has revealed itself. Like an exquisite ancient flower unravelling its unique and incredible beauty. The magnificent creation of Me.

Gently, lightly radical… maybe.

But never a thought of anarchy. Yet seeing that word in the sweet little Graffiti resonated with something inside me.

Looking at that sweetly created piece of art (now long gone from its pride of place on the wall) I commented… ‘Anarchy… the word, sets a flame alight in the Irish Soul😃😃’

Of course the very word vaccine sets off a multitude of responses… why should it? It’s just a word.

I’m not unfamiliar with viruses, sickness, medical procedures. People dying. Isolation, lock downed. I experienced that as a very young child. That was my life for a long time. That experience made me who I am today. It activated something so fundamental to my very spirit… you could say my dharmic duty… from which followed a lifetime’s journey of discovery and learning. There is good in everything. I know… I forget that too.

I was watching a Trauma discussion ~ part of the Wisdom of Trauma series with Garbor Mate. His guest was Bessel Van Der Kolk… his well known book ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ was our selected reading material during the trauma module of my Tantric Coaching training.

I’m familiar with trauma. Both in my personal life and my training. I can confidently say I’m trauma aware.

During that particular video with Garbor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk… they were touching on the current vaccine topic. The Polio epidemic was used as an example in support of their narrative. It often is. But it was a comment Garbor made that created a direct response in me… that the polio virus had ruined the person’s life.

Nothing could be further from the truth… for me.

I wanted a way of responding to this comment… hopefully I will. We all make comments, talk and make assumptions… that regardless of our training and experience… we never really know for being the absolute truth. We assume. So much we assume.

And assumptions are more that making an Ass of ourselves… as the old ditti goes… but assumptions can be down right dangerous.

Contracting the polio virus… and all that entailed not only did not ruin my life but made me the incredibly wise, knowing and experienced person I am. It set me on a path of discovery I’m still on. I’ve never given up… continued to uncover, to delve, to search for better and better more wholesome ways.

Knowing the purity within. Understanding your Self. Honouring your Spirit. Being brave. Being Human. Loving kindness showered generously on your being. Loving Life. Striving for wholeness.

Not getting snagged in current dramas.

They come and they go.

While Life shines… blesses us with Life Breath. We’re here for such a short time. A time never repeated. Gratitude for all of it.

We keep on learning. Evolution unfolds.

marilyn… 🥰🌺🥰

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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