A vaccine refugee 🥰🥰

Beautiful Clever Wise Me❤️❤️

A friend posted a pic… a photo she’d taken years back in a street in Melbourne. The words ‘Random Acts of Gentle Anarchy’… were written above a rainbow. It was such a sweet sign.

Anarchy’s a word I can say I never use… wouldn’t consider it a characteristic of mine. I’ve often described myself as not being conservative… but neither was I radical.

As years pass and I’ve moved further and further into my Elderhood… more of me has revealed itself. Like an exquisite ancient flower unravelling its unique and incredible beauty. The magnificent creation of Me.

Gently, lightly radical… maybe.

But never a thought of anarchy. Yet seeing that word in the sweet little Graffiti resonated with something inside me.

Looking at that sweetly created piece of art (now long gone from its pride of place on the wall) I commented… ‘Anarchy… the word, sets a flame alight in the Irish Soul😃😃’

Of course the very word vaccine sets off a multitude of responses… why should it? It’s just a word.

I’m not unfamiliar with viruses, sickness, medical procedures. People dying. Isolation, lock downed. I experienced that as a very young child. That was my life for a long time. That experience made me who I am today. It activated something so fundamental to my very spirit… you could say my dharmic duty… from which followed a lifetime’s journey of discovery and learning. There is good in everything. I know… I forget that too.

I was watching a Trauma discussion ~ part of the Wisdom of Trauma series with Garbor Mate. His guest was Bessel Van Der Kolk… his well known book ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ was our selected reading material during the trauma module of my Tantric Coaching training.

I’m familiar with trauma. Both in my personal life and my training. I can confidently say I’m trauma aware.

During that particular video with Garbor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk… they were touching on the current vaccine topic. The Polio epidemic was used as an example in support of their narrative. It often is. But it was a comment Garbor made that created a direct response in me… that the polio virus had ruined the person’s life.

Nothing could be further from the truth… for me.

I wanted a way of responding to this comment… hopefully I will. We all make comments, talk and make assumptions… that regardless of our training and experience… we never really know for being the absolute truth. We assume. So much we assume.

And assumptions are more that making an Ass of ourselves… as the old ditti goes… but assumptions can be down right dangerous.

Contracting the polio virus… and all that entailed not only did not ruin my life but made me the incredibly wise, knowing and experienced person I am. It set me on a path of discovery I’m still on. I’ve never given up… continued to uncover, to delve, to search for better and better more wholesome ways.

Knowing the purity within. Understanding your Self. Honouring your Spirit. Being brave. Being Human. Loving kindness showered generously on your being. Loving Life. Striving for wholeness.

Not getting snagged in current dramas.

They come and they go.

While Life shines… blesses us with Life Breath. We’re here for such a short time. A time never repeated. Gratitude for all of it.

We keep on learning. Evolution unfolds.

marilyn… 🥰🌺🥰

It’s coming… I can feel it 🥰

My beloved Snowie… and my garden❤️❤️

It’s coming soon… I can feel it. It’s on its way… not far now. The light is lighter… the feelings smoother. The anxiety lessened… the fear subsided. What was all the fuss about?

Well in anyone’s terms… this last chapter of collective mish-mashing has held heaps that’ve left us wanting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… there’s all the stuff. All the details ~ so much presented. Heaps’a talk… non-stop comments. Yes and No… saviours and enemies.

Nothing makes sense… well it’s as clear as day. The left and the right… all shades in between. The know-it-alls, the experts, the fools. The dreaded ~ drum roll ~ ‘Conspirators’. Those dark evil doers.

My body exhales a massive hold of air… the light is lighter, the feelings smoother. The glow returned. I’m fitting in my skin. All makes sense when I’m connected to me. And the spark of Light glowing all around me.

It’s close… I can feel it. What? Well lots of things. But amidst the clammer of unfolding scenes… good, bad, ugly, pretty; in comes that special thing just PERFECT for me.

Kindness does rule our world.

It’s getting closer… it tingles my skin. My cells are excited… can feel them jubilating. My body calms. My mind is clear…. open spaces, fertile fields. Love ~ oh my dearest Love… inviting me into my own special world.

It’s not long now… they said it would be at the darkest hour. I know many still lament. Exhausted from everything. Some losing faith… this we can never do. During the darkest hours… the Light is the brightest… and most available.

It’s not long now… tiny steps are enough. If you’re tired and weary… sick of it all… take more naps. Spend whole days in bed.

It’s not long now… I’m feeling it dancing under my skin. Body always knows. Even through all the ups and downs. It’s wisdom is huge… connected to that one big Everything.

It’s not long now. All will be ok. Better than ok… we’ll find our place again. It’s been a rugged patch of time… worn most of us to our core. We’ve done the best we can… to accommodate, to make our way through.

But it’s not long now. The light’s getting lighter. I can hear them approaching. It’s sweet. It’s warm. It’s inviting us in. We’ll be well taken care of. We won’t be forgotten.

It’s not long now… never give up hope.

Something wonderful is up ahead.


Feeling the shift🧚‍♀️

Can you feel it? The movement. The change… inside you. The distinct shift of your being. Are you standing in a different place?

Does it feel weird? Are you not quite sure where you are? Where you’ve come. Is it a little disorienting? Strange. Are you expecting to return to normal… anytime now. Are you just waiting? For it all to pass. When you’ll return to what you were and how it was. When everything’s familiar.

Where is this place? This in between world. Movement happening beyond your control… or direction, it seems. Top speed vehicle… moving at the speed of light. Yet you’re solid as rock in now…. although it’s cracking at the root.

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

As worlds spin and turn… while we stand still. While beings change… while you step through time in what’s seemingly… the same old way.

How do we perform? Pretend it’s all not happening… while worlds spin and turn… upside down, inside out. While times prepare for the funeral pyre… while others struggle to birth.

It’s an interesting time.

Living inside your self… watching the whole show unfold.

Scratching for any surface that doesn’t move… just need to get used to the motion sickness. Nothing like the nausea I used to get. Throwing up on Sunday drives… to see how the rest of them lived. Or promised dreams presented so exquisitely. All a facade. Crumbling into messy pieces. We just need to step carefully amidst the mess.

Surrendering to the shifting. We can fight it… of course. But that just seems to confuse even more.

Why pretend… that all’s the same. When the noise of deconstruction is battering our ears .

Yeah… it can be incredible exciting… an adventure we haven’t been on before. Where is it leading us… what unexplored territory is up ahead?

We’ve read the predictions… all kinds, all varieties. All the comments. All the know-it-alls. All the experts. Must be true if science said so. Nothing much changes over time. History repeats itself again and again.

Yet here we find our self. In this place that’s never been. Encompassing everything. Not just outside, you sit and view from your comfy chair. But the very depths and core of you.

Evolution on cosmic steroids I’d say.

Yep… it could be an exciting ride.

I’m not quite sure who I even am anymore.

But who cares… something exciting is not far now.

Just fasten your seat belts… and get ready for a ride.

Sunny Sunday here… 🧡🧚‍♀️🧡

the odd🥰


We’re on the cusp of this powerful New Moon… emerging here (east coast Oz time) 10.07pm tomorrow night.

Dark of Moon (just before New Moon cycle births) are always the strongest. From my experience.

It’s a hard hitter, this New Moon sitting with Mars… lots of big boy planets infusing their energy. Then you don’t need astrology to inform you of the current vibe.

I’m amazed… truly curious, how people seem able to get on with business as usual. Like nothing’s changed.

I think some of us are just born odd… our brain’s work on a different wave length.

I tried to be normal… oh how I tried. Squeezed myself into the most acceptable of shapes. I succeeded… to a point; except I was miserable inside.

Not being one to give up the hunt… I’d will things to arrive; answers I sort… experiences I hungered for.

That ‘knock and the door will be opened’ certainly carries some truth.

Life as usual… how do people do it? To me it feels like lifetimes have passed. Everything’s completely changed. So many things seem so yesterday. And today no where to be seen .

So much is old hat. A lot just feels stale. Old ways repeated until they hold no living vibration. Dead and dulled… the sound alien to my ears.

Yeah some of us are just born that way. Looking at life through a different lens. We look the same… get a little closer and you’ll see the puzzled look and the wrinkled brow. Sometimes a winded gasp… and gasping belly sigh.

Some of us are just born that way.

They use to tell me how smart I was… made my parents promise they’d make sure I went the distance… set up in the system. I pulled the plug. None of it made sense to me. Very often put me to sleep… creating fertile ground for the rebel to rise.

Heaps of questions… seems no one could answer.

Searching, searching for something that made sense.

Something that carried some sign of life.

Not droning on… dead pages, repeated scripts. Yeah some of us are just born that way.

Now today, the drums roll… it’s arrived. I’m just tired. The onslaught of the stuff… god my nervous system’s about to give up the ghost. How much can a poor girl tolerate!

Do I have all the answers… of course I don’t.

From where I stand so much doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t feel right. The vibration is off. Doesn’t resonate inside me. It’s a one way street. And traffic’s getting horribly bogged.

Then I read something Telsa said… a deep belly sigh, a gasp of air. God… he would’ve understood, I’d murmur… wish he were here. He’d understand.

Some of us are just born that way. We’re odd. We toddle along… finding spaces to be. It gets lonely being weird.

Some of us are just born that way.

This New Moon birthing is vibrating with strength. Our world’s spinning… so much in movement. Crisis points… as life goes on as normal. A1’s are already here.

Old stuff keeps repeating… it’s getting pretty boring.

It’s not just what we think… but what we feel.

Some of us are just born that way.