Feeling the good… 💗💗

Doors open and close… we enter and we leave

Each moment new… never been or never will again

Only now… can we capture the gift

Dark corridors… pull you down

you have no strength against them… their will is strong.

You surrender, let go… unfurl your grip

You trust in a power greater than you…

easy really… it’s never let you down

Always there, always responds… holds you tight throughout the storm

You’re never alone… never abandoned

they stick close by… holding your hand

often carrying you

The waves obliterate any presence of you

in a swirl of chaos… everything washed clean

How incredibly brave you are… to trust as you do

The storm is ferocious… will you live another day?

There’s nothing you can do to stop it

you let go to the process

Then it all stops… you open your eyes

weak… a vulnerability so deep… you’ve made it through

how amazingly brave you are

The light is different… your inner world changed

you stand in a different place

you feel it throughout your being

You’re not who you were

You don’t stand where you did

while the war of the worlds happened around you…

You were held

You were transported to another place

Transformation is real