Strength… 🧡

The waters have calmed. Boy… what a tumultuous storm that was. Pisces is a best’est mate of mine… I carry lots of her inside me. Pisces Full Moons have always been my favourite. Moon light magick trysts… into the magickal lands behind the veil.

I know these lands. They’re there. They’re real… just hidden from sight. At least our physical awareness… matter is but energy after all.

The stillness is remarkable after the violence of the storm. The flooding of our emotional bodies… was intense and excessive. The sheer power of that volcanic underworld force.

My body raged… it hurt, it struggled. It went deep. It reacted, it responded… felt the totality: of the grief, the anger, the rage. The shock… the injustice.

What have we become?

Today the storm has passed.

My sensory perceptions are deepening. I need to cultivate the strength to welcome them all. Love and invite them all into the royal chamber of my heart.

Not just shore sitting… watching from a safe distance. Holding the barriers. Creating reason. Squeezing things into an acceptable form.

These Full Moons are getting stronger… everything is. Or is it us… is it me? Are we shifting at a truly rapid speed.

Looking back over the months… everything’s illuminated. Each day’s been significant… each journey momentous. Deeply rich in colour and texture. New narratives descending… momentary and continual awakenings.

Each individual journey moving so fast. Entering the blackness, the dark of the tunnel… pulled, pushed, shoved… wounded and bloody. A violent interaction. Then catapulted… spit out the other side. A different you.

The speed of transformation is enormous. Everything’s getting faster and faster. It’s extraordinary what’s happening.

These times are wild… for sure.

And sometimes it’s just hard.

Hard to witness… the inhumanity. The destruction. The lies. The manipulation. All the stuff.

I remind myself… adjust my focus. Be the Faerie child I am… frolic in the magick. Know the reality. Never forget what’s true and real.

Yet being present now. And playing my part.

Allowing and loving all of me… every face, every purpose, every personality. They all have a sacred task.

No not schizophrenia… we have multiple faces, multiple personality strands. Full flows of emotions… the rivers, lakes and estuaries in our emotional bodies. All having their purpose and their need to express.

Demanding space to live and love.

We’re not just one thing… we’re many. We can love and live within them all.

Feelings and emotions are sacred messengers. They’re asking us to listen, to pay attention. The supreme wisdom of our glorious human body is one we’ve still yet to truly understand. The art of this was buried long ago.

The depth and wisdom and presence of our internal waters. Pisces welcomes us into this deep and unexplainable world.

Trusting in me… loving myself is imperative. Everything begins here.

It’s difficult out there at present… lots of cries for help.

There’s NEVER a reason to surrender our humanity. Never. That’s something we can never do… without dire and catastrophic consequences.

The emotional storm has passed… at least for now.

Celebrating strength.

Strength always sees us safe to the other side.

Much Love to you 🧡🌺🧡

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I love to write . . . I love to appreciate all the beauty in life. I find comfort and healing in dear Mother Nature's bounty, creative projects fill my home ~ everywhere. I've done many things and more await me ~ life is a journey, a creative adventure. I often say thank you for all that's been given.

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